DIY: Arm Knitting – Learning The Basics (Hand Knitting)

hey guys it's Jen from pink wyndcomm again and I am gonna share with you a few basics on learning how to arm knit so there are a few things that can be a little bit tricky and I know I've had some comments on one of my additional posts about just a few things that were confusing so I thought I'd put together a little video to show you the basics to help you get along with any of the patterns that you find through any tutorials on the Internet so hopefully this helps and hopefully you'll be able to get started see what you're supposed to do in the middle and I'm gonna show you how to tie everything off at the end as well so shouldn't be too long over video and hopefully this helps out okay so I'm gonna do a quick video showing you just basically the basics on how to arm knit so you gonna take your two strands and we're gonna create some length here okay we're gonna create a slipknot so we're gonna take our strands we're gonna make a twist put your hand through and pull what's gonna be your working yarn through and just slip that on your wrist okay so let me do that again I'm going to take my strand twist it pull my what's gonna be my working yarn through and just kind of slip that on my wrist and cinch that up okay this is my tail and this is my working yarn this is what's attached to the skenes and now I'm gonna make my first stitches so I'm going to create this little slingshot I go under over and through and that creates your first stitch so again take your fingers and just work them through this being your tail that's been your working yarn and you create a little slingshot and you're gonna go under over and then through that loop that you create okay under over and through alright so I'm gonna do a few more of these and then I'm gonna show you how we can get this on our other arm alright so as you can see the Strand that moves down here okay let's do one more under over and through alright so once you have that you don't need your working yarn anymore and I'm not making a project I'm just kind of showing you a few things that I think if stumped a few people or if you're new to this this will actually help you if you're watching other videos you're gonna grab your working yarn now and you can pull your first stitch over and put your arm through and this creates your move on to your other arm so we'll do that again and we were you're gonna have your working yarn you're gonna pull your loop over put your hand through and then grab your working yarn again to tighten that up okay and this is how you'll make your scarf or your blanket or whatever other project that you may be working on this is basically what you are gonna be doing with it so hopefully this will help you out alright so you can see it looks like a little bit of a mess what I always do is I take my fingers and I try to even up my stitches a little bit that way they're all kind of uniform when I'm done so again let's move it over to this hand we're gonna take our working yarn pull that loop over from our wrist and put this through okay then you just kind of keep going and doing this then depending on you know if you're working on a scarf for instance you know you'll probably would have wanted to cast on more links onto your arm depending on how thick of a scarf that you wanted to make okay alright so this piece right here this is our tail that we're not working with and then here's our loops here that we've created all right so our tail and I'm just kind of keep it over here on to the side and then here are leeks and like I said I always like try to even them up a little bit alright so I'm gonna move everything back over here and I'm gonna show you how you cast off now all right so let's say that you've done all the links that you need to do okay so what you're going to do is you're gonna hold your working yarn in your hand you're gonna take this first link that we did pull it over I'm gonna grab the working yarn with this Dan and then I'm gonna drop that loop so I'm not creating another loop all right so I'm gonna put the working yarn back in this hand and this is casting off this is how you end whatever project that you're gonna do so I'm just going to create another link okay and then I'm gonna take the last loop here and I'm gonna pull it over dropping my working yarn and then just grabbing it so before you let go of that loop that way you don't lose it and you don't want to over tighten it or anything just create your stitch back onto your arm and then just kind of move it over don't pull it through though and here we go almost didn't draw that and just tighten it up every time that you're bringing one over and then start to bring this over and then I'll grab it with this hand and then let it go okay and then here's our last loop I grab it with this hand and then pull this over and then you have this loop here what I usually like to do is create a little nut here and this is how I tie off my scarves and then I'll trim this and cut it okay and then you can kind of see that you know this is basically uniform and you can adjust it however you need to this is these are the basics on how you get started are mitting so hopefully that helps you out and you can see these loops are pretty much the same and then your tail here you would weave in when you're finished you can you know cut that off and tie that in as well but that's basically how you get started our meeting so I hope that was a help for you guys Thanks


  1. being a beginner, i cannot see what you are doing at all- you go through the steps so fast and don't slow down to show exactly where you grab..very confusing.

  2. UGH!! I've done it twice now – full complete scarf and when I'm binding off at the end – I loose or drop a stitch and have to start completely over. So upset – think I'll just forget it. So frustrated  🙁

  3. I can't thank you enough!! I heard about arm knitting from a handyman I hired; he told me he's spending his evenings helping his wife make Christmas gifts.. they both arm knit scarves. 🙂 I'm 63 and have knit and crocheted for years. But my year's been rough & didn't have time to make things, so he encouraged me to give this a try. I went through over 20 online tutorials, but just got frustrated. I was about to give up until I found YOUR tutorial. Wow! Your picture is clear, detailed, and makes sense. I did it! …thanks to you.

  4. excellent instructions..thanks for posting. Your the only one who has shown the over, under and trough..luv it

  5. When wanting to make not such a bulky scarf, wld u recommend using smaller yarn and maybe only 6 or 7 bands?

  6. Honestly the casting on is not clear, well it isn't enough for me so I haven't watched the rest of the video because there is not point if I can't get the casting on

  7. I can get the casting down, but when it comes to switching to the other arm, it's confusing. You say, "you don't need your working yarn anymore", them you say, let's take your working yarn…??

  8. im not sure why but i simply cannot get this right! i knit with needles all the time but all the tutorials on youtube just aren't making sense to me. any easier ones out there?

  9. Jen, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    After watching TONS of videos, it really only started to make sense after watching yours. So tonight I was able to complete my very first arm knitting scarf!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!
    I wish there was a spot here to show you what it looked like, because it turned out really pretty and I ended up customizing it to look a little different for a unique finishing touch! 🙂

    I'm referring my friend who saw the scarf I just made and wants to learn how to make one as well to this video of yours right now too! 🙂

    Thanks again,

    Free2bkp 🙂

  10. I Enjoy your videos….They are so easy to understand. Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 Happy New Year !!!

  11. It's my 1st time knitting and watched several tutorials. I was frustrated because the teacher faced me and I couldn't see the details.
    Finally! A tutorial that teaches in the viewers prospective rather than the teacher facing the viewer.

  12. just got the thought – could you make a thinner scarf using the arm knitting technique – by having smaller weight yarn and having fewer cast on rows? or would it look really funky (and in a BAD way)??

  13. I'm a newbie and I'm not understanding how to make the first stitch for the under over loop….I want to make a baby blanket….

  14. I'm so super excited because I finally completed my scarf! I ♥ it so much and thanks for posting your videos..

  15. I'm so super excited because I finally completed my scarf! I ♥ it so much and thanks for posting your videos..

  16. So I watched your video earlier and caught on but I can't get the end part is there a simpler way to end the scarf?

  17. Thanks for sharing! I really want to try this and you make it look easy.  Hopefully I am coordinated enough to do it. lol

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