[Music] [Music] [Music] what is up you guys welcome back to my channel so today we have another DIY and today we have a Pinterest one you guys you know requested for the longest time that I will do a Pinterest DIY so after about like for good weeks on Pinterest which I collected a few stuff that I like so yeah I decided to see it and do this project and it’s super cute and so before we’re gonna get started you guys just make sure you he’s got subscribe button below and join the family and you know without further ado now let’s just get this video started starting off with this greed for my sunglasses all you’re gonna need for that is basically some gold spray paint and so I gotta be honest with you guys I got this greed for $5.99 at the goodwill as you guys can see right here it was like honestly it was just like in front of me and I was like oh my god I need it and so from here you’re gonna need like a plastic wrap just so that you can you know covered agreed so not everything is gonna be painted unless you really want to paint everything and then you don’t need the plastic wrap and yeah once it’s ready to go all you have to do from here is basically go to town and just spray-paint the thing and yes I know it’s look like it’s sunny in LA but trust me it is not and this is why I’m wearing a leather jacket [Music] moving on to the next DIY you guys all you’re gonna need it’s basically this rubber mat you’re gonna need also a rope and you’re gonna need a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of hot glue you know and so from here all you’re gonna do you’re just gonna take the rope you’re gonna use a lot of hot glue as I said and you’re just gonna start twist the rope around it you’re just gonna have to hold it and press it really firmly at the beginning you know until it holds and once it’s hold you’re gonna basically place it on the actual mat and then from here as I said you’re gonna use a lot of hot glue and you’re just gonna start twisting it around and around and around and around until you’re gonna get something super beautiful that looks like a carpet and yeah this is honestly my favorite DIY is out of them all and once you finish with that oh you’re gonna have to do basically is just to cut it around you know whenever you have left all those I guess leftovers and yeah that is pretty much it [Music] moving on to this beautiful chair I got at the Goodwill store for only $7.99 you guys yes and mind you this is a $50 chair at IKEA and so all I need from here I just took some spray paint to paint the legs cuz they didn’t want them to be silver you know and so I also went to Home Depot and I got some paint for only $3 because I got this simple size and I knew it is gonna be enough for what I needed it basically and by the way the brush guys it’s from the dollar store so I mean yeah check out your dollar store cuz they have amazing stuff I’m just letting you know and yeah I just let it dry and there you have it we have this beautiful pink gold chair [Music] [Music] for only three and a half dollars you guys all I did I just took some tape you know just to map out the top so that once I basically I’m gonna paint it I’m not gonna hurt the bottom of it and so from here all I did as you guys can see is just once again some gold spray paint to just like make these super cute super interesting although my inspiration picture was really different once this was dry basically I just took it off and I started painted with the pink paint because the golden pink together just gave me such a vibe and I was like yes and yeah that is it as you guys can see right here it’s super cute and super interesting and that’s what’s important because it’s a Pinterest video you know what I’m saying [Music] moving on to this really cute coat rack you guys all I did basically I just took you know like a shelf I bought this shelf by the way at their home depot it was a floor sample for only two dollars regardless it’s not that expensive if you can find the actual floor sample you can find it for $5 and so all I did basically as you guys can see I painted pink because this was so cute and so I took those two bunnies and I got them at a dollar store so basically it’s like two dollars and yeah all I did I just took some you know hot glue as per usual nothing new here and I glue them both together into the Shelf and that was pretty much it [Music] [Music] moving on to the most Pintrest warsi DIY guys and this is marble tray all I did I went to Lowe’s I bought this really cute you know marble tile I bought two knobs and of course you’re gonna need some hot glue gun and yeah that is pretty much it from here all I did I just measured you know just to make sure that the knobs will actually be placed in a good place kind of a thing that it’s not gonna be you know too awkward and it’s gonna be just not straight and yeah all I did I just glued them together I’m just letting you know it’s not gonna hold but I did it you know for the beauty of it you know and yeah that was pretty much it it’s super easy super cute and look at all those product on this marble train it’s not gonna be a pinterest worthy room without some images as you guys can see right here I found those frames at the goodwill for $5.99 each and so I bought them obviously I went on Google real quick I found some you know beauty quotes you can find anything you want pretty much and so I download it to my computer and then I resize them on Photoshop and yeah I all I did I just print them and basically just put them in the frames and that was pretty much it you guys honestly this is the easiest DIY I’ve done it before and yeah look how cute and super chic Aditi daddies [Music] decorating your room after everything was ready so I took the carpet and I put the planter on it and so just two guys no I’m not gonna lie I just took some leaps from the street you know I didn’t really bought an actual banana tree because a banana tree is like $90 you guys and we’re on a budget like this entire room should be under $100 so the banana tree was just not about it and yeah as you guys can see it’s super cute it’s doing the job and yeah I took the grid basically I took off the plastic paper I didn’t really know where I wanted to place it at first and so I kind of play with that of course you can hang it on the wall if you want and yeah I just decided to put it you know on the actual table and that was pretty much what happened later on last thing before we finishing up this video I just want to show you this really amazing genius whatever that is this is basically a command sticker and so all I did you just basically stick them two together it’s basically like it do all kind of glue and it’s hold up to like seven kilograms which is about like 14 laughs I guess and all you do you just place it on the wall and that is pretty much it like this is beyond genius you don’t need any needle you don’t destroy the wall and I mean what else can be better than that I mean this is absolutely genius you guys [Music] see we have a very Pinterest worth e room as you guys can see right here and yeah that he said if you guys liked this video please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below yeah and I will see you guys in my next one bye [Music]


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  10. Hold on…. can we talk about how GORGEOUS you look for the intro?! Umm STUNNING!!! 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
    But this is so beautiful!! The sunglasses grid, mat, chair, coat rack are my faves! Wow lol! 馃槶馃挅
    鈥淚 just took some leaves from the street鈥 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 hahaha I love you!!

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  15. You look so fucking good and your nails look good and your lips are so bright and popping here and every time you upload I'm just so attracted to you physically

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  17. girl can you imagine the happiness that comes to my face when i am watching ur videos? btw i am from the middle east!

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  22. Are you selling your old furry chair from your other DIY video? 馃槶馃槶 I loved how that chair came out ! And would love to buy it from you if your selling it 馃槏馃槏

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  24. Don't use Hot Glue for the marble tray, that will fall off sooner or later. People at least use super glue but even that isn't safe…its best to drill through the tile (special drill) then put in your screws (it also acts as a feet for the tray) then screw in your drawer pulls. Now you can safely carry it!

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  26. I love DIY's so this video was amazing and it gives me a couple ideas on what I could create 鉂も潳

  27. The goodwill in your state is so cheap!! Here in Nevada things are like full price. May as well buy the items new.

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