DIY Thrift Flip 1- Refashioning Thrifted Clothes (slovenské titulky)

Hi guys. In this video I will show you how I transformed some thrifted clothes. I bought this jacket because I like the
shape but I didn’t like the sleeves and the collar. So I decided to replace them. I seam ripped off the sleeves including the lining. I pulled out the lacing. I opened up the sleeve along that seam. I pinned the two layers together and I cut off the eyelets blending the cut into the edge. This way I also narrowed the bottom of
the sleeve. I separated the lining from the main fabric. Then I opened up the other seam. I placed both pieces on the paper and traced them. I seam ripped off the other sleeve. I did the same thing that I did to the
previous sleeve. I bought this suede dress for the new
sleeves. I was lucky because the fabric wasn’t stretchy. I opened up the side
seams. I cut one large piece out of the backside. I couldn’t fit the other piece to the backside so I had to cut it out of the front side. There were these fake
pockets that I first removed. I seam ripped it along these lines. I removed the pocket and sewed one half of the dress back together. I pinned and cut out one more larger piece. I made sure that it was mirrored to the previous piece and that the middle seam was at the same place. Then I cut two smaller pieces and again I made sure that the seam was at the same place. I sewed the sleeves together. I also sewed the lining sleeves together. Right sides together I inserted the
sleeve into the lining and pinned it together. I sewed it all around. Same thing with the other sleeve. I turned it to the right side and pushed the lining into the sleeve. I pinned it together along the top edge and pushed the main fabric a little bit inside. Then I gave it a good press. I then inserted the sleeve into the armhole and pinned together the main fabric. I sewed the sleeve all around. I ironed the edge of the lining sleeve to
the wrong side. Then I pinned the lining sleeve to the lining. I sewed it all around close to the edge. This is what it looked like. I seam ripped the outside layer of the
collar off. I placed it on the paper and traced it. I cut it out of the dress. I cut out also interfacing. I ironed it on. I ironed the bottom edge of the collar inside. Right sides together I pinned it to the other collar piece. I sewed it together. I cut off the corners
and turned it to the right side. Then I placed the ironed edge over the raw edge of the lining and sewed it down. So this is the result. Next I will be adjusting these mens
pants. First I seam ripped the waistband and
took out the elastic. The zippers of the pockets were broken so I decided to take them out. I decided to make my own pockets. This is the fabric with the closest color that I had so I used it. I cut this pocket pattern four times. I pinned two pieces to the front side. I sewed it down leaving 2,5 cm at the bottom and top. Then I snipped the fabric at the bottom and top of the seam. I flipped the pockets inside and pressed
them. I also top stitched the edges. Then I sewed the pockets together. The side seams of the pants were moved a bit to the front which means that I had this huge backside left. I pinned one pant leg in place and I separated the front side of the backside narrowing it a little bit. With some marker I narrowed the back side. Then I separated the other pant leg. I narrowed the front side to be the same as the other front side. I also narrowed the back side. I pinned the side seams and sewed them down. Then I cut off the excess fabric. I used the original elastic. I sewed the ends together . I folded the edge of the pants over it and sewed it all around stretching it while sewing. Then I folded the elastic inside and sewed three rows of stitches all around. I narrowed the pant legs even more and I
also shortened it a little bit. I cut some elastic around my ankles. I hemmed the bottom of the pants so that elastic would fit into it. I sewed the hem and left a space to fit
the elastic through. I inserted the elastic, sewed the ends together and sewed the gap closed. So these are the final pants. Thank you guys for watching and I will see you soon. Bye.


  1. OMG I am soooo Happy that this was in English.. I love your channel.. And now i can understand your steps.. Awesomeness… I love the techniques used in the collar and sleeve of that jacket redo.. And cool pants… Looking forward to your next video

  2. answering to another video that you asked if we would like to watch more videos in english, I think it's fine if you feel comfortable doing it💞
    Anyways, I love your channel, your creativity and talent making this❤✨
    Still working hard and wish you the best!🌸

  3. Lovely as always Martina. Your voice sounds like you are becoming more comfortable with the English voice-overs. Thank you for the effort you put in for us. I hope your studies are going well.

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