Look you’re making Ellie cry. So I have to tell you what happened. So I went to church and was helping to teach a little class for little kids. The other teacher is the one who we actually gave the cake to yesterday and he was telling me that it’s already half gone, and he has eight kids. I had no idea and I know yeah, I didn’t know they have eight kids. Yes eight kids. I had no idea he had such a big family so I was so happy that we gave them that cake. I’m kind of surprised that it’s only halfway gone with eight kids. They only have five kids at home right now. But I was like oh, I’m so happy that we gave that to them because You know yeah, I told him that I was like well, we wouldn’t have eaten it at our house. So I’m so glad that it, like randomly giving it to you. I didn’t even know you had so many kids to eat it with. Well good. Yeah the first thing he said was that cake was very delicious or something like that. Yeah, and then my favorite part he said my eleven-year-old son was eating the bottom of the cake because like the lucky charms part and he goes like this… She is genius! That’s awesome. He was like sitting there like enjoying it and ohhh this is so good. We’re giving all of our treats to from now on. Right? We came down to our parents house, and we’re just visiting and having a very important meeting. But we have some really cool things…it has to do something with mom’s book. We’re having really good meeting. It’s so good to have a really good meeting where you feel like you’ve gotten a lot decided and accomplished and just you know thought through a lot of things. We did this at home earlier today with just me and Michael and it was so good. Yeah, we got some good ideas. For making Ellie cry. Oh you look bloated. I don’t know what that is. She gave it back to her. Good job, high five. Armpit. You deserved it. Okay let’s put that on the trash guys. There you go. Okay, you’re teaching them bad things. She started it. Somebody’s gonna end up crying. Like its Becca’s bedtime. She always gets a little bit too rambunctious when she’s tired. This video should be like half an adult raising herself thing. So it’s really just a normal day for them. I think that’s loaded with poop isn’t it? Yeah, it’s about to explode. That what that was eeww. What are you listening to? This random CD of Christmas music. The Mr. Grinch song. Yeah. For some reason he just found a CD at my parents house that has a Mike’s mix Mike’s Christmas mix 2001 Right? No, I don’t know where it came from it’s not mine. So he’s never heard it before. But he’s listening to Christmas music in here with all the kids. Or two of the kids. So funny. Alligator, and it was a good it was a good alligator. And I saw it was stalking. And I saw it. I know one experience history was gonna be a bad alligator. In my side. I know it’s gonna be bad and the past alligator fighted the good alligator. And I saw it and I saw the good alligator And it was a bad inside it was a bad alligator and the good alligator laid eggs. buh-buh-Buh-buh pause the game.

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