Doing It – Jimmy Jean Louis

– I’m Jimmy Jean Louis. Testing is definitely
very important to me. I still remember when
I was a kid in Paris, going to school like everybody else. It was back in 85 or 86. Our school had to take a trip to London. For that trip they
asked me to test myself. I didn’t know how to behave,
how to react, what to do. I was just a kid, a teenager,
having to go to the doctor, pretty much by myself to take an HIV test. Ever since I had to deal with that, for me obviously the disease
became all that more important. Just test yourself, you
know it’s very easy. You protect yourself,
you protect your friends, you protect your family as well. And if you detect the disease early enough they you can do something about it. Because before you couldn’t
do anything about it. I also have friends who
have been living with it for many, many years. It’s nothing bad to feel about. This is Jimmy Jean
Louis, and I’m doing it.

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