DIY TUTORIAL: Designer Print Baby Dress with flutter sleeves Full tutorial

hello friends welcome to the making of
this beautiful baby dress let’s get started here my lining is on four fold and I’m getting my main fabric too to be on four fold I won’t be adding any zipper allowance
at the back to this dress but I sure will be adding zipper to
the side of this dress the length of my bodice is 9
inches the shoulder is 5 inches and my neck
width is 2.5 inches my neck deep for both back and front is 3 inches my shoulder slope is 1/2 an inch and my arm hole that is 5 inches the chest I’m
using 7 inches don’t forget it’s on 4 fold here half of my armhole is 2.5 inches then I’m going in by half an inch so I’ll be able to
curve the armhole here I’m just scaling accordingly but I’ll be taking half an inch from the chest measurement that will give me my lower bodice that
will be my lower bodice then we’ll be 6.5 inches then i will cut for the sleeves, I’m just taking a strip
fold it in four and it measures 9.5 inches by 2 inches here I’ll be marking out a slight curve so I can cut it out for the sleeves sew the back and the front together at the
shoulder then roll hem the sleeve along the curve part just marking out 3 inches along my
armhole that is my armscye and I’ll be giving it a notch that is where my sleeves
is going to start and end gether the sleeve and centering the sleeve perpendicular seam that is the shoulder seam right sides facing each other in the armscye pin it down when you’re done pinning just sew your sleeves after that place your lining on your main fabric that is your bodice right sides together sew sew the neckline around the neckline
when you’re done sewing the neckline give it a notch around before turning it
inside out be careful not to cuts the seam you can topstitch the spots if you like now the next step please watch carefully roll your bodice like so and get to where
you have the sleeve we are going to be finishing off the sleeves I don’t know how
to explain this part but just watch carefully it will do you a lot of good
in your finishing sew along the sleeve after that give it a notch then you pull it
out gently great job if you foliowed along I’m so impressed because you just finish
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thank you very much for the skirt part I’m working with a length skirt length of 17 inches including the same allowances then the width is 44 I don’t
really want to take anything out of the width but you can work with what you
have just gather the top part of the skirt so that it is the same length with
the bodice that’s just basically it with the right sides together sew the
bodice to the skirt do same for the back of the dress and the front of the
dress attach a zipper to the side of the dress
right sides together sew the front on the back dress together at the side for the side pockets place a piece of
fabric on four fold like so mark 2.5 by 5 inches it’s like
marking 5 inches by 5 inches but placing it on fold like this help me
to give it a curve as you will see and cuts when you’re done marking yeah I’m making 12 inches because that
is where it’s convenient for my child to reach into her pockets so choose
whatever inches is convenient for your own child to reach into her pocket
at this point you can use an iron in ironing out the
edge of the pockets the curve and every other thing then sew it to the dress pocket is attached to the dress nicely
and neatly the next step will be to attach the trimming to the pockets and
the edge of the dress just attached and sew thank you for watching this video please
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