DIY Fabric Statement Necklace

hi everyone its Jennifer from craft forest today we're going to make necklaces out of scrap fabric so I was shopping recently actually a little while ago I was shopping and saw this fabric necklace where they were actually charms made out of fabric it was so beautiful and it was a little more than I was willing to spend so I didn't buy it and I keep thinking about it and now it's gone I think about it probably more than I should and so I decided that I needed to make my own so that's we're going to do today I'm going to show you how to take your scrap fabric or your favorite fabrics and turn it into a really beautiful wearable necklace so here's what you're going to need you're going to need fabric with a larger scale pattern at florals work really great where you can actually cut out an individual item if you look at this one here we actually used a really large print and just took out one single flower to make it a really unique custom necklace so we need fabric any size really again you want kind of that individual shape that you can cut out we're going to need some necklace parts I'm actually upcycling some broken old necklaces this one here was half of another necklace and I'm just using some connectors and other kind of pieces to tie it all together you'll need some pliers you don't need to get fancy jewelry pliers really just any kind of needlenose plier will work great you need a needle we're actually going to be poking holes in these and I'm just treating them like beads and we're going to need either some glue and like a clear glue or some heat and bond and some felt we're actually going to be attaching our fabric to the felt so let's get started alright so grab your fabric and you're going to look and really pick out your pattern to figure out which elements you want to cut out so I'm going to grab one of these leaves over here and I try to cut as close to the edge as possible just so that there's as little waist as possible and you want to cut kind of just around your shape leaving a little bit of white space so that way when you attach it to your felt you have room to cut the two together really perfectly and precisely so we're going to go ahead and use some of this clear tacky glue and this one I really like this glue because it helps with fraying on the edges and the fabric once it's cut really does lay pretty nicely and doesn't fray much but this is great to actually take a little bit on your fingers and just kind of press the two together so I'm going to lay my leaf out here and you want to let these dry with if you're using the clear glue you want to let these dry about an hour so that they're really nice and attached you want to make sure that you have all the edges pressed firmly okay and then you can set those aside and let them dry okay so after you let all of your elements dry again about an hour with the glue you can start cutting them out and you can see that we have a few of the leaves in a small little flower cut out I'm going to show you how to cut out this large flower so we want to make sure that we really have a nice glue edge and I can see here with this one already I need to add just a tiny bit of glue just to make sure they stick together nicely when you're cutting because you want a really nice clean edge okay so I'm going to press that down and I'm not going to wait an hour on this one for that edge okay so I'm going to cut right along the printed line of my flower getting as close to it as possible and I actually do like to leave a little bit of that black line so it really shows up when you're attaching these to your necklace so you can see all of those design elements there so I'm just carefully cutting around we'll cut this one all the way through remember you can always trim these up after 2 to make sure that you get some really nice sharp lines there okay so I'm going to go ahead and finish this one off I'm just going to keep cutting all the way to the end okay so I'm just about to the end again this one I chose a really intricate pattern to cut for you guys on on screen but I wanted you to see kind of getting all the way through and kind of keeping that black line intact so almost done here okay now that I have everything cut and take these guys and get rid of them and then I'd like to take just a little bit of the clear glue again on my finger and just press your edges just make sure that you have really nice clean edges and you can take your scissors and cut any little phrase that you might have here just to clean it up again these are like your beads so you want to have them really neat and tidy okay so have all my pieces ready and I'm going to grab my necklace and lay them out together and kind of plan it and I really like the idea of sort of attaching these and having a little bit of movement so what we're going to do is kind of play on this leaf growing it from the flower together we're going to attach a little bit of the chain link there I think we'll have this guy hang down a little bit and maybe we can have these two leaves sort of overlap each other and then connect over here with a little bit of chain link as well so let's start attaching it looks complicated but I assure you that it's not we need at some jewelry jump hooks which are the kind of small little circles a little bit of chain length and you can get this at a craft store really anywhere again those broken chains that you have at home and our pliers and our needle okay so you're going to use your needle to poke your hole I'm just going to go through a few times to make sure that that your hole is open and ready and I'll slide it in through the back side too and sometimes I'll leave the needle in while I'm grabbing my jump hook you can open these up with pliers and I've got them open already sometimes those can be a little tricky just to pry open and then I'm going to thread the jump hook right through the hole that we've pierced with our needle and just feed that through and don't get frustrated if it takes a second there okay so I've got that through and what I'm going to do is take the end of this jump hook and actually attach it to our necklace all right good I can keep my hands on it and I'm just going to take my pliers and close this jump hook I'm going to press it together and close it so that it actually fastens and holds the two together so I want to make sure that you have your little circle shape actually all the way secure and you can see how simple that is it just attached my leaf directly to the necklace and on this one I just want to show you – how you open it we actually used a magnetic closure in the front so that was easy just to pull it apart and that way we could reuse that old chain that we already had so you could do a back closure like we did on the other or kind of any combination of these so now I've got that one attached I want to attach it to my flower in the middle so I'm going to come and I'm going to make another hole just like we did on the opposite side so I'm just going to poke this through a few times and we'll leave that in and the only difference this time is we want to use a little bit of a length of chain so we're going to use one of our gem hooks and we're going to grab about five links of chain so we want a little bit of separation between that leaf and the flower so we're going to attach those two together we've got the open end of our jump hook here just going to grab it in my pliers and slide it through sometimes it can be tricky to get those through but just have patience in it if you can't get it through your hole just poke it one more time kind of work it through to open that up a bit and then we're going to try this one more time I promise that it's not difficult it's just a teeny teeny teeny tiny so after you get that in you're going to close it up just the same way tighten that in but we've got a little bit of length of chain left here so we've got a little bit of space so we're going to grab another hook here and we want to attach our flower so line it up and we're going to make sure that we like the way that's position we're going to poke our hole again and we're just going to keep attaching these all the way across same process okay so we've got our leaf attached with one jump hook and we've got our flower attached with a length of chain and two jump hook and we're going to keep attaching all the way around with all of these pieces and layering them together if we want to we're going to glue these two together as we attach them attached with a little length of chain and we're going to use a little length of chain from our flower as well so we're going to get all this attached to will meet you right back here so now we've got all our pieces connected we've done a few at chain links between giving a little length a little separation I love the way this is turning out especially this little dangly flower there so darling so cute and we decided to take it to the next level do a little bit of embellishment with some little crystal gems that you can get at the craft store we're going to do just a small little dab of glue and I just want to show you how to put these on it's really simple you could do beads or really anything that you had but I love just a little bit of extra pizzazz that these give to it so I'm going to just add a little bit of glue here and then just attach the gem so I'm using my pliers but you could just pick those ups okay and so I'm just adding those gemstones right on the flowers they're around I love the way these came together I sincerely hope that you guys will give them a try if you liked it be sure to subscribe or leave a comment and we'll see you back here next week thanks


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