Decorating Clothes with Rhinestones : How to Add Rhinestones to Clothing

Hi, I’m Robin with and we are
making a video for today. As we were walking through the mall, looking
for something to wear for the Christmas parties and things of the holiday season. We came
across some t-shirts with some jewels on them. I thought they were really cute. We looked
at the price tag and I about died. They were very expensive. So, I went home and I figured
out how to do it myself. I am going to teach you today, how you can add jewels to your
own clothes. This is a sweatshirt that I turned into a sweater, cutting down the middle and
adding jewels. This is a t-shirt that I added jewels to that is really cute. This is one
of the ones we are going to be finishing today, with some cute little bugs and butterflies
on it. We are also going to be finishing this one, with the jewels around the collar and
this is the specific one that I saw in the store that I wanted, that was really expensive.
I am going to show you how to do it today. Very inexpensively, probably with t-shirts
you already have in your closet.


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