DIY Embroidered Quote Sweater (Tumblr Inspired Fashion)


  1. Drew your channel gives me life! Thankful I came across your channel so inspiring!! I have a question can I do this same thing with yarn thread on a tshirt? Now that warmer weather is here, would love create this on a tshirt. Would this work on a tshirt? Your the best!!

  2. Does washing hand-embroidered creations in the washing machine destroy the design, or do you recommend handwashing them only? Btw I love your videos–they're super helpful!

  3. Hi Drew! Subscribed and love this DIY video and love love love your channel in general. I really want my channel to evolve into something like this. I want to get into more fashion related videos and your channel inspires me to do that. It would be awesome if you could check my channel out too <3

  4. I always love your videos 😍 im so obsessed with your channel. I'm exited to try this at home ❀

  5. love your DIYs, they are actually easy to follow and do and always super on-trend and up to date! love your channel!!!

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