Do you wash your new clothes before wearing? You’d better start….

I can tell you the rule that your wife
is always right. I can prove how true it is, so all
through the years when I get new clothes or we get new sheets for the bed or
whatever my wife will say, “No you can’t put that on it has to be washed first.”
I’m like what are you talking about they made it, it’s brand-new, it’s absolutely
clean. Uh-uh, as you can read at those things have formaldehyde in them and may have dyes both of which
could be harmful to you. It is so key and important when you get that new item
that you run it through the washer first as the best way to protect you or if
it’s clothing for your kids, your kids health.
So no more am I gonna just take an item, ignore what my wife said, throw it on my
body and wear it before it’s been washed the first time and you should follow
that rule too. I’m Clark Howard


  1. I use to work in a department store and the way these clothes comes in the store is pretty bad, smells really bad, and the way they are just handled at these distribution centers is just a joke. After what I saw, I don't even want to try on these clothes before buying.

  2. Same rule goes for dishes and kitchenware. Always wash before using! There's no telling what kinds of chemicals are on them, who has handled them, where they've been and to what rodents or other critters they've been exposed. Seems like a no-brainer, but I know people who don't bother.

  3. Yes…I have always washed my cllothesfirst but I have a hard time getting my husband to let me wash his new clothes first.

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