DIY Clothes Using SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! DIY Ideas & Outfits for Fun & SCHOOL!


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  2. Hey wengie I’ve wanted to see if you made a video of making a purse out of cloth scissors and tape I see you don’t have a video so can you please make on….Thank you

  3. When I see Wengie’s new videos I say time to see the cutest angel on the world!!!
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  5. My mom says your hair is drawing attention to yourself but can you answer that and I think your hair is great and I'm getting my hair done like the colors in yours

  6. You don’t have to do this but I think and keep in mind this is my opinion I think Wendi’s should get another tattoo that says wengiecorns

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  9. If anyone is wanting to try this out,I have.
    So I colored on the shoes and mix the achocol in then waited for a hour hoping the color would mix in. But when I woke up the next morning all the colors mixed instead of the blue. So, what I did to fix it was the dye it

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  11. Hi Wendy my name is Jamie-Lee and I followed you on Tick-tock and Instagram I love all your post and I love your videos

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