DIY Camila Cabello’s Lace Blazer | Designer Thrift Flip

Have you guys seen this amazing Versace
blazer that Camilla wore on Instagram? Oh my gosh! I think it would be amazing for the holiday party season. And speaking of holiday parties, I have another holiday party dress tutorial for
you guys right here. You can go ahead and watch that after this one. But today I’m
gonna show you guys how to make a blazer inspired by this Versace one but styled
my way. I’m Angelina and this is BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes
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Central Standard Time. And I’m doing Vlogmas this year but more about that at
the end. Alright the first thing you’re gonna do is head on down to your local
thrift store and find a blazer. It could be a men’s blazer or woman’s blazer, it
just depends on how you want it to fit. Mine is a DKNY blazer and I absolutely
love this 100% wool thin wool blazer. Most blazers when they say wool they’re
super thick, super heavy, and super hot but this one is so perfect. It was
six dollars and fifty cents which is amazing for a wool blazer. And I am going
to tell you that I was very scared to cut this so you guys are not alone in
that. And this dress is perfect for like any eighth graders dinner dance or
something like that, but I’m going to cut it up and I actually have another use
for the under skirt as well so this is perfect for this project. So first you’re
going to start off with cutting the lace. Really look at your lace and find a
pattern that is suitable for what you’re trying to do.
I’m gonna start off with the sleeve part which is just trying to basically make a
rectangle shape of a piece of the lace. And so I am looking at the lace and I am
trying to find something that kind of goes in a vertical pattern and I’m going
to begin to cut it. You’re going to need some sharp scissors. Specifically
scissors that are sharp on the tips of them. That really really helps to get
close in and cut the lace away from the other lace. So I am you see me right here
snipping the lace away and I’m doing it in a general pattern right now but later
on I’m going to go back and get even more specific with my pattern. And I also
cut other areas out that are more you know free-flowing following the flow
flower patterns and different things like that but I’ll show you that in a
second. So I have my first piece of lace cut out and as I said before I did go
back in to get really close to the edges to really define that flower pattern. So
I’ll just lay it out on top of the sleeve in my blazer and use my trusty
sliver of slope… Ahhh! sliver of soap to mark I want to cut the sleeve. In
general you want to cut about a half inch from the edge of the lace. I’m not
trying to follow the exact lace pattern because that would make the sewing part
much harder. Now I’ll use a ruler to my mark so I’ll know where to
cut. Alright so now it’s time to cut and I’ve had quite a number of you tell me
that this is the hardest part for you and I’m not going to lie this is the
hardest part for me. I really thought twice and even three times about whether
cutting this blazer was the right decision but like we said before, be
afraid and do it anyway. And if you really think about it what am I really
losing $3.50 is not a big deal. It is a calculated risk so it’s one I’m going
to take and we’re gonna see how it turns out. And you can see here that I’m gonna
add two lay sections on one side of the front of the blazer . And please note that
I did move those two buttons and then at the
end when everything was sewn in I put back one of them. And a long strip across
the back. And you’ll cut those out the same way about a half inch from the lace
trying your best to make simple shapes. There is no turning back now. And this is
how it looked after I cut all those holes out and honestly I am horrified
and inspired all at the same time because I low key really like how it
looks with all these holes cut out of it and I’m thinking to myself should I
leave it just like this but we’re gonna press forward and see if we can make
this thing happen. Next you’ll take it to your sewing machine or a serger
depending on which one you have. If you only have a sewing machine you’re going
to do a zig-zag stitch on the edge. And if you have a serger you will go ahead
and serge the edges and if you don’t have either one go ahead and fray check
those edges and keep it moving. But if you’re sewing, make sure you use
matching thread . That is definitely going to help you out. Alright so I’m gonna go
to my serger to finish edges. And you’ll to make sure to sew the lining
separate from the body material. if you sew them together you will get some
weird pulling in different areas and you don’t want that. So here’s how all your
edges will look as long as you use thread that matches your legs and your
blazer you will be good even if you make little mistakes. And once you’ve done all
your edges you can begin to lay the lace section back on top of the opening
lining them up and pinning them down. And I decided to put now my sections 1 out
of time pin down a section sew it and then pin down the next distance so that
I didn’t stick myself while I was trying to hand sew. Now for the last and most time-consuming
step you’ll get a needle and matching thread. And you’ll thread your needle so
that one thread is long and the other side of the thread is short because you
don’t want your thread to be seen you want it to be as inconspicuous as
possible. So then you’ll place the needle through the blazer slightly under the
lace and then up through the lace keeping this all the way around the lace
until you get to the end. And this is a very good project to do
while you’re watching Netflix or some of your favorite holiday movies. Once you
get to the end take your needle through one last time and wrap the thread around
the needle twice then pull the needle through to make a knot and then cut away
the thread. And that’s it let’s see if I ruin this jacket or if I actually pulled
it off. [Music] And as you can see I am really glad that I went through with this project and of
course I styled it in more of a street style way. But if you really want to make
the leggings you can definitely do that with kind of the same process. But please
make sure that you use stretchy lace whenever you doing something with a
stretchy fabric. Like your leggings would be a stretchy fabric you would use a
stretchy lace. Like the blazer is more of an non is a very non stretchy fabric so
you use non stretchy lace. That’s the general rule. It’ll keep you from having
weird pulling and stuff like that so go forth and conquer. Okay so this video is
full of upcycling goodness like this bucket bag made from an old coffee can,
thrifted leather, and a belt; and also these two-tone jeans; and my pearl hair
clips; and even this tank top under this mesh shirt that used to be just a
regular t-shirt. And there’s links to all of those in the description box so
definitely go watch those. And I’m super excited to announce that I will be doing
Vlogmas this year the seven days before Christmas I am going to give you guys a
DIY each day showing you guys Christmas gift ideas that you can make for all of
your different types of girlfriends, like this one which will be perfect for your
a hashtag makeup addicted friend. And we know we all have one or maybe that’s you.
Let me know in the comments which friend you are and definitely subscribe so you
don’t miss any of Vlogmas or any of the videos coming up. And definitely hit that
notification fail and I will see you in the next one bye. Alright so here’s what I did with the
underskirt of the lace dress. My son was the strong man in the opening number for
the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade and he needed a muscle suit so I was
super excited to do that for him. Honestly probably not my best work
trying to do it really quickly but I was so proud of him. He did such a great job
so I took the skirt and I cut it out as a top then I had some batting and I
added it inside along with some other pieces from the skirt added inside to
make some little muscles. I’m just reusing the things that I
already had in the house and so he was super excited. As soon as he put the
muscles on he was so into character as a strong man. He loved it. So yeah all in
all everything from this dress was used and I’m super excited that it was. And he
got to ride the whole way of the parade with the Mayor so we were so proud of
him he did a great job. And I’ll see you in the next one.


  1. I love this because I already have a few yards of lace in several colors in my stash. I'm looking forward to vlogmas.

  2. OMG yay!!! So glad your comments are back on!!!! I love your work it is so unique and inspiring!!! Keep up the great work. Love it.

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  4. Yes ma’am!!! You nailed it…you are so brave ❀️. Love your warrior spirit ❣️ and BTW, your son is so adorable, he is obviously full of joy! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I am thankful for you πŸ™πŸ»

  5. Angelina, this is outstanding! You murdered this look, so awesome. One thought, larger cutout in the back.


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  8. Can u plz make recycle clothes for little boys……
    For girls… Making dress is much easier I think…. But for boys… Little bit harder.

  9. Angelina, I am so happy to have your comments back so I can tell you that you made a BEAUTIFUL piece once again! I did get a little nervous when you cut this perfect blazer, however, I ALWAYS have 100% confidence in you. Have a wonderful day!

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  11. That is FABULOUS! I think the front looks AAHHHHMAZING! You have such a creative superpower. Thank you for sharing with us.

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