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[MUSIC PLAYING] MINDY: Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy, from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. And today I’m here
with Ms. Bailey– BAILEY: Hi, guys. -She is going to be
showing you guys how to do a hairstyle that we’re
calling the CGH Faux Waterfall Headband. And it is a DIY. -It is a DIY. -You guys will love it,
even for short hairstyles. But before we move
on to the hair, we are so excited to announce
our first Dallas Meetup. Yay! You guys have been
asking forever. The meetup is going to
be located at the P.S. from Aeropostale store at
the Grapevine Mills Mall, on February 28th– which is
this coming Saturday– from 11 until 1. We would love to
see you guys, love to say hi, give you big hugs. Now for those of you that
get to come into the store, they’re offering
20% off anything you buy in the store,
which is awesome. -But for those of you who
can’t come to the meetup, because you live too
far away, they’re still offering a coupon
code for online shopping. And it will be in
the description box below, so be sure
to check that out. -Yes. We’d love to see you guys. Love, big hugs, big
kisses, see you soon. And Bailey will take
over on the hairstyle. -To start off, I curled
my hair with a flat iron. And then the very first thing
I’m going to want to do, is part a very, very deep part
on either side of your head. But I’m going to do
it on the left side. And basically it’s
going to be so deep, it’s going to be like in line
with the end of my eyebrow. So that’s where I’m
going to part my hair. It’s going to look a
little funny at first. OK. So now that we’ve got our
part down, to start the braid, you’re going to want to
take a piece– not too big, but not too
small– you just want it to be a perfect braid–
let’s see if we can– here we go. OK. So once you have
your piece, you’re going to want to begin
braiding your hair just as a normal braid. We’re not doing
anything too fancy, just a three-piece braid. This hairstyle works
for any type of hair. I found out that it
works really well for like when you’re growing out
bands, or with your short hair. Or if you just want the front
pieces out of your face. It works perfectly for any
of those kinds of things. And it also works for
when your hair is up. If you want to put it up
in a ponytail, or down. So it’s a very, very
simple and easy hairstyle that goes with everything. OK. So once you’ve finished
braiding your piece, go ahead and take a rubber
band, and rubber band it. OK. So as you can see on the
braid, the outside bumps, those are what we’re going to be
working with, with this braid. So I’m going to go
back to the very top, and you can see the
very first outside loop. I’m going to go ahead
and pull it out, stick my fingers through, like this. So now I have my
fingers through. I’m going to take a piece from
the top, the front– you don’t want it to be too big– just
a small piece from the front, and pull it through the loop. So there’s our first
stitch of the braid. Now we’re going to move on
to the next outside bump. I’m going to pull and
stick my fingers through. I’m going to take a small
piece, pull it through the loop, and there’s our second stitch. And now we’re just going to
continue this all the way down. [MUSIC PLAYING] So as you can see, I’ve done
a couple of the stitches. But we’re not actually going to
go all the way down the braid. We’re just going to
go down so it’s even with the part on the
other side of the head. So that’s what I’ve done. So now that the
stitches are finished, I’m going to go ahead and
take the end of my braid and pin it, kind of bury
it underneath my hair. [MUSIC PLAYING] And you cover it up. And now we’ll take the stitches,
and just pull them back. Now the next step I’m going
to show you is very important. It will take the hairstyle
from being good to like, great. So as you can see, I’ve pulled
all my hair, my strands back, but sometimes they
will lay funny. Well, most of the
time, actually. So the way to fix this
is to take a comb, and you’re going to want to
take your strands like so, and tease them. So we’re going to take
our comb, take a strand, and comb downwards. Just tease them a little. You can do more teasing
or less teasing, depending on how
you like your hair. As you can see, the
teasing in the back helps accent the
waterfall effect. For the last step, we’re
going to go ahead and pancake those ridges in the back. Just so you can see the
braid from the front. You don’t have to do
too much, just a little is perfectly fine. And there you have the
CGH Faux Waterfall Braid. Now I’m going to do the
final spin, so here we are. Here we go. This hairstyle is
literally super easy. It took me like
two minutes to do. And it’s just a basic braid. Even dads can do it, like
I mean my dad can do it, which is huge. So it’s super easy. And give this video a thumbs
up if you’ve liked it. Don’t forget to
leave a comment below if you guys are coming
to the Dallas meetup. We’re super excited
to see ya’ll. So we really want to know
if you guys are coming. And I think that’s all we have. So I’ll see you guys next week. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] -If you need to just get a
little more curl in the front, you could always turn your
blow dryer back on really low, and go ahead and just work
some more right in the front. And kind of take your
hand and scrunch it– -Yes. It is so much harder to
say than ‘si’ in Spanish, don’t you think? -Si, yes. -Like when I was
taking Spanish classes, I would always be like, si, si. It’s so much easier than yes. -Yes does take a lot. Yes. -Yes. -Yes. -Si. -Yes. -Si. -Si. -Si. -Si. -Si. -Si.


  1. Something is actually wrong with me…….. i can do dutch/fishtail/french braids and more on other people’s hair but i cant do the simplest things on my own hair 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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