Dorm Shop with Me ~a vlog~

hey guys is Kaitlyn and today we are
going to be going dorm shopping together at the Container Store and I’m gonna
take you guys with me I actually am in an apartment but my
room is tiny like smaller than a dorm so I think that this will be applicable to
people who are dorm shopping because The Container Store has a lot of storage and
a lot of necessities for dorms and I’m shopping for a room that’s like tiny I’m
also gonna buy some kitchen stuff but that’s the only stuff that’s really like
not dorm related so otherwise you guys can find the same things and I will have
a dorm haul up after this as well so stay tuned for that everything today is
going to be a gift from the Container Store so I am so thankful for them shout
out to them I actually love The Container Store and I took a picture in
it like a year ago or actually two years ago now when I was dorm shopping for my
actual dorm and they actually tweeted back at me and it just made my life so
thank you to the Container Store for being so sweet and for giving me all
these gifts that I’m going to buy today with all that being said let’s just get
going also my sister is going to be helping film today so shout out to her
and her adorable outfit she’s really prepared with the camera and everything
are you being shy and my dad’s taking us there so thanks dad okay so I’m also gonna tell you guys
like what would be good to buy so one thing that’s really nice to buy it is
like velvet-covered hangers for your dorm because it keeps your stuff from
slipping down and you’re gonna have a ton of stuff in your closet because it’s
gonna be two people’s closets usually this is really nice if you’re sharing a
closet in your dorm um just so your stuff doesn’t slip and get everywhere I
wish I had those my first year so just to give you guys a heads up on that
we’re not buying hangers today cuz I just remodeled my closet good pretty
what are we looking for today what colors do you want are you gonna
get any all gonna be neutrals neutral no gray Gray’s neutral what is yeah
something like this bar bathroom on top of our toilet about the one above it or is that not
your style what like that people well they do scented unscented dude that’s so
cute I feel like it’s a shopping spree but like I don’t want to smell like I’m
so used to not wanting to spend money and things I don’t need that I sort of
like to want something too early and I don’t even know if I’m gonna have
drawers but I think it’s really cool do you have any jewelry you want to like
store could you label them what clothing I
like the white one be a memory box hmm I think we get this one as a memory loss
yeah cuz I do need a new memory box what would it be for my closet I mean for the
back of the toilet sold like toilet paper and lotion I’m gonna get a bedroom
trash can so Anna’s gonna help me think about it okay what color is your bedroom
I feel like you knock your like foot on that maybe the white this one for this
would be cute what colors you in I really like new toys oh yeah that’s it
then if all these are kind of like darker so I don’t really know if they go
good with like a miniature yeah I think I’ll go with this one we have a bathroom
trash can already but this would be for bedroom because it was horrible not
having a bedroom trafficking I know there’s folks
ooh convince our dad that’s not poor I thought that was an even know there’s
existence I would you want to use but Samir I
think this would be so cute what colors do you like
don’t you like my school no you don’t like girls gold I thought you did I remember how much is that $99 huh
it’s not that bad that one has like built-ins okay so I’m gonna get a board
for studying organic chemistry because white boards are the best way to study
that and I know Mattioli studying it with microwave so we’ll definitely use
that what is it stationary oh it has a magnet I’m getting this
forever that’s so cute apartment what is that
it holds it I like the side of the desk you stick it showing it like a line one
high line don’t you have a laptop what white thing
my white drawer thing the thing under my desk
oh yeah isn’t it like really messy yeah well we’re in the story for organization
wait what about your markers like something where’d you get something
maybe like clear does it come with staples staples not
included please okay so the biggest necessity for a
college student or anyone living in a college apartment or dorm is command
hooks so we’re gonna stock up on command books cuz I always run out mini white
ones for string lights and pictures like small cookers two of every one of them
because we need these I have one of these and so I’m not gonna
get a new one today but I highly recommend getting one of these if your
college student you don’t use it very often but when you use it it’s like a
necessity it’s only like 20 dollars and it’s a little mini steamer for your
clothes if you plan on doing anything sorority wise or business wise anything
that you need to dress up for you should have one of these it’s like a really
good investment paper towel holder for dishes these are really nice because
they hold the soap in the dispenser so


  1. Thanks for the subs!!! English is not my first language so now I can unsterstand it better♥️♥️♥️🤞🏻

  2. Awesome video! 🙂 I just started my channel on here recently so I'm glad I found your stuff! Best, JR.

  3. I just had my registration yesterday and I’m so excited to be going to college this fall lol. I loved your vid! Can’t wait to see how your dorm looks ❤️

  4. Would love a dorm room haul!! Can’t wait! I am on the road to 1k my goal is to meet that by the end of the summer & any support would be really appreciated!! 🦋💜

  5. Anyone watching this should know the “Joy Huggable Hangers” have been discontinued and can only be bought on HSN or QVC. I work at The Container Store and our brand of velvet hangers are better than Joy anyway.

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