DIY: How to Make a Sexy NO-SEW Wrap Skirt – by Orly Shani

today's a good one today's a good one hey guys welcome back to the DIY designer thanks so much for being here today we are doing something that has been highly requested so I'm really stoked I posted this photo on my Instagram of me wearing this wrap skirt situation and I said do you guys want to learn how to do an Oso wrap skirt and there was an overwhelming yes now wrap skirts are amazing they're perfect for the summer it's like 135 degrees outside so this is a great time to wear like an easy breezy gorgeous wrap skirt but a lot of you guys don't know how to sew and even people who do know how to sew sometimes you just don't want to sell so this is going to be a totally no sew project now anytime you're doing a no sew project there are certain compromises that have to be made so in this particular one we're going to be using snap tape this is not going to have a long strap that's going to tuck in and wrap around and tie this is going to wrap in on itself and click into place it's gonna look super cute but it is gonna be slightly different than a traditional wrap skirt so I hope that you guys like this one I can't wait to show you let's do materials all right we're gonna do this in the mirror because you're gonna need to do this in the mirror when you were making yours now the first thing I did is I took a skirt that I liked just for length so I used this to cut my fabric my fabric is that like see the bottom it comes right about exactly as I wanted it so I would recommend buying a yard and a half of fabric if your fabric is sheer you're gonna need a little bit more because you're gonna have to fold down part of it so that it's not see-through take your fabric and wrap it around everything starts with what is gonna wrap over the outside the part you actually want to see so I know that I want this outer piece to end kind of like that because then I'll have a little bit of a slit so this is where I want it to end so now you work backwards you say okay if this is where I want it to end then this side is gonna wrap over like this now I want to have a slit in mine so I don't want this to go this far so knowing we want this here I'm gonna look at about how much excess I have so take the excess and this is kind of a test grab it like this say okay if I cut off this much and wrapped it would that give me the look that I want kind of I think I might want a little more than that so take your piece that excess grab your pin just like this just to keep it in place so that I can really get a sense of it take this side pull it nice and tight that's the vibe that I want you don't actually have to use the snap tape you can just say okay I'm putting a safety pin right here I'm putting a pretty brooch something you're gonna see right here and that's it you're done but I want to do mine with snap day this is where we are gonna decide on the location of our snap tape now from here over to here I'm gonna put the male side of my snap tape and from right here over to the edge here I'm gonna put the female side so what's gonna happen is when it goes like this I'm gonna be able to go pop snap pop snap pop snap and I'm gonna be able to snap this into place holding it and making it adjustable which is so so cool so I just need to mark it which I've done so I've put a little pin right here I know that this is the beginning of my female side I know that the edge obviously is the and I'm ending it right here where I put another pin all right so the first thing that I did was glue down that little overlap I decided not to cut it because what ended up being really cool is that it gave me a perfectly clean finished edge on my slit so I just glued the top down and I actually glued this side down a little bit that way it would stay exactly in place where I wanted it now once everything is nice and flat and my edges are done I separated the male and female side of my snap tape because obviously we're only putting one part on each side you want to start at the very beginning because it's super important that that edge is as tight as it possibly can be I go all the way to the pin which is the mark that I left myself and then I cut off my excess you want to make sure to use a good amount of glue here the Fabri tack is the only thing holding this thing together so give yourself a good amount of glue fabric generally takes about 24 hours to cure so before you're really wearing it give it that full 24 hours now lay your snap tape onto your skirt sort of tapping and laying it down you want to make sure that there is no bubbles that there's no like little pleats so smooth it out now fold your skirt the way it's actually gonna be worn because on one side the snap tape goes on the inside and on the other it actually goes on the outside so make sure to lay it down exactly as its gonna overlap so you ensure that you put your snap tape in the right place there is my marking for the inside of my skirt that's where I gave myself a pin so that's where I'm starting I'm gonna lay it down and I see that I have some excess but I'm not gonna cut it until I'm done gluing just to be safe so again give yourself a good amount of glue right up until the very edge of that fabric we're gonna fold this waistband down so you want to start at the very very tip now I'm doing the same thing working my way making sure to not have any bubbles or pleats in it at all now you can pick it up and kind of smooth it out that ensures that everything is laying really flat as well now that I know that I have the right exact right size I'm just gonna go ahead and cut off that excess as absolutely close to the edge as I possibly can now lay it down and give it all the time it needs to dry okay so that super cute skirt is drying and while it's drying I want to show you a second version now this version is in case you have a skirt that's slightly sheer or a fabric that's slightly sheer when the Sun shines through and you don't to be able to see yo bootay so this is a different way of doing and it's also going to be shorter and draped in the front so both these Styles can be interchanged okay take your fabric which is slightly sheer and you want to fold over now this fold over is dependent on how high waste did you want it the higher waisted you want it the longer it needs to be because it needs to cover your butt and I want to wear it higher waisted so you can see can you see the overlap see how it only covers half my butt that's definitely not long enough that looks about right okay so this is a different style now I'm gonna wrap it just like we did over here I'm gonna let it go a little bit more and here I'll add my snap tape I'll add my snap tape all the way and I'm gonna stop here letting this front part drape it'll snap together right here and then this will be open and free so it's got like an asymmetrical it's a knee-length dress with a really cool asymmetrical detail all out of one piece of fabric again totally know so now when we're doing the snap tape starting here and going all the way around I'm gonna mark it because that's where I want my male side and then starting here going right to here and ending here is where I'm going to put my female snap tape so now we're just gonna go do the exact same thing so obviously we're just gonna be adding our female snap tape to one side and our male snap tape to the other exactly as we did on the first skirt oh my god the only thing you have to do now is fold it under all that you want to do here is take a piece take like a corner and you're just gonna tuck it up it's gonna create a really pretty pleat over here and a really pretty pleat down here and then you just use a safety pin to hide it all right well that's it I kind of love them I gotta say these are gonna make for fantastic rap skirts throughout this insanely hot summer season we're having they're perfect they're effortless and like I said anytime you're doing something that's a no so there's usually a couple of compromises that have to be made and in this case the compromise on the long skirt is just that you're folding in that waistband and on this skirt it's just that really pretty fold up it ends up making it look really beautiful but anytime there's no so there's usually a little creative hiding that we're doing here and there so those are our two hides I hope that you guys enjoyed this one if you did hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you're new here thanks for stopping by and I'll see you guys next week


  1. Ok ok I stole my hubbys phone and found this! I was looking for a no sew skirt that I can use for my Mother Blessing (Shower). My theme is hippie, Mother Earth, Autumn, Boho sorta vibe! We are expecting after trying for 8+yrs and going through loss…no less twins! They will be here by Halloween. This is literally what my non-crafty sew-less self needed!!! Thank you so much!

  2. You just are the BEST in every way ~ I won't say I am jealous because that wouldn't be cool, however to have some of what you have would be a a dream come true ~ As a DIY'er for most of my life , you BRING a Fresh Breath into my World ~ Thanks honey ~ You ROCK
    Much Respect and Regards , with a smile and some wit !!! Suse & Crew Vancouver Island BC CANADA ~*~

  3. I found you afew mths back ❤️I have purchased so much fabric.When are you arriving😜 you’re quick fast and yet you’re detailed you’re funny you keep me entertained I’m never bored one minute 😘

  4. You make it look so easy, but I'm convinced I can do it!!! Thanks for putting this together, I now have a bunch of skirts I want to make. 🙂

  5. Hi. I just made this and I got to tell you that it came so beautiful elegant and sexy😍thank you for the video😁

  6. how to turn a two piece dress pantsuit in to something different like cut the front of the pants off an add a different fabric to them and the jacket

  7. Love these. Going to make both! The only thing I will change is to get rid of the white salvage edge. I like the white accent it gives, but it seems too unfinished to leave it. Guess I'm old school. Ha ha

  8. Sorry but I think the white selfage side looks really ugly. If you don’t want to sew you could have glue it down. I think now it really looks selfmade. Normally your diy’s look way more professionall. Sorry not hating.

  9. Anyways I been watching so many of your videos , plus now I'm going to starve because I have to lose weight !

  10. Why did have the end of the material showing ? Every time I see it reminds me of the bad part of the material ?

  11. 🌸 it wasn’t a lie sweetie, you were just trying to dream and feel what it would be like to be out of your room and chair
    Glad your story has a happy ending 👍🏼

  12. Omg snap tape, i never knew. I have a really annoying cardigan that really needs a fastening and i have been put it off for about 6 months. This is perfect for that. Love this skirt for on the beach as a cover up.

  13. Love this idea , my daughters would look beautiful in this . Now all I have to do is convince them to let me make then one. Lol

  14. Very nice but you should have removed the white edge of the fabric, it spoiled the overall look, but what a fabulous idea!

  15. very clever and easy ideas…the only thing I'd add is, using something like iron-on hemming tape, finish any raw edges by folding over and pressing the tape on…it's still no-sew, but gives a tidier finish and no risk of fraying at the cut edges of the fabric…or maybe use a sarong that's already finished on all the raw edges as the fabric for the skirts 🙂

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