DIY shorts : How to make distressed denim jean shorts

Hey! What we’re going to be making today is these cute little denim cutoff shorts. So this is going to be a pretty quick tutorial and uh lets just get started I got these um… signature levis high waisted jeans from a thrift store and they still have the tag on. They were only five dollars so this is going to be a super cheap, easy diy So my first step will just be to try the pants on and then I’m going to mark off exactly where I want the cuts to happen. Okay so now I have the pants on. and ya they’re super high waiste. Which I love so I think I’m just going to mark them So the pockets are here so I’m going to make them a little bit lower then I actually want them and then just make sure to mark the crotch as well while excel and now that we have our jeans marked off we’re just going to draw a line from the crotch part out to the side on both sides sold platen okay and just recovery m and so what you want to and holt the top of the parents so that being the out with the facts and what this will do as that will make sure that the fact is a little bit
longer and front a little bit square lok calling creates on out of town acts alerts and that’s what the website etc and what we’re gonna do it we’re just going to start fraying the edges you can kind of safety cases there is i won’t that break excessive yeah p and just couldn’t refuse flat society and andrea prospect either and you can see how it sort of magnified
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  1. hey, I love your videos!!! But I have a question, I tried to cut my old pants but it didn't worked out very well because my cissor was not proper to cut it. So my question would be what kind of cissors do I have to use because I really wanna have these shorts for summer. Thankyou already so much!

  2. Did you do anything to stress out the side slits? Or was that just from the wash/dry cycle? Do you have any advice on the actual wash/dry cycle procedure itself?

  3. I have lots if them , but they got that way from working . Been rocking these things since the 80's and I'm almost 50. Just saying .

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  5. Thanks for the video. I've probably tried on over a hundred pairs of distressed shorts. They never fit correctly on my body so I'm just going to make my own.

  6. I did the Same thing With Women’s Long denim light Wash Jeans & Made Denim Shorts & Wear Black Comfort Plus by Predictions Leather Pumps With Them & Everybody has Said That I Look Cute In Them With the Leather Pumps

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