DIY Tutorial – How to Finger Crochet Very Easy Simple Infinity Scarf Cowl Beginners – RIGHT HAND

Hi I'm Donna Wolfe from Today
I'm going to show you how to crochet an infinity scarf with just your fingers. This technique is called "Finger Crochet"
and it is very simple and fun. This video is the right-handed version. If you are left-handed, click on the letter
(i) on the top of the video for the left-handed link. To make this scarf, you will need about 160
yards of yarn, preferable a bulky weight type, which you can see as a number 5 on yarn labels. You'll need scissors to cut the yarn, and
I like using a paper clip to mark certain stitches. As in traditional crochet, the slip knot begins
almost every crochet pattern. Grab the end of the yarn with one hand, then,
with your other hand, wrap the yarn around your two fingers loosely. You might need to rewind this video a few
times to get this step correctly. Tuck this end of the yarn under the loop and
pull through to tighten it. Next step is to create 30 chains. To do this, put your thumb and index finger
inside of the loop and tighten it gently. Your other hand can just grab the yarn inside
your palm. With your two fingers, grab the yarn, and
pull it loosely through the loop. Insert your fingers again, grab the yarn,
and pull it loosely through the loop. It is important not to tighten these loops
too much. Repeat the process. You can adjust the chains if they are too
tight. Pull through another one. Keep repeating this process until you have
made a total of 30 chains. Next is the single crochet stitch. So far we've completed 30 chains. Now we need to connect the first and last
of these chains into a ring for our scarf. We're going to do this by making a single
crochet stitch. Insert your pointer finger in the loop, now
insert your finger into the middle of a chain, scoop the yarn from the yarn skein, bring
it through, then insert your thumb through both loops, and grab the yarn to pull it through. You've just made 1 single crochet stitch. I like to use a paper clip and insert it on
this stitch to show my first stitch. Next, repeat the process. Find the next chain, insert your finger, scoop
up the yarn, insert your thumb, then pull this strand through both loops. Be sure to make these nice and loose. Insert your finger into the next chain, or
hole, scoop up the yarn, insert your thumb, grab the yarn and pull it through. And I'll show it one more time. Insert, scoop, then pull. You can see I have made 4 single crochet stitches
thus far. You now need to continue making single crochet
stitches all around until you get to that paper clip. Round 2. I have one more single crochet to make here. Now, I'm removing my paper clip to start working
on the top of the stitches we previously made. If you notice, there's a back loop, a front
loop, and sort of an underneath part. We're only going to insert our finger into
the back loop part of each stitch. So let's make our first single crochet stitch
for this Round 2. Insert finger, scoop and pull through. I like to mark my first stitch so I know where
I am. Insert your finger in the next stitch, and
repeat the single crochet process. And the next stitch, another single crochet. And here's the fourth single crochet. Continue making these around. Each round should have 30 on them. Just keep going and going and going with these
single crochet stitches until you have made about 17 rounds, each comprising of 30 stitches,
which translates to about 510 total single crochet stitches. If you make a mistake along the way, it is
pretty simple to correct. All you need to do is slowly pull on the yarn
from the yarn skein and remove your stitches. And then when you remove the mistake, just
insert your finger and continue making stitches. To finish your work, after you make your last
stitch, we're just going to cut the yarn, and then pull it through your last loop. This helps secure it. And to secure it even further, we're going
to weave it in and out along some of the stitches on the back side. Just pull up stitches here and there, and
push that tail end through them. After you've made about 4, 5, or 6 weaves,
take your scissors and cut off the excess yarn. Remember to weave in that beginning tail end
as well. And here is your finished scarf. To view this video in other languages, click
on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from over 100 different
languages. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, check
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  1. I have 109 yards of yarn. Will that work? I don’t want to use two skein of yarn to do this I would only like to use one skein of my yarn.

  2. I tried this it took me a couple try’s but it worked acsept mine is very thin like a fish tail braid but it’s use full for bracelets

  3. That is beautiful !! Thank you so much. Very imformative and easy to follow . I like how you went slow : )

  4. Thank you…this is the first time i've watched a tutorial and been able to follow it! I'm an absolute beginner but i can't wait to try this! 🙂 Might make a crafter out of me yet!

  5. Wow! How can I lern with you more! I don't have nothing of that but I want todo get! I see it your videos and I like it! I want lern!

  6. I've never seen something like this…woowww,,,my daughter will love this method since she's only 8 yrs old and struggles to use crochet tools.
    Thank you))))😍

  7. Thank you! i just recently lost my crochet hook and i don't know where it is, so this is a really nice alternative.

  8. LOVE your video tutorials Donna Wolf.
    This is another Easy Learn for me.
    You tutorials are so Clear, slow and easy to learn.
    Thank You
    Many Blessings

  9. Hello Natazia…
    Thanks for the video its very easy to finger knit… But i tried to knit infinity scarf but it became a cap… Can u pls tel me whr i hve done d mistake n how to correct it..

  10. I might just be weird but every time I've attempted to make a scarf like this I get overwhelmed with anxiety. All because I'm not all that sure of what I'm doing. But this video is great for beginners. It slow and informative. I can see perfectly what strand you're pulling and I am actually comprehending everything you're showing.
    I'm off to make myself a scarf thanks to your tutorial! Thank you so much!

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