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I feel like this is like my relationships not one person wants to grab my vein do you wanna go on the boat yeah all right so me Nicole decide to take a boat on the water because we're like this would be awesome we could row and fish at the same time the meatballs decide to take out this book that's good Oh God but it's so windy out I don't know how they're gonna make it through the waves are so windy out right now and the boat is you know going out all over the place and I feel like the currents carrying me in a khole away and I'm like oh my god like let's freakin try and row ourselves to like a dock the meatballs had no idea what they don't right now myself Ron you know we got to be the responsible ones and pull the plug on this so I let the air out of the boat arms are flapping in the air this meatball sauce flying everywhere this boat is sinking and I've seen Titanic and this is not going to end well the wall screaming it's sharp it's sharp like stop doing what you're doing is they're sharp objects where they are saying there's a shark stand the boat he was literally trying to get out of three feet of water because the sharks in it and Nicole is just worried about her alcoholic beverage floating away it was legit complete chaos yeah there's Snooki's all through these waters yeah you know how you catch a snook II luckily shark seems to not like meatballs but unfortunately none of us were capable of really catching any fish and crabs so right getting Chinese food we're just trying to have a good time this summer you are blessed in the holiday hey wait where's my glass in a glass hat you have a view of a blast in the glass huh yes where is my hat you're looking for your lucky hat yeah I go find your luck yet don't come up yeah let's go find it cowboy hat is probably another term for Deena's kooka let's survey the area from here okay with the words you who help me my homie funny hat show you get this or my cowboy yes your lucky hat let's find your cowboy hat Dina is awkwardly cute and we got a situation I could see it now I I can see it you'll if you look good so you like waving in the air stuff uh-huh you just have a good time oh really looks like a good time everything looks situated she slowly starts to you know pull the dress on as she's doing that she's totally getting butt naked yeah No oh you can't like ah no you can't do without me do I really want to do this right now does this situation want to get this situated right now you hit like a in the house in the house and the answer is day one I had to pull the eject button listen you look awesome when it makes for my Nana I was just like oh my god like I'd a really it's a good day for somebody to see my goods I can't you are in great shape right now this is only between any EU I'm downstairs right let's get this situation straight right this needs to be gracefully explained she goes get my cowboy hat so I'm like yo you ain't you got cowboy boots she's like nah she's like but I look good with just the hat on except you know she goes and my bikinis so she closed her eyes and as she was doing this she took everything off like like every I guess she didn't know that it was all like like still her eyes closed Dina accidentally showed Ikuko to Mike man every first day in Jersey just something crazy goes down I hate you if I see your penis rise I'm going to bed dancing is my best thing I don't care if people look at me funny I just love to dance and get off [Applause] [Applause] sadena really just bought this yeah I fell off the stage that's gotta be Nina Betina Xena calls herself the holiday and I like to call her the Holiday Inn so 6 minutes and 53 seconds into karma the Holiday Inn closed early tonight I meet this guy his name is Jean and I'm thinking myself perfect size nice teeth good muscles it's kids freaking hot oh look it's like my best thing [Applause] Dean is busy with the dude we're like are you kidding me this guy looks exactly like Ronnie from afar from a profile from everything he looks he's like Ronnie's twin this guy Daphne looks like Ronnie's stunt double Deena you know possibly could be fulfilling some of her fantasies deep down fantasies for Ronnie by hooking up with the Ronnie look-alike yo Ronnie waiting for me man yo Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie be working on your traps bro so all the boys are hanging out we got Vinny Mike Foley Ronnie I wanted to bring fake Ronnie into Ronnie and Sam's bedroom slide in the fake Ronnie stunt double and see if Sam realizes that it's a fake Ronnie show you something look Ronnie stunt double Veronica like bounce for a while and just keep your house are you serious oh that's crazy yeah oh that's so crazy Sam I'm gonna borrow rifle tonight having a clone Ronnie is pretty cool we are like the best of both worlds we get to hang out Ronnie while he's with Sam I'm excited because I finally have a hot juice box back to the house and I'm going to get them in the hot tub perfect I'm so Hawk nice T good personality yeah right now I mean you're not really well ya know you just give that no ya know Jeff will draw fighting this time for ya yeah don't let me after you have a processor I'm single as they come all right through and if I did have a guy wouldn't be here that thing is like he'll be back with see him tomorrow right after that you know how does she just like do that to Sammy no I just made up what do we do like should we tell Sam wait I have an idea why don't we write an anonymous note yeah oh my god let's do it well write it so they won't even think it's us will write it politically correct so bring up their source right dear Sam Ronny hooked up with Deena in the hot tub in lieu of in lieu of resulting in ending up in the bed with you for the most part right the third party you know what I mean you know what I mean don't tell oh we wrote it oh I gotta tell her though but she needs to know it's girlcode' hey booboo we'll do it Jason Saab all right yeah basically a hit a homerun I found a guy that I think it's hot my type and the boys loved him so I was like score like Chicano Dean definitely didn't get the golden ticket but you know I gave him a sneak peek all right I'll call you after Night Man that kids see to it yeah she's thought to be it's happens I think he's the girl I've seen this coming like five times here's your girlfriend yeah really men are pigs just last night so whatever sorry girlfriend I didn't touch him that's a good roll girl it feel like it's dysfunctional so it's a collapse I did the junk in the spaceship I just so happens that Deena defies the law of intelligence never thought somebody would make Snooki look like a rocket scientist but Deena takes the cake cardboard box what's Deena's favorite part of Mario Brothers denim denim denim denim denim feel like married brothers like whatever I look good like you think she looks good and I don't think benhams in any more each other it was supposed to be a menage a twin with me and the twins I was supposed to be twinning and then turned into a robbery by Deena and my whole menagerie then arrived right now I'm a little upset but not too upset because I still have one twins you're with me and that's it enos be lesbionic tonight whoa what's not the worst thing on earth like bringing home a girl it's just not something I normally do their aversion baby girl how cute is she if I saw you in a bar and I wanted to be loved to be honest I wouldn't say I'm a lesbian but I guess bicurious I don't think I'd ever date a girl because I really really love penis but I have fun let's go play just lay down please I'd be happy to go pee first and then I'll today okay no bareback okay I miss upon this blended kind of a little bit in Deena I don't know well no because like when I went to the walk-up with the girl she went whoosh I'm like wow she's like I think she's like salvaged I can't do it what if I started making out with your pain right now what I think oh I thought she was gonna get with Mike I thought she was gonna get with Deena I don't know who this girl is gonna get with but somehow she ends up on top of me do you wanna have a seat now yeah what the hell I was hooking up with this girl the entire night I brought her home okay knowing I was hooking up with this girl the entire night Vinny decides to hook up with this girl so I said no she's coming into my bed yeah Deena did hook up with this girl first but the girl was in my bed and I was mid hook up with her even if I pull the robbery you don't pull the double round for me you know to me Deena fucked me before but never touch the girl hooked up with her herself oh yeah good we'll be right here eating popcorn all you guys get it leave it alone we'll be right here homie right here we're leaving Willie okay no come on Bailey gamma smush room that this room I come off as like a hard exterior and like I can take like when the boys pick on me like now I'm like I am very sensitive no I have to sleep in your bed casitas my room stop being a hater son bro it's called the smush room dude suppose I can't blow a second I'll be right back first of all I'm not doing sex so that filled up wasting this kind of this cuddling was this guy sit on top go with him in the sorcery I'm waiting outside for you to go cuddle with the dude oh you're fighting with the wall right now how disrespectful are you for you right now sobbing she is person sorry I hate them those alone no you don't know you know why'd Oklahoma know did you say with me to meeples on the loose and we're completely not in the state of mind we should be means you know Aztec I just like pushing these guys been like get real like you're 12 years old you're trying to fist bump a product no we're veterans and I'll show you how it's done [Applause] [Applause] at that point once we fell I was like there's no really coming back from this one we might as well just get going go your ass oh yeah for real for with you working tonight fuck owner was you working what are you doing mommy Jones all right so you didn't learn your lesson one message can I tell you something you can go to jail for that arrest you had 20 men why am I mad why are you getting this drunk no one else is getting drunk like that how come you have to get Lucy why am i next do you understand it's not only you are reflects on the reflects on me and your papa and you have no idea what you're doing to your reputation right doing it again something you're not finding out who you try to just run out of your face I know you I've known your smash goodbye and have you walk on the boardwalk making a fool out of yourself okay I'm coming down forget me no see so swing at me it's done happy dance I'm coming to get you all right [Applause] meatball auditions these are rules meatball for shots so cool I'm without throwing up and then after you have to hiss you want to bring that funnel that we have here yellow just wash it out body shot with an old man mm-hmm with a mustache what else did he get this hat wear hat beard and clown shoes and one somebody can you carry one bag yeah this is a big day it's gonna be a good time let's do this if you want to be a meatball and you're 21 and over I really don't care if people are looking at us and thinking we're crazy because we probably are but honestly like this is important we need to find a meatball try out to be a meatball you want to try out to be me but my favorite task is up next I find this old man that's gross so the girls can take body shots off of them take the shot and then lick the soil off his neck and then take the lemon out of his mouth they're not sleep down at all they're like ready for it they can't wait so I'm actually really really surprised I'm just thinking ooh I wonder what it tastes like it probably tastes like sweat and and just like gross things at this point I wouldn't be able to do that which one do you want to do yeah now the remaining meatballs have to go and wand somebody is a mark I cannot believe these girls doing when I tell them to I'm just like oh my god they're like my pets


  1. I love her little catch phrases "my best thing" and "get off of me" and how she's always falling everywhere

  2. What did Deena say she did with fake Ron? As soon as fake Ron leaves her and Sami are talking and she said they did something and its beeped out?

  3. Idky, but The Meatballs seem chubbier than they really are. Deena's stomach is legit so flat.

  4. Sam is the prettiest natural look of out the girls and the only one that potentially doesn't have any type of warts

  5. Why would anybody trust two girls who would drown in a glass of water…on the BEACH?

    Sweetie, you have to coordinate your rowing with each other, NOT at cross purposes!

  6. This show was my guilty pleasure. Even though I hated it, I still couldnt keep my eyes off of it. Life is strange.

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