DIY: How To Make Easy LACE UP Sweatshirts For FALL! – By Orly Shani

I’ve done this this thing that I’m doing
right now I’ve done seven times no thank you
did you even leave it I’m gonna do it that’s it sewing or not so like both are
in solutions too guys if you liked this video.. ok I need
you to move okay? you need to be like away hit the bell if you want more of this you must fluff. what’s up
everybody! it’s Friday I’m so glad you’re here, welcome
to the DIY designer my name is orly Shani. if you have never been here, man
I’m so glad you found me um I do some really fun DIYs on this show and today
is no exception I wore on a video maybe a week or two
weeks ago a like charcoal gray sweatshirt with a bright neon lace-up
tie in the front it was a DIY and I got an insane amount of comments from you
guys being like yeah yeah cool video that sweatshirt though? yeah yeah love
the video but what about that sweatshirt DIY that’s sweatshirt? can I get a little
of that sweatshirt how about that sweatshirt? so I hear you
loud and clear. it is very similar to the technique I used in the game day
football shirts where I did like the halter tops and the lace up in the front and lace
back it was a really similar technique so I just assumed you guys we’re all
gonna be like oh it’s the same thing but you were not like that. you were not like
oh it’s the same thing I will link the game day one and you’re gonna want to
fast forward, well you should watch the whole thing if you haven’t already seen
it but if you have you’re gonna fast-forward to the 49ers sweatshirt and
that is where you can see the no sew version of this so if you don’t know how
to sew I will show you exactly how to do it with fabric glue if you do know how
to sew I’m gonna show you like the real legit way of making it that will allow
you to chuck this sucker in the wash from now until you’re 95 years old and
nothing will happen to it it is something I get a ton of compliments on
so this is totally worth doing and the lace in the actual sweatshirt can be
swapped out seasonally so you can do really fun colors so that it always
looks like this ever-evolving always on trend always in season sweatshirt
because you can swap that bad boy out if you enjoyed this video which I really
hope that you do please subscribe to the channel click the bell so you get a
notification help me grow help me do more DIYs ok ok I’m relying on you materials all right so we’re gonna start with the
shirt first first thing you do is grab it by the center of the collar and the
center of the hem to separate the front of the shirt from the back you want to
fold it in half but make sure that your side seams your underarm seams and the
seams of your collar are all lined up so when you cut you’re cutting evenly now
decide how deep you want the V and start a really strong point you’re cutting
both at the same time until you get right about to an inch or two from the
collar then I recommend opening it so that you can see where you’re cutting
ensuring that you’re ending up perfectly symmetrical now cut the piece that
you’ve cut out away from the collar right up until that edge till you end up
with your nice big opening now you’re going to grab whatever tape you’re using
I decided to use grommet tape for this one and it just heads up on this this is
the harder one to do because you only have a little bit of space to sew so
you’re gonna line up the outer edge with the grommet is free to actually be laced
up you don’t want to sew that all down put the edge of your grommet up against
the collar so that you can cut on a curved edge following the natural line
of the collar then just lay the grommet tape all the way to the bottom and cut
it at the once you’re about an inch below the V you want to make sure you
give yourself just a little bit of excess now I took the one side and used
it as a guide to cut the other side so that again that rounded edge of the
collar would line up perfectly line it up to the bottom use the one side as a
guide and just cut across you end up with like a square edge now it’s time to
pin it on it now the first time I did it I started by pinning it from the front
side so I could see what I was doing but the problem is that there’s such a small
amount of space that you actually have to pin the edge of the t-shirt kind of
wants to curl on you you can’t really see it it can make it difficult so I
realized that flipping it inside-out and pinning it that way which month was much
easier because now you can see the white shirt is actually going on top of the
black trim here because again it’s inside-out so I’m able to see what I’m
doing pin it all into place do the same thing on both sides again making sure
that you leave the grommets free and open to be laced up now
you’re just going to flip it back inside out so that you’re actually ready to
attach it now this is something that I learned after trying it the first time
just in the very very top and very bottom I think it’s really helpful to
use just a dab of fabric glue instead of a pen there’s such little fabric that
you actually have to hold on to on that top collar that when you go to try to
sew it it’s sort of like moves on you and the pressure of the sewing machine I
just found that it was a lot harder so by using glue to hold it in place it
makes it super easy for that top part now you want to swap out your regular
presser foot I don’t know exactly what this one is called but for me it was the
number 4 foot it’s a really skinny foot and then you can move the needle all the
way to the right or all the way to the left depending on which side you’re
actually sewing so you can see here it’s that skinny little foot that’s holding
everything in place but my needle is all the way on the right which allows me to
sew down the grommet tape without going over the grommets now I want to show you
how I laced this up so first of all you can see the bottom there of the grommet
tape isn’t actually sewn down I’m gonna do that after the fact once I get it all
kind of in place but basically what I did on this lace up version it’s the
same as I did on the neon is that you’re only seeing the crisscross on the front
you’re not actually seeing it lace through the backside so this is what you
do you’re going to take your lace and you’re gonna go across right I’m doing
one across now instead of going back across I’m going on the same side so I’m
hiding a stitch on the backside of the grommet so again go across now stay on
the same side loop up and now when you crisscross again you’re not seeing that
back side for a shoelace like this it doesn’t matter but if you have a ribbon
that has a right and a wrong side this makes it that you only see those X’s now
that everything’s laced up I’m gonna go back in there and reinforce the bottom
so I’m just trimming it up to make sure it’s perfect going in with my sewing
machine to just zigzag stitch across the bottom and now the t-shirt version is
done so now let’s move on to the sweatshirt real quick same thing fold it
in half and sure everything’s even cut the beginning part all at once then do
the end part separately obviously is that you can make sure that you come up
to that top and a perfectly even way now for this one I’m using the d-ring tape
and you can see that it’s actually so much easier because I have the full inch
width of the cotton twill that whole thing is able to be sewn down
so not only do I have the full inch of the cotton twill to work with but I also
can overlap it on my sweatshirt with a full inch which just gives me a lot more
room I’m not avoiding those grommets once you get to the bottom cut it evenly
and I would say the very bottom two d-rings you’re probably going to want to
cut off because they’re gonna overlap so closely that you won’t be able to lace
anything through there anyway now I still have that old presser foot on
there because it was hooked in but you can actually go back and put your normal
one on because again you just have so much room to play with it’s super simple
this version I laced up like normal zig zagging so you’re seeing both the front
and the back so you’re seeing twice as much lace but it really just depends on
you this actually shows a little less skin which is a bonus if that’s what you
want now just lace it up and you’re done we’re done we’re done Madhu’s one thing
I will recommend is even if you’re doing the sewing version of this like I did
here is using fabric glue and the more like persnickety tedious spots where you
might have a hard time keeping everything nice and flat especially if
you’re a beginner so that’s a great way to keep everything flat and in place and
then you just go over it and sew it and it’s forever stone so even for me I
still all the time and I still use that little hack it still helps me all the
time if you liked this video I’m gonna ask a huge favor of you number one I
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makes all the difference in the world all right guys I’m gonna walk outside
like a freak model in my front yard next you call me you sing
no I’m a stranger are willing and able to do what you want you think I think
I’m just a same busy and pretty he is making believe I’m falling
and to obscurity don’t let me get the penis I’m falling I’m falling falling
falling in fun because of me oh yeah and to obscure didn’t let me because of me I could be making it all
up you know


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