1. If you are working security detail at the event, you damn sure better be able to wear your uniform. Now if you are there off duty, I would say that's a different story, but since this is Ilhan Omar's district, it's just a way to try to deter the rally from coming there.

  2. "Aug 7, 2019 – White supremacists backed Donald Trump from the time he began his … in Dayton and El Paso, his support from far-right racists is ironclad."" (From newspaper report. Many quote Nazi party, Klan etc saying Trump believes what they believe )

  3. They should have thought ahead at the huge demand these super kool shirts would generate. Now there will be a very long waiting list to get at least one! Bad planning.

  4. The funny thing is, I don't recall seeing any police uniforms in the crowds at Pres. Trump's rallies (and I watch Right Side Broadcasting Network, which shows the crowds). By making a stink about police officers not being allowed to wear their uniforms, the mayor really, really shot himself in the foot on this!

  5. They fail to mention that they were ordered to wear their uniforms and stand behind Obama and Clinton but ordered not to wear their uniforms at any place in the Rally for Trump.

  6. The idea that cops are the glue that holds this country together is ludicrous .I voted fot Trump and will vote for him again. This guy goes not value Liberty
    So we Americans have to have someone standing on every corner to keep us in line ? What an asinine statement by that idiot

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