DIY Dirt Jeans | Make Thrift Buy #55

Hey! Welcome to Make Thrift Buy, the show where,
BLAH BLAH BLAH, GUYS: The Clear Knee Mom Jeans are Out. Of. Style. What’s that? You were still wearing them?! Oh my god. How embarrassing for you. But don’t worry, I’m here to show you
how you can quickly and easily convert your so 3-weeks-ago clear knee mom jeans into the
latest style hitting the racks: DIRT JEANS. That’s right. You heard me. DIRT JEANS. Now Nordstrom are selling these babies for
$425, but I think that we can probably DIY this for ourselves. So, let’s pull out our DIY caps and let’s
begin. So, I started with my pair of now horribly
out-of-style clear knee mom jeans from episode #52. [Laughs.] What was I thinking? Now, you might be thinking, do I need to buy
expensive materials for this DIY? Well, you actually don’t! There’s this thing, called dirt, that you
can find all over the place, for free! You can probably even find it in your own
backyard! So all you need to do is to find a patch of
dirt, and then take any pair of jeans, and place them in the dirt. Now, a storm had just gone overhead, which
was IDEAL for this DIY – the recent rain turned the dirt into this thing called MUD,
which has really good adhesive properties and will make the jeans look even more authentic. You can even add some water to the dirt yourself,
to make your own DIY MUD! Now this is DIY, so I wasn’t afraid to get
down and dirty. Plus, it makes the jeans all that more authentic:
now that you know what it’s like to be dirty, you’ve seen some hard-working action, you
can wear these jeans with pride. Here’s a pro-tip, I used a sponge to rub
the mud into the jeans to really get it in there. And then after leaving them out in the dirt
overnight, I let them bake in the sun for the whole next morning to really set the dirt
in there, and now I’m done! And it’s time to see – how did I go? [Really over-the-top “cool” electro/drum and
bass music plays] Guys, these came out SO WELL. I think this is one of my favourite DIYs to
date! This is definitely a: [scissor snipping, zipper sound effect] [Total Silence] [Deep breath out] What is the deal with high fashion at the
moment? Not only have we got the dirt jeans, but Nordstrom
are also selling: the artist jeans! The house-painter jeans! That you can just throw on to put on your
“poor people” costume – all the look without the effort! Other big retailers like Topshop and Asos
have also recently released clothing lines that look like they’re meant to be DIY? Like, it’s really in fashion right now to
look like you’re too poor to buy new clothes so you make your own out of secondhand stuff,
Pretty in Pink style. Except… you, you buy this look. Brand new. At a store. You see the confusion here? There’s also plenty of brand new clothes that
are styled to look like moth-eaten hand-me-downs. And don’t even get me started on Vetements… Vet-mon? However you pronounce that – and stuff like
their DHL t-shirt. I think the total lack of awareness goes even
deeper when you start thinking about who’s manufacturing these jeans. Hey Nordstrom, do you even know who the workers
are who you’re paying probably not much to splatter fake mud on these $425 jeans? What do they think of these jeans? Do they think that the affluent part of the
world has gone completely bonkers? Hey, high fashion. Stop trying to be common people. You’ll never do what the common people do. I’m quoting the band Pulp there. But it’s a very appropriate song for this
particular situation. To be honest if you spend $425 on these – you
are just living in different world than the one I’m living in. [Sighs] Oh and just in case anyone was wondering,
I’m going to wash turn these jeans into shorts, after washing them thoroughly, and
also use some clothing dye to dye them black. There’s no way I was just going to be throwing
these jeans out, don’t worry. Thanks for watching. You should check out my other videos here,
they’re a lot better than this one, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye! Thank you to all of my supporters on Patreon
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    i wanted to give you a challenge

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  11. Even though prom season is over, I would love to see a video/series where you show different techniques on how to DIY your own prom (or any other super fancy occasion) dress! I say series because there's so many different shapes and such to do. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  12. This video is so sarcastic and disgusted and I love it. But like, I've never seen anyone rock dirty jeans like that. (Announcement: High fashion is so pathetic.)

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    could you try making these sleeves? it seems so complicated

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  15. You've started so you must go on. A whole series here!

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  19. Are australian dollars like yen? theres no way jeans could be around $400 USD, that's like £320, I've never seen jeans higher than £18

  20. Plz try these jeans,mr:1,vrs:!QjEKCAjH7zogyO86CggIx-86IMnvOgoICMfvOiDM7zoKCAjH7zogy-86MgdGOTY0NTUx,cat:204,pdtr0:950011|950014,pdtr1:964551|964553,init_ar:!SgVKAwjMAUoKUggI-_105IP79OQ%3D%3D,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=sivn&srpd=5346824121664073417&prds=epd:11938607056593862247,cdl:1,cid:250419915839684512&ved=0ahUKEwi7oZ6q64nVAhVG7SYKHXYmBgMQgTYI6AU

  21. I love love love Make Thrift Buy, you are so creative! I saw these jeans.. and they look fantastic. Could you try and recreate these? xx

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  23. Yeps … It's true: The Lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum – and they're acting even more nuts than before! I know that fashion has 'Moods" (So do we, after seeing some of the crap they're churning out 'Fast Fashion' Style), and different seasons and all, but sometimes you just DO want to do what you done dud, dude, and sigh dramatically at the state of things and whack your forehead on a table. When we Should be whacking someone from Nordstrom et all on the head!
    Funny, yes – but also sad and painful. Good one, Ms. Annika, nicely done.


  25. You are a true diy genius, I've always wondered how people make their own mud, lol! I though this video was an April fool's joke at first. But you seriously are very talented and funny! I love your videos 😊💕

  26. this might seem mean but its just an observarion: the jeans you made looks like they got diarrhea all over them

  27. HAHA! Watching this again over a year later, and Google is showing me some "dirty jeans" for sale, based on the title, and apparently they haven't gone out of style yet! In fact, now you can get your very own pair of authentic dirt jeans for only $1,250 USD! 😒 (headdesk)

  28. Annika, I first saw this NONSENSE years ago. When I traveled. Shops (trendy, hot topic type shops catering to "alternative ""Super cool" people "..the owner and several employees of these shops (Across the US and Canada ) would offer to buy travelers clothes..hoodies that had bottle caps stuck to them and all sorts of diy punk patches sewn on with dental floss, or sharpie marker diy writing on them, etc .. (!?!?) And I literally laughed when I was offered 85.00 for my probably 16$us hoodie .. I was broke and traveling. .so I sold it. Couple days later .on my way out of town, I pass the shop and see my hoodie (with authentic dirt and road tar stuck to the back etc) in the window. .on a whim I went in to see what they were selling it for…175.$$$$!! More than double what they paid me for it..but STILL it was the principal.. i couldn't believe it..still can't .. there's this whole niche for basically selling COSTUMES. -"look like a homeless traveler, starving artist type (the paint ) or straight up gardener (the dirt)" I don't get it..I think some fashion is just absolutely asinine.. you Crack me up …and I love your creativity. 😊 thanks for what you're doing

  29. The one thing I would say about distressed clothes is that in the case of distressed sweaters, it's sometimes smarter to knit one with intentional holes and runs in it than to wreck an existing sweater, because it really keeps the structural integrity of the clothing intact! In the case of certain yarns, that can be super important. I'm a knitter, so I drool over drop-stitched and ladder-run sweaters all the time…but I know that cutting up an existing sweater is a bad idea! The other thing is that learning to knit, as much as it sounds hard, means your sweaters will look better and be the right size for you.

    A great designer who makes distressed and holey patterns is Camexia designs on Etsy. She's my favorite! Manual for the Invisible is great, too. Ravelry also has some awesome patterns!

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