Decluttering My Room Marie Kondo Style ♡

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel
my name is Jazmine today I am going to finally clean and reorganize my room I
have been procrastinating this for a while now normally I would just like
surface clean so that way my room looks a little bit put together and like I’m
able to walk into my room because my room is pretty wide but I actually
haven’t been deep cleaning my room which I should do because I just accumulated
a whole bunch of stuff and now it’s just I just feel a little bit cluttered and a
lot of things just needs to go okay so I’ve been watching a lot of Marie
Kondos videos mostly on YouTube even though she has the Netflix show I only
watched one episode but I’ve been really liking her interviews
that she’s been doing and how she’s been helping like people organize their
things that inspired me to Konmari my whole entire room (some parts). Okay Let get it started. So what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be creating three piles my first pile is going to
be my donation pile whenever I do like to get rid of things I like to donate it
instead of like selling it because ain’t nobody got time to sell stuff online because
at the end of the day it’s still gonna be here until it’s sold and I’m gonna
get rid of it as soon as possible so the second pile is gonna be the trash pile
because sometimes I’m not able to donate certain items so those items are put
in the trash the third pile is going to be to the pile that I’m keeping. Marie Kondo did say that you should keep stuff that spark joy to you
so they open my closet and the top part of my closet is organized so I got these
storage bins put a whole bunch of stuff in there and it works out nicely I also
have my fall decorations up here which works out perfectly so that way I won’t
have to put it in the Attic because ain’t nobody going up there I don’t know
what’s up there and then over here I have boxes getting
decorated boxes is really nice because they look extremely cute and you can
stores a whole bunch of stuff in there like in this box right here this is the
box where I don’t know where things go right here I like to keep my pants, jeans,
leggings(meant joggers), sweats all right here in and everything else I keep
right here like my dresses, my shirts, long-sleeves, skirts, and then this right
here is to keep away the moths from eating my clothes because that’s
happened numerous of times because they be eating my cute clothes audacity. But to
be honest I do go through this part and this part of my closet pretty often to
get rid of like clothes that I don’t wear anymore so I don’t need to get
ready rid of anything in this area or in this
area because I’ve already done it a couple of months ago
see my problem is that this part of my closet is jam-packed
like it’s hard for me to like kind of look through and add clothing items into here
and let alone take them out okay because they’ll either be stuck on a hanger or
it’ll be like stuck in like the clothes or whatever and it’s just a constant
struggle that I don’t want to have to go through so my plan is that I want to
move some of these clothes into my armoire across room so I
need to go through that clean it out so that way I can transfer some of these
clothes over there so that way it can be an easy transaction for me to pick out
my clothes so right side of my closet is the part of my closet I neglect a lot
because I just don’t know what to do with it. So let me let me get to the part
of my closet that’s a hot mess and that would consists of my shoes. My shoes
has just kept growing and I just did not know how to tame them I just have
so many shoes that it just doesn’t even fit my closet anymore like it came like
all the way over here to my clothing rack so this is my pile of shoes that spark
me joy the we move over here to this pile it’s the donation pile so this bag is from Victoria’s Secret
pink and I got this in high school this was a very cute backpack but to be honest
I like to carry a lot of things in my bag and this is not the best bag to
carry like heavy items especially if you’re in school so this definitely
killed my shoulders a lot I’m definitely giving this away when I got this I was
very scared that I was going to lose the little curve that I have on my stomach
when I was gaining weight but now that I’m not gaining weight anymore it’s
basically useless to me right now so I’m giving this away so this bag means a lot
to me because this was the first bag that I’ve brought myself when I got my
first job at 18 this was the first designer bag that I got this is from
Betsey Johnson and I believe this was like $180 but I was like really proud of
myself because I got that was my first job I wanted to like you know reward
myself so I got this purse and I got a matching wallet with it too. It’s
momentum next thing that wasn’t that hot of a mess
is this hot of a mess bag so I asked for this for Christmas a very long time
ago because I seen this one holographic bag I really wanted but it was sold
out so I settled it with this one from nasty girl and when I got it I
absolutely hated it so much it was extremely stiff for me to use
because it’s so supposed to be like a backpack too and I can’t really close
the top and like for me when I’m in the city I like to have closed
backpacks and closed bags because people will be like pickpocketing they be
slick you know so I cleaned out each one and I put them
into sections so this section right here is for my equipment like my camera
equipment and also like electronics or tech stuff and then over here it’s like
very miscellaneous over there is trash and there right there I’m playing on
giving that away okay so this is what the pile consists
of right now the donation pile it’s gotten pretty big all that is clothes
it’s like combination of purses, shoes, other things and look how many hangers I
have if anyone can guess how many hangers is in this pile you are awesome
but I think I’m gonna try to donate these hangers instead of trying to like
sneak them into my brother’s closet so here’s an overview of how my wardrobe
is looking it’s not a completely organized of how I want to be but at
least I’m able to see what’s under there and also I’m able to see the wall in the
back so I do want to put shelves on this side or like drawers or something so that
way I can like place my shoes over here and like other clothes from like over
here to over there okay so over here it looks very organized which I’m very
happy about something my dresser what’s the one thing that I wanted to like
organize and go through and I feel like I did a really good job organizing and I
got rid of a whole lot of stuff so right here I have all my jeans, pants, joggers,
that were in my closet put them all right here I used a rollup method and it
worked out pretty nicely except for I wasn’t able to fit all my jeans over
here because they’re pretty thick then I have all my leggings in here well not
all them I have majority on my leggings in here and then over here I have my
swimsuits and swimsuit cover-ups the bottom drawer is still filled with a
bunch of like stuff I need to go through it that’s
gonna be on a different day you know cuz I got a ton of stuff in the bottom
drawer that’s non clothes related so inside the first drawer I have all my
sweats rolled up and then I have any leftover leggings and pants that didn’t
weren’t able to fit and draw down there then I have all my bralettes, sports bras, and
bandeaus all right here then in here I have my undergarments I did organize it
very nicely but I don’t want to show you guys that it’s too personal I have like
one side for underwear middle for socks and the other side for like bras and
then up here is my loungewear in pajamas and I have all my bottoms and shorts
on the right side and then everything else like oversized t-shirts, regular
shirts, pajamas shirts, all right here so that’s it for like right now I do plan
on doing more organization for in my room because a lot of things needs to still
be organized a lot of things I still need to go through but as of right now I
feel a lot better because I did get through like at least my dresser because
I haven’t been through that in like years so I hope you guys like this video
please like comment and subscribe and I’ll talk to you guys next time


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