Dr. Jean-Marc Senterre speaks about consolidating lab equipment

I’m Dr. Senterre, I’m working in a regional hospital in Liège, Belgium. We perform more than 30,000 real-time PCR tests per year. We are working with reimbursement and fixed budget. So, it’s very important to have, to reduce cost in our labs. We’re performing a lot of Lab Developed Test (LDT) assays, and it’s very important for me to have the ability to perform those tests in parallel with IVD tests. In the lab we have a lot of platforms, a lot, too much and it’s very difficult for the technicians to manage all those platforms. We are looking for a holy grail that permits us to consolidate all our platforms. We are waiting for an instrument able to do random access capabilities, with great accuracy, high throughput, short turnaround time, of course, as usual. The NeuMoDx is clearly a new approach in molecular biology, with high throughput capabilities. We used it for two months and the technicians wanted to keep it, because it’s so easy to work with this kind of instrument, with a user friendly menu, no maintenance. If you have a general lab with only IVD tests, of course, it’s perfect. But for me, do you have something else. And it was very easy, when we tested the platform, to implement LDT assays on the platform. And LDT assay, it’s very – ‘la cerise sur le gâteau’ in French –
(the icing on the cake) and it’s very important. For us the next steps will be a tender, because, clearly, we are looking for this kind of platform. Other results from other colleagues, they are very good, also for other assays that they test and so, I’m convinced that this new platform will be a good choice for us.

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