DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 55 – TeamFourStar (TFS)

[Disclaimer read by Goku] [Please keep these captions clean for those who need them.
Funny extras can be added to the English (Canada) subs. Thank you!] NEWS REPORTER [on TV]: Over the last 13 hours, more than
two dozen evacuation orders have been issued all over the globe. Thousands upon millions head for the countryside,
including the endangered Saskatoad T-rexes; while others seek shelter. The world has never seen terror as real as it has today. PICCOLO: You’re kidding me… TIEN: Yeah, right? Dinosaurs are still a thing.
It’s odd how we never talk about it. At least not since we drove them out of the cities. PICCOLO: I’m talking about terror! “Never seen,” my ass; my Dad released every murderer out
onto the streets and overthrew the world government! TIEN: Oh, right; and the king of the world is a blue Cairn Terrier. PICCOLO: It’s bullshit! TIEN: I think it’s pretty progressive. VEGETA: Awwww, look at the poor Namekian, lost and forgotten to time. NEWS REPORTER [on TV]: Even the attack of the Saiyans
five years ago pales in comparison to this overwhelming threat, as if comparing a cataclysm to a rampaging toddler. VEGETA: Bullshit! We turned an entire city into a glass floor! PICCOLO: Awwww, look at the poor Saiyan, lost and forgotten to time. VEGETA: *Watch it*, Namekian; unless you want to go right now,
and I think we both know how our last fight went. PICCOLO: And *I* think we don’t, because we’ve never fought. VEGETA: I… wait… y– really?
But then how did you– PICCOLO: Your dumbass friend. VEGETA: Riiight!
Wow, we’ve never actually fought, that’s so weird. Isn’t that weird, black man? MR. POPO: Yeah! Almost as weird as what’s
gonna happen if you call me that again! VEGETA: ‘What is he…?’ [They all sense Goku and Gohan’s ki] GOKU [off-screen]: Alright now, Gohan.
When you get out there, try not to brag. GOHAN [o-s]: About what? GOKU [o-s]: That’s it, son.
Don’t let slip just how much stronger we are. Otherwise, Vegeta will be all,
“OH, BUT MY PRIDE, GRR, I WISH I WERE A CARROT”. GOHAN [o-s]: That’s not *in*accurate… GOKU [o-s]: Piccolo will probably just growl and grumble;
really, it’s too bad we’re out of Namekians for him to absorb, then he’d be as strong as Vegeta.
VEGETA: (Growling to himself) GOKU: Speaking of, did you know they’ve never fought?
Crazy, right!? Oh, hey guys, what’d I miss? VEGETA: Mock my pride…! GOKU: Huh, what’d I tell you?
He’s like a See-n’-Saiyan. VEGETA [o-s]: I’MA KILL HIM! [♫ “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” ♫] ♫ CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA ♫ ♫ Egao urutora zetto de ♫
(With a smile that’s Ultra-Z) ♫ Kyô mo ai-yai-yai-yai-yai~ ♫
(Even today is ai-yai-yai-yai-yai~) ♫ Sparking! [fading echo] ♫ (Subbed by Hideo Kojima) TIEN: Soooo… GOKU: Hm? TIEN: Was there enough food in there? GOKU: Hmm… PICCOLO: Did you get stronger? GOKU: Mmhm! TRUNKS: Stronger than Cell? GOKU: Hmmmmmmm… PICCOLO: For the love of– swallow! Now! GOKU: …I’m not pooping tonight. PICCOLO: ARE YOU STRONGER THAN CELL?! GOKU: I’ma need my threads first. Yo, Mr. P! Hit me up! MR. POPO: Bitch, you’re lucky you’re endearing. GOKU: Hehe… ANDROID 16: Another reason I want to kill Son Goku?
He is so orange. It’s like – come on… there are other colors. Am I right? BULMA: So we’ll have to machine the skull ourselves… ANDROID 16: Another reason to kill Son Goku, you ask? His stupid face. Have you seen it? BULMA: Yeeeep. ANDROID 16: That’s a face even a mother could kill. BULMA: Now luckily, Dad has enough synthetic skin to patch that area. ANDROID 16: Another reason to kill Son Goku is– BULMA: Hey… so, how about we talk about something else? ANDROID 16: Very well. What is your favorite type of bird? BULMA: Oh, umm… Penguins. ANDROID 16: WRONG! GOKU: Ahhh, good ol’ orange.
Really brings out my stupid face. MR. POPO: I had them washed for you. GOKU: Aww, man!
Now they don’t have that “Goku” smell. Hey Gohan! We’ll have your Mom
make you a new Gi when we get home. You’re probably too big for your old one now. GOHAN: I’ve got it covered. Uh… Mr. Piccolo?
Could you… uhh… PICCOLO: What, you want you to make you a Gi like your dad’s? GOHAN: Actually, I was hoping I could get one like yours? PICCOLO: Oh! NAIL: ‘Did our heart just skip a beat?’ KAMI [probably grinning]: ‘That is precious.’ PICCOLO [clenched teeth]: Shut. PICCOLO [clenched teeth]: Shut. The F***. PICCOLO [clenched teeth]: Shut. The F***. Up! PICCOLO: Yeah, sure. I guess. CLOTHES BEAM! GOKU [o-s]: Wow… you know, that works on you.
I mean, if you don’t like orange… PICCOLO [o-s]: Quick rundown: GOHAN: (Happily chuckling to himself)
PICCOLO [o-s]: Doors are going to be a little
difficult at first; I suggest a 45° angle. GOHAN: (Sigh)
PICCOLO: Also; crowds.
But I don’t really deal with them… PICCOLO: Also; crowds.
But I don’t really deal with them… TRUNKS: Look, I don’t mean to be *that* guy… VEGETA [o-s]: Oh, that’s “accidental”. TRUNKS: …*but*, there’s a green cyborg elephant in the room. Goku… are you or are you not stronger than Cell? GOKU: Good question. I’ll go check! TRUNKS: I’m sorry; go check wha–? {POP} PERFECT CELL: Look, I understand that
you sponsor all forms of sporting events… but just so we’re clear, you *do* realize
that everyone dies if I win, right? HETAP REP [via earpiece]: Yeah, but if you think about it,
you kill us, and it doesn’t matter. PER. CELL: Yes. HETAP REP [ve]: Basically it’s a total win-win for us either way. PER. CELL: Yeah, I guess that is a win-win for you, isn’t it? Alright then!
It’s officially “The Cell Games: Presented by HETAP”! GOKU: I’d kill for a HETAP! PER. CELL: WHOA, JESUS! GOKU: No, actually. It’s Goku. PER. CELL: Need to put a bell on you. GOKU: Huh? PER. CELL: Nothing! Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you
for another *week*! (Chuckles) Must look a mess… I just got done finishing the ring, patching a hole…
Speaking of which! What do you think of our glorious battleground? (Chuckles) GOKU: Eh, s’alright. Kinda small, innit? PER. CELL: I prefer… *intimate*. GOKU: Well, I’m not intimidated either. PER. CELL: Ohh, but you should be! Because in it – we shall decide the fate of not only this
boring blue ball of dirt and water, but the *entire galaxy*! So you best bring your A-game, Son Goku. Because the stakes… have never been higher! (Chuckles) GOKU: (Gasp!) PER. CELL: And before you say it, the prize isn’t actually steak. GOKU: I wasn’t thinking that. PER. CELL: Yes you were. GOKU: Then WHAT is the prize, you *monster*?! PER. CELL: Living! Also, a lifetime supply of HETAP! GOKU: Y’know, they say “lifetime”, but they never consider the Dragon Balls. Anyway, I just came to measure you up. And I gotta say… And I gotta say… nice. PER. CELL: Baby, you know it. GOKU: I’ve seen all I need. Now, I’m off to go and have a… high-fiber dinner… See you in a week! PER. CELL: It’s a date… GOKU: Yeah… I know… That’s how days work. {POP} PER. CELL: …I’m gonna miss him when he’s dead. GOHAN: So the Androids took my arm? TRUNKS: Yeah; you lost it saving my life. GOHAN: Well, did it at least look cool? TRUNKS: Oh, man, it was the COOLEST! You were always the first to jump in a battle… and you
never backed down… and you saved my life SO many times! GOHAN: I died, didn’t I? TRUNKS: Brutally… {POP} GOKU: Wow, okay, yeah, he’s pretty strong… Also, really handsome…
Like, why did none of you warn me he would be so handsome? PICCOLO: But is he *stronger* than *you*? GOKU: If he’s as strong as he is handsome, then OH-HO BOY. I mean, I’d never cheat on Chi-Chi, but… GOHAN: Dad. GOKU: So handsome… PICCOLO: Well then, if it’s all the same to you,
I’ma take my turn inside the chamber. GOKU: Hey, maybe after you’re done, you and ‘Geets can finally have a go. [whispering] Go easy on him, best buddy. PICCOLO: …You know, I was stronger than you yesterday. GOKU: Yeah, but that was a year ago… we’ve *all* grown! Like Gohan! Just look at him!
All super, and Saiyan… TRUNKS: About that! You’ve been Super Saiyan since you came out.
What’s up with that? GOHAN: Well, after extended exposure and focus,
our bodies acclimated to the elevated state. We can sustain it without literally any loss in stamina! VEGETA: WHAT?!>:O GOKU: Yuh-huh!
Also, we kinda forgot how to turn it off. Ha-ha-ha… GOHAN: Truthfully, it’s very concerning. GOKU: Yeah, for *Cell*! And, uh, also doors… MR. POPO: *What did you do*? GOKU: See you at “The Cell Games: Presented by HETAP”! VEGETA: ‘That hollow-skulled bastard, now I’m angry AND thirsty!’ BOY!
TRUNKS: Huh? VEGETA: We’re going back in the chamber and fixing this immediately! TRUNKS: Yeah, Piccolo just went in. {SLAM} VEGETA: Wha-ugh… Then what the hell am I supposed
to do for 24 hours?! Hang out with you two idiots?! Fine. Your literal humanity disgusts me, anyway. Guess it’s just you and me now, black man. MR. POPO: (Sigh) VEGETA: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…! YAJIROBE: See? I told you it would happen. KORIN: T’was never a matter of if… (Sip) {BOOOM} only when. KRILLIN: Crazy, you’re both like a year older now, huh? GOKU: Yuh-huh! Which means he’s TEEN Gohan, now! GOHAN: Actually, I’m 11, so that means that I’m a pre– GOKU: That means *you* need a BIRTHDAY PARTY! KRILLIN: Ooo! Can it be Super Saiyan themed? GOHAN: (Gasp) With little spiky pieces of yellow frosting? GOKU: That sounds amazing… Chi-Chi! Super Saiyan Cake me! CHI-CHI: …Goku? GOKU: Yeah? CHI-CHI: Did you take our son into a magical reality
outside of spacetime, for an entire *year*, bleach his hair without my consent,
and suddenly come back home demanding *birthday cake*? GOKU: If it makes you feel any better, it’s not bleach… CHI-CHI: It doesn’t. GOKU: Are you upset? CHI-CHI: No… because I know how you’re going to pay me back. GOHAN: Mom, what do you mean? CHI-CHI: Krillin… would you take Gohan out for a few hours? KRILLIN: Gohan, we’re going to Kame House. [Krillin and Gohan run off into the distance]
GOKU [kinda scared]: Wait, what does she mean?! Guys?!? [Door closing] [Door closing]
CHI-CHI: He said one week… [Closed]
CHI-CHI: He said one week… CHI-CHI: He said one week… and I’m using it. GOKU [scared (!)]: Wha… what are you– CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*… *huagh*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*… *huagh*… *Ka*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*… *huagh*… *Ka*… *Me*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*… *huagh*… *Ka*… *Me*… *HA*…! CHI-CHI: [Repetitive / agressive grunting]
GOKU: *Huaah*… *hah*… *aah*… *huagh*… *Ka*… *Me*… *HA*… *ME*…! *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*–?! [♫ Closing theme (DBZ intermission) ♫] KAMI: ‘Seriously… you can materialize clothing from your very being.’ NAIL: ‘You wouldn’t have to spend *anything* on supplies, manufacturing…’ PICCOLO: ‘I am focusing on training!’ KAMI: ‘You *should* be focusing on
what you’re going to do after Cell is defeated.’ PICCOLO: ‘Fine, but what would we even call
this hypothetical clothing line of ours?’ KAMI: ‘”Big Green Threads”‘.
NAIL: ‘”Big Green Threads”‘. PICCOLO: …We might need to workshop that. “PER. CELL”: I think it has a *perfect* ring to it. PICCOLO: Yeah, well, you’re big and green! You have a bias! NAIL: ‘Wait, are we hallucinating?’ KAMI: ‘How long have we been in here?’ “PER. CELL”: Three days. {SLAM} PICCOLO: I’m out! VEGETA [o-s]: I CALL DIBS! LANIPATOR: Hey, everyone. I’m Lanipator,
co-writer and co-star of DBZA, and I wanted to thank you for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw, let us know by
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L-literally it’s… it’s my birthday. September 28th… Love you guys!


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