I mean laughs boy I just know I mean laughs boy I just know was well I mean laughs more you watch you small it was of you guys Oh welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new here if you're new here hey I'm Lauren it's great to meet you today's video if you couldn't tell from the title thumbnail intro and what I am currently wearing it's going to be a DIY Nike and Adidas video now these shirts are intended for your purposes only they are not for it intended for resale purposes or anything like that because both of the logos are trademark so I'm pretty sure you would run into like some sort of issue there but I've noticed recently that adidas is becoming a big again and like their shoes are coming back in as well as their apparel so I figured why not recreate it myself since some of their items can be rather pricey some of you do enjoy this video please be sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you are new to my channel be sure to hit that subscribe button down below also be sure to follow me on all my social media which will be floating somewhere here on the screen but with all that being said let's just jump into this video hey alright guys so let's start off with this a Nike cropped crewneck so I just went onto Google and found a Nike logo that I liked I brought that into Photoshop but you can use keynote if you have that and then I reversed the image and also made it to the size of the paper that I've had so I just use normal letter paper but I had transferred paper obviously that's how I'm using this so I just followed the instructions pretty much on my transfer paper but mine said to cut out all the like surrounding transfer paper and pretty much just have your logo so then I went ahead and got my crewneck ready by ironing it and dealin ting it because I didn't want any lint stuck underneath of my transfer paper because I didn't want that to be stuck on my shirt so after I was done with that I went ahead and started the ironing process so mine said to take about like 90 to 120 seconds on like each part of the logo so like fully iron it for 90 to 120 seconds and then let it sit for two minutes however Lauren was not smart and did not read all of the directions so for the first one I did not let it sit for two minutes to cool down so it did have like a few little splotches that like didn't fully get color if that makes sense but when I did this next adidas t-shirt I actually read the directions so I went ahead and looked up in a deed symbol that I liked I actually kind of wish I chose the other some now but I did this one and then in this little clip I chose you that I chose I think white or I don't know what color I chose but I ended up switching it to a light blue because originally I was going to make it on a black sweatshirt or black t-shirt but then I realized my transfer paper was only for light colored clothing cuz Lauren once again doesn't read things apparently when she buys them so I went ahead and changed it to blue and then put that onto my t-shirt and just like I did for the last one but this time as I said I read directions and I let it sit for two minutes so then when I peeled it off it was very vibrant actually and there was no like holes of missing colors or anything like that I hope you guys all enjoyed this video and as I said at the beginning if you did please be sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you are new to my channel be sure to hit that subscribe button down below also be sure to follow me and orfan me on my you now because I do broadcasts every weekend and they're super fun and exciting cuz I get to know you guys a little bit more than I do just here on my youtube channel and you guys get to know me a little bit more so definitely come a Fanta me on you now it will be linked in my description as well oh I think this video be sure to check out my last one though it's like on the other side of the screen somewhere so definitely check that out but I will see you guys hopefully all on my next video bye guys


  1. I know this is old. But i don't have a printer nor do I know anything about photoshop.But I desperately want to try this! 😩

  2. what did u do in the adidas one? you put the backround kind of graphic like but is itt really called.

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  4. If u wash it,it wont be bad??please. Smbd answer. To me….also i wanna ask and smth print it in trasfer paper or in a original paper and then you glue it in the transfer paper??please answer

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