DIY Mamamoo “Yes I am” MV Outfit | DIY K-POP Closet #5


  1. omg I look hella tired on this video 😭😭 sorry q-tees!!😩❤️ Any Q-tees here who are a big fan of Mamamoo?? 😉 💖
    Please comment which K-POP mv outfit we should make next!🙈✨✨

  2. I am new to this channel. I love your videos though. I like fashion also and kpop. Please make the skirt in SISTAR'S I Like That. I want to see how they did it

  3. I'm just… sooooo thankful!! not only you did one of my fave piece of clothes from the M/V, you also made a diy of the pair of earrings I saw on stylenanda a month ago and couldn't buy bc I'm broke af lol
    Anyway, thank youuuuuu 💖😘💖😘💖

  4. Q2HAN!! you guys should make a DIY prairie off the shoulder ruffle crop top <3 both long & short sleeve 🙂

  5. If only i have the skills and the materials, i would definitely make my own clothing. It is so expensive here in Singapore 😞

  6. can you do a diy on the outfits in exo's monster? maybe for haloween or someting? also i watched the live that you guys did on this day! it was my first live with y'all and i was so so happy <3

  7. i love both of your hair in this video so much!! also idk why but i wasn't paying attention and freaked out when i saw two of you and totally forgot that you guys are twins LOL

  8. Hai QQ!! ❤❤ please make the outfit from red velvet rookie mv!! And maybe may i suggest make a video about sewing hacks?? Love all of your videooosss 💖💖 they're sooo cuteeee 😻😻

  9. love the video😍💕 you guys should try something Nct related because nct's fashion can be cool and questionable😂❤

  10. Thank you for another wonderful video. All T, no shade, the only thing I had problem with was wrinkle on the fabric all across the front. I think it would have looked so much better is you had ironed the garment.

  11. yayyyy !!! I came here as soon as I got a notif ! 💖 girls, for Halloween idea, can you guys make a Korean Art School Uniform ?? from SOPA, the yellow one. I think that would be great for halloween. I want to try the uniform tho coz it look fancy 😍😍 how you notice this !!! LOVE U ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ – Stella –

  12. The actual Diy parts always sound like like a foreign language to me, but I still enjoy these videos ❤️

  13. Why not use metric system :/ theres literally only 3 countries not using it 😕 also its easier for viewers to follow the steps

  14. 큐큐 !!영상 매일봐여 둘다 너무귀엽고 동생으로 입양되서 만든 옷 다 입고싶어요♡♡ㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠ

  15. Would love to see a boy group (like exo or bts or seventeen) outfit transform into something for girls! The mv I don't wanna cry from seventeen have some killer outfits!

  16. Hey Q2Han,i'm really insfire(only an Army will know) by all of your design/tutorial that you guys make,it will be nice if you guys could make a video about how you guys could make into a fashion school or how you guys find ur passion in fashion.i'm sorry if my grammar was wrong or anything,i'm not very good on my english,so sorry 😶.

  17. if youre not doing a button placket i think its better to skip the buttond ToT im in love with the sleeves though

  18. You guys always nail the diy Kpop closet. And qwon you look so pretty and cute with the buns!! 💕💗

  19. Please… cay you guys make ChungHa Outer in her 1 Live show when she feat. Taeyong NCT127?
    Jebal! 😇

  20. You two are so awesome 🙌🏼 I discovered this channel yesterday and I really like all the videos (style, coffee shops, cosmetics products) Please do more videos. 😸 A big hug from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷💜

    btw now i am a super fan of you two, Q sister. 😬

  21. hi! wasn't it hard to sew with this kind of fabric?? it seems very tricky to play with ^^ but you did a very good job !!

  22. satin is not my favourite fabric (too shiny) but the detail on the sleeve is really cute. I might try it on another project

  23. Hey girls! I know you've already covered As If It's Your Last in the kpop closet, but do you think if possible you can do the beautiful red top that Jisoo wore? If you could that would be amazing! I want one for myself, but I don't want to spend $2,000 on it lol 💓

  24. It would be amazing if you can put the mesures in cm ad well bc i tried to convert the inches by Internet but i think something wasn't wrong 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂 love U girls, keep going on amazingly(?) like this!!! Qwon anche Qjin FIGHTING 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  25. first time watch yours diy video and…now i cant understand WHY you are buying clothes instead of make it by your own 😀 it's amazing and looks gorgeous! 0-0

  26. The purple top Jennie from BLACKPINK wore at their As if it's your last performance on Inkigayo 0709 💜😍 Its GORGEOUS! And perfect for summer!

  27. You should do something from Red Velvet ^^ or anything from a boy group (preferably NCT, for example that camo jacket Winwin wears in NCT127's Cherry Bomb 😀 )

  28. can you please do Ros'se dress from Blackpink's As If It's Your Last preformance! I know you already did an outfit from the mv, but this dress is just so hot!! PLEAASEEE 😢😢😢

  29. When you are latina and you are struggling with the convertion from inches to cm 😭
    But love the video ❤

  30. I'm in the middle of making the sleeve right now, question is how do i pull out the safety pins????? QUICK HELP PLEASE

  31. I would like you all to please make Taeyeons long sleeved top thats flared at the end or her pink dress from the flower room. (Music video: Make Me Love You) Please~ ^3^

  32. I would like to see a DIY Video for the dress/jacket of Nayeon (Twice) in their MV TT.
    This Blue thing is so cute and i have never seen it in germany yet, so I would like to made ist on My own c:

    BTW i Love your Videos and i hope, that you gonna earn enough for stay with this channel ❤
    (Sorry for My english but i am first in Highschool and it's just "My school englisch")

  33. You should make IUs white dress from 23 and maybe also the red dress she spilled the milk on.

    I also think you'd like the collared red dress worn by sunmi in gashina.

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