On the mistral sands beneath the serpent’s
dream, The elements rise and amalgamate with supreme
With valour and honour and might and splendour The circle did beckon a lonesome old traveller
A flash of light and the souls did gather To welcome old sage to the heart of the creator
Hello, and welcome to the next episode of diablo 3 in-depth; a series where we discover
all the hidden secrets about the game and unravel new ways to enhance your experience.
In this video, we will be looking at monk’s inner sanctuary, a defensive skill that is
full of surprises. So without further ado, let’s begin!
Inner sanctuary is monk’s prime skill for defensive purposes that costs no resource
and offer the highest protection in game. Once activated, this skill creates a circle
of protection in a radius of 11 yards lasting for 6 seconds. Monk and any of his allies
standing in this circle receive a whopping 55% damage reduction and are affected by certain
buffs depending on the runes. This circle is passable by enemies but can apply certain
de-buffs to them if an appropriate rune is used. After the duration of 6 seconds, the
circle fades away and a cool down of 20 seconds is initiated. This cool down can indeed be
reduced by items and passives and allow this best damage reduction skill to be used at
a shorter interval. So for a skill that offer such a high damage
reduction at base levels, what more can runes do for it, well, let’s find out.
The first rune for inner sanctuary is sanctified ground that increases the duration of circle
to 8 seconds and further creates an impassable barrier that keeps enemies at bay. Any enemy
right next to monk will be knocked out of the circle upon casting and will be forced
to stay away for the next 8 seconds. Do remember that projectiles can still hit monk and enemies
such as mallet lord have high enough melee range to hit monk when he stands in it, so
place yourself accordingly. With all this said, this skill combined with this rune is
by far is the best source of damage reduction in game. If you wish to see how effective
this can be in a build, please look for my monk bell build for t6 on this channel.
Next up is safe haven, this skill provides additional health regeneration to monk and
his allies that can be increased by stacking more life per second. 30% of maximum life
per second is added to this rune which makes monk into a healing fountain. This skill is
useful in scenarios where a player uses a chunk of their hp with every hit. So a character
like wizard or a crusader benefits most from this as it lets them regenerate quickly and
dish out heavy damage. The third rune in form of temple of protection
lets monk and his allies become immune to control impairing effects. So ground effects
like freeze, jailer can be avoided but the damage dealt from these spells still is inflicted
upon the hero. So tread lightly with this skill as it may keep you moving, but you have
to do more if you wish to stay alive. Now let’s look at the most unique rune called
intervene. This one works like a dashing strike where a monk can dash to any target on the
screen and plants an inner sanctuary and a shield where he lands. The shield absorbs
a lot of damage and its effectiveness is further increased by monk’s health globe bonus.
If used by a skilled player, it is great rune for keeping allies alive, especially in hardcore
mode where every bit counts. In soft-core mode, it offers the longest dashing strike
in game, so have fun zipping around. Time to move on to the fan favourite rune;
forbidden palace rune for Inner sanctuary increases the damage dealt to enemies standing
in the circle by 30% whilst maintaining the 55% damage reduction on allies. This is the
favoured rune for killing tough elites and rift guardians that tend to be less mobile.
Further adding other damage de-buffs from crippling wave, mantra of conviction really
aid this rune and help monk to dispatch foes in quick succession.
All these runes offer unique gameplay mechanics but their influence can be further extended
by using the right arsenal of items. There are many creative ways to achieve this but
let’s cover the basic ones first. A legendary spirit stone called mind’s eye increases
your spirit regeneration by up to 15 when standing inside the inner sanctuary. This
item is excellent when used with skills such as wave of light explosive light, lashing
tail kick’s hand of ytar and deadly reach piercing trident as the item lets you deal
sustained damage thanks to the spirit regen it offers. Next item is the pole arm vigilance
which lets you summon a rune less inner sanctuary when being hit by an enemy. This inner sanctuary
is on its own internal cool down and can be shared in conjuncture with your own inner
sanctuary to create a perma damage reduction circle. This means that dealing sustained
damage on higher difficulties becomes much easier, especially when using a combination
of spirit generators. Next item is a 2 set bonus from new raiment
as it complements the use of of inner sanctuary by allowing you to deal damage from generators
whilst standing inside the circle. A similar advantage is offered by the new spirit guard
bracers; utilising their damage reduction along with inner sanctuary enables a monk
to have high toughness and play without serenity all together. To wrap up this section, depth
diggers also give you increased damage and when used with inner sanctuary, so this is
another good addition to this skill. Finally let’s talk about the in-depth mechanics
this skill offers to a wise monk. As stated on a number of occasions, this skill increases
the toughness of monk when standing inside the circle, so to follow a play style that
benefits from this will be discussed now. A monk using this skill must use an aoe spell
to deal burst damage to his surroundings, this means a wave of light is ideal as you
can stand inside the circle and nuke enemies from a safe haven. Do be careful to not step
out as some skills like lashing tail kick will force you to do so. Instead, play like
you have never played before, as a ranged monk that keeps enemies at bay whilst dealing
tremendous amount of aoe damage. A perfect example of this is the bell build featured
on this channel. This being said, playing with a spender is not the only way to maximise
this skill’s potential. Using combination strike, sti and alacrity all benefit this
skill when using a mix of spirit generators. You should always aim to debuff enemies with
them and deal damage using the 2 piece raiment set. Patch 2.2 will ensure that such a play
style is possible and this skill will prove much more useful that it is now.
In the end, inner sanctuary is a defensive skill that offers the highest protection in
game and allows monk to deal high damage over time. It is a great initiating skill that
can be used to keep enemies at bay or to debuff them and deal elevated damage. Use it with
skills that further enhance this play style and find your monk near un-killable in battle,
even without that serenity. This has been the holy hermit for you and
this way our episode of diablo 3 in-depth, leave a like and share your feedback with
the rest of us. Take care and remember to aim for the circle when both eyes are closed,
after all, such is the zeal of a true marksman.


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