DIY Wall Storage Hanger for essentials from Waste Clothes | With Hindi Voice | Sonali Creations

Hello dear friends, I am Sonali and welcome to your favourite Channel Sonali’s Creations! Friends,Today we will make wall storage hangers. You can keep your essentials in it! So let’s get started We need cotton clothes for this! Then buckram and this cotton cloth again! All three have to be kept like this and later they have to be stitched with a corner! , I have this Usha Janome Magic Stitch Machine! I always sew on it! This way we have to stitch well. After sewing it will look like this! Now take cotton cloth and put the buckram in it and then cover it with a cloth! And we have to stitch it again! This way !! Here is another Pocket ready! Now we have to take the cloth again for a small Pocket, add buckram to it and then cover it with cloth and let it stick! This is how we have to do two Pockets! like this !!! Then we have to do other things as well for that. Stitch it that way too! Take this pocket is also ready now! Now we have to stitch these pockets in this background cloth like this! This will look like sewing! Then, the rest of the pocket has to be stitched in the same way !! Isn’t it easy? After stitching all the pockets it will look like this! Now even a small cloth lace will have to be prepared to hang it on the wall! ! For this, we have to prepare laces from clothes this way !! Then we will stitch this lace from both sides behind this hanger,, Done ready ,,,, you can keep all your essentials in this hanger !! So friends, how was this idea? Be sure to write in the comment box and do not forget to subscribe to my channel, then see you in the next video till then….bye bye!!


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