hello hello hello this is finally a DIY crochet tutorial we'll take a hook that's the hook I use you could use whatever hook you want doesn't really matter so just get your yarn make a knot start chaining through that knot and this is this part is going to go right under your boobs so make it however long it needs to be mine is forty five chains long for reference so once you get the link that you want block off in the very end with your thumb and then chain three this is the start of the next row so where you blocked it off you're going to double crochet so see I wrap the yarn around the hook put the hook through the very last loop ething pull it through once pull it under these two then pull it under the last two and that is a double crochet so you can see we do it again through the next one you're going to be placing a double crochet in every loop so you're going to do 45 double J's or have one thing is doesn't matter watch me do it game move it around the hook through the loop I'm so bad at describing this okay just do one you're me so I finished the whole row yeah it looks awesome and so you should get something that looks like that just flip it around and then we're gonna start with the shell pattern I don't really know what it's called just chain to to start the row move your yarn and then count 3 1 2 3 so you see I'm kind of pulling it apart and you can see that there's two strings there I'm going to start my double crochet under both of them so see I loop it and I just do a basic double crochet and I'm going to push it under both of those strings it's just more secure that way this is going to be your shell so you're going to loop it through two and two so you have one and you're gonna do six in the same exact loop and that's going to form the shell so number three but you'll see here once you've done three Shayne – at the top of the third one and then forget about it go back and finish you'll see why we chain to later and there's your first show yeah looks super awesome then you're going to prepare for a double crochet count three more and just do one double crochet right there and he's gonna be all by his lonesome self prepare for another double crochet count three more go under both of them this is going to be your next shell so double crochet six times and this loopy thing and don't forget on the third one right there crochet two chains so I went ahead and finished and you're done just flip it over and we're going to start on the next row of shells chain two and then double crochet and your shell is gonna go right in the top of the last shell so that's why you chain two because that's where your next shell is going to go so put six double crochets and that loop don't forget on the third you chain two and I'm fast-forwarding because it's boring so as you can see crocheting bikinis isn't really that hard it just kind of is a little time-consuming but yeah it's not that bad and then see look at that beautiful it's your second row shells so instead of doing a single crochet by himself I'm going to double crochet right into the next shell that's just what I do I mean you can do a different pattern but I just like the space in between the shells like that but feel free to change it up so do the same thing double crochet six times on the third one chain two that's just what I'm doing right now so there you go so go ahead and finish the row then there you have it in the bottom part of your bikini you could do another row of shells if you like I'm just going to stop there but that's what it would look like if you continued the shells that yarn is a different material so it's thicker but you get the idea so to tie off the end you just cut it and pull it it locks itself pretty cool but anyway starting on the boot part you just make a knot and chain six so once you have the six we are going to start single crocheting so all you have to do is find the last loop and just stick your needle just through it just by its own pull the yarn through once and then pull it through the last two so we're going to go back through the row in just single crochet each loop so then once you get to the end there it's kind of twisted but you can see the last loop is right there so we are going to do something different to this loop we're going to single crochet as usual and then we're going to go back through the same loop and single crochet three more times so you're going to have a total of four but after the second see there I just chain one so you're going to do two single crochets chain one at the top of the second one and then change two more in the same loop and then just continue down the side the other side of the bikini top and the story and once you reach the bottom you'll start to see how it's going to form into a bikini top so always when you reach the end of your row chain one flip over your work and then start critius single crocheting back around until you reach the top of a triangle and you'll be able to tell when you reach the top like which stitch it is because see the top stitch kind of goes in a vertical way and all the other ones are more horizontal that is the single stitch you made at the very top of the you know when you do the four single crochets in the very top so yep you guessed it you're going to do four single crochets and this don't forget after the second one chain one continue so you can see now it's starting to take the shape of a bikini top like a triangle so you're just going to go back and forth around until you get something like that and just tie it off the same way you do with the other ones and then I made another one yeah and then now I'm just going to tie the top and bottoms together you can see I'm just like knotting it and then I added it to the back and I'm basically just like sewing it together doesn't really matter I'm just like putting the needle through wherever but you want to keep it towards the top but you know just do what you got to do I added the other one and finished the row and then I'm just going to start on the chain that ties around your back so I'm just continuing the same thread I used I didn't do anything different then you just chain regular until you get the length you want and then to tie it off I just knot it and I like to secure it with a double knot and hell yeah you're done almost I'm just reading it through another hole on the other side to finish that chain I'm going to do the same on the top like so there you go you're done with your bikini hope you liked this video if you have questions just leave a comment thanks for watching


  1. Thanks for this tutorial!
    I’ve long wanted to make crochet bikinis and so glad to find your channel. I love it!

  2. Thanks for this cute pattern!
    I like the way you explain it simply. I just have one tiny issue…the background music is super annoying when we're trying to listen to your instructions…but other than that, it's great. Thanks so much.

  3. Can i ask if your cup was 34a,coz i dont know how many chains i should gonna make one for my friend as a present,hope u reply

  4. Is this good for beginners? For my first project I need to do something that’s cute but easy to make. Lol

  5. i just made this top, i started it yesterday and finished this morning, it was the first crochet project i ever finished and it was super easy! thanks!

  6. Dana your crochet's creations are amazing! I love the jacket you wear.. Can you do the tutorial?

  7. I'm so lost with the 43 chains so its ONLY the length in my front not completely surrounding my breast & sides???

  8. Lmao I love your terminology😂 super impressive that you can just come up with your own patterns!! I'm so jealous! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  9. Hola, no se si entenderás español, pero me encantó el saco q llevas puesto, será q puedes dejar el tutorial de cómo se hace? Muchas gracias. Saludos desde Uruguay

  10. this is the second thing ive made from her tutorials but i can never figure out how to end the straps and weave in them

  11. I love that you didnt know what to call the loops. #thisloopything. 😁😊 thanks for this video youre cool

  12. This looks difficult for me as someone who's never crocheted before BUT Your tutorial gives me confidence that I can do it 🙂 THANKS BB <33

  13. Wow!! I love it and you're so quick. I'm definitely going to start making some of these

  14. I find this actually easier to understand for a novice like me. Sometimes the technical terms throw me off! Plus I like how you show twice instead of once, I can go back and make double sure I got it right. So far so good for my top ☺️ doing it on me first to check I can make one for a friend

  15. You are very good explaining how to crochet! Thank you for making it easier for me!
    Glad to see more videos from you! Love your crochets!!! ❤️

  16. So cute! But I got a question….. can you see through the holes??? I would love to make and wear it but I don't want to waste my time making it if I can't wear it bc everyone can see my boobs!!!! Lol but fr ???

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