DIY Visible Mend for Jeans – inspired by Boro mending

Hello everybody welcome to Break + Remake,
I’m your host Joan! This is Mend It May It’s also Me Made May, so we’re going to
combine the two. I’m going to wear something I’ve made while we talk about
mending. Visible mending is something that clearly shows on the outside of
your jeans or your pants or whatever you’re mending. This particular method
is inspired by Boro Mending, a Japanese style of mending that’s very rough and
kind of organic. Also this month we’ll be talking about invisible mending – mending
that you can’t see. I mean you still can see it, but it’s a little bit more
invisible and having jeans the magic way While I wear my fancy outfit, I will show
you how to make fancy repairs on your clothes. If you don’t want to miss all
this fun subscribe to the channel. Because my
pants are stretchy I’m going to use stretchy denim as my patch, so everything can can stretch together. This is the way my
pants stretch. This is the way my fabric stretches – doesn’t stretch this way as
much, so I want to make sure that I’m going the right way. I’m going to measure
my hole. It looks like I should cut my piece 5 inches. And then when this is
spread out a little more like that – by three inches. So, I’ll mark that out on
this jean. So here’s my 5 inches by 3 inches. Okay, now we can put this patch
inside the pant. With my pants inside out, I’m going to lay this patch here so the
hole is centered and then I’m going to pin it out. Talk about mending, I dropped
my pin cushion and so I put some tape on it to keep it forever. Now I’m going to
flip it right side out I’m gonna stretch it out and pin the other side I think. It’s
complicated, but I believe in you. There we go.
Now I’m ready to stitch. I’m almost ready to stitch but I have to keep in mind
that my fabric does stretch this way. I don’t want any of my stitches to go
back and forth this way. I want them running up and down so the fabric can
still stretch around the stitches. It’s a little thing to think about when you’re
about to stitch some permanent stitches that don’t stretch into something that is
stretchy. Yeah, let’s get started. I’m just going to use embroidery floss. It’s what
I have around, so it’s what I’m gonna use. My hand is inside the pant so I can feel where I
need to do my next stitch I’m going to hide my knot up over here
and I’m going to start stitching. It’s terrible. The pants have a strong
vertical line. I’m going to use that to guide my stitches. I’m making sure my
stitches are kind of even with my last stitches that I did. So I finished my
last stitch. I’m going to put my knot somewhere where it’s not going to
actually hurt me. I’m going to put it in between the two fabrics. So this is my
patch fabric, this is my jeans fabric. I’m going to stick my knot in here. If you
need hand sewing tips I have a video. I’ll link it. Making my pretzel knot. I’ve
got my knot here. Now I’m going to trim my threads and
we’re done. Thank you guys so much for watching. We’ll see you next time. Bye! in my ear curtain up the show
I smell visited the jug get your finger out of my ear


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