Day in the Life of a Japanese Ramen Chef

this is a Dan of life in a Japanese ramen shop [Music] this is Tatia a 41 year old ramen chef living in Tokyo and he’s just waking up for work I guess this is his breakfast petia where’d that come from Kenan Liotta is what the water can also easily I found a copy of us do you have enough time to get to work this morning [Music] [Laughter] so Teddy has quite a bit on his mind this morning because today he’s creating a new bowl of ramen for the owner but a lot still has to happen before this so let’s see how the day goes all right I think his train is arriving right now how would you sleep last night oh I would you gonna leave us now so did Tina manages a ramen shop called kick combo just a few minutes away from condensation it’s one of the most popular spicy ramen shops in Tokyo [Music] how this is great inside of the kitchen you can see that they actually have the port phone right there to my right and then to my left they have that horrible chashu it looks so great you like you can just eat it right now how this mail here is amazing so one of the first things that you need to do is check that that ramen broth is being prepared correctly at the central kitchen [Music] widget so what do you check for I think I’m on all of it the soup is now ready to be emptied into smaller pots which then gets distributed to the shops and all consumed in one day plus just about nine o’clock right now and Ted Tita had to go out to get the shop ready the shop actually opens at 11:00 so let’s just go around and explore a little bit and check out the shop before it gets a super busy when it opens so real estate in Tokyo is quite expensive you’ll typically find many ramen shops like this one with limited counter seating this means for a Tokyo ramen shop to survive it needs to get customers in and out as quick as possible to make room for new customers what does it take to clean every morning Wow you guys take cleaning seriously so if you guys haven’t noticed already they have the ramen shop right here and then right across the street they have the kitchen and then back over this way they have the Maz a soba shop all right next to each other so Tetsuya tells me that these days it’s quite common to have a separate kitchen from the ramen shop since the boiling pot that makes the ramen shop extremely hot and steamy and too uncomfortable for the customers oh by the way key combo is opening up a new shop in Hong Kong so the 80s staff must train here for several weeks to master the art of making Japanese ramen are you excited about the Hong Kong opening Oh qetsiyah’s back what are you doing now mono came biking it was 30 although he’s responsible for all the employees and the day-to-day of the shop his other task is to create a new end pain menu which means it’s only offered for a limited time at the shop my game thing we got you got all me I’ve never heard of something like this did you come up with yourself gig unlike the boys apparently petia has created for limited time only ramen bowls in the past and now he’s working on his fifth which is scheduled to be released by the end of this summer now that the oil are cooking front up and emptied out yet SIA and his team begin preparing for tomorrow’s batch although the process for making the animal broth will take 110 plus hours even live throughout the day that this is only part of the final soup that served as its later combined with a separate fish broth miso and other ingredients every morning before the shop opens Tet CMS tester ama to ensure the quality and flavor meet the shop standards first they blend the animal and fish broth and tasted ensure that blend ratio is correct so when I’m in the kitchen it me to wear a hat and not even know what kind of attendance take him on oh so this is the fish broth I didn’t get to film earlier what’s in it and you’ve Osito full CC you know you don’t love with you guys the shop uses a special sonshouko gomen noodle which means a mix of three different noodle thicknesses and we’re not done yet now it’s time for Japanese call ken chiku the sampling of food damn there’s a lot of food testing going on so apparently the conditions of the ingredients and flavors may vary slightly day by day so it’s critical for the shop to taste the finalized bowl before opening its doors to its customers so for the foodies out there let me take a moment and explain what key combo khureshi be miso ramen is all about kata means that chili spicy while she B means a numbing spicy the shop uses a unique blend of six different chili wakayama Buddhist on show and Szechuan sancho combined with the natural Shinshu me so that’s matured in a 100-year old barrel mixed with cheese peanut paste and other spices all joined with a slow-cooked animal and fish broth producing a rich deep and light flavor or in other words its fire Ted Tia can you even eat spicy food oh they have to make another bowl again well what’s wrong with the first one nice look like the bull passed the final test now petia is checking on the katana shop next door which specializes in scheming and Mazda soba so they haven’t lived only ramen that’s coming out tomorrow there so they’re actually having a meeting right now to make sure that everything is correct the way to let’s be said it’s pretty cool to see like this entire process so every morning the staff have a meeting before the shop opens they share updates and the new menu items and discuss ways to improve the quality of food and service [Music] Oh finally the store is opening I feel like so much has happened already but the day is only beginning the seeds are already filled this is gonna be a busy day so the ramen kitchen is quite a buzz to serve all the customers and all the staff must work as a team to create each bowl of ramen I almost feel like I’m watching a Formula one pit crew everyone seems to know their part nice time to cook the Cheshire Cat CEO says if we use a hundred and fifty blocks of pork each day maybe up it over you know love it the bunny’s puppet of love is what that just a little bit afternoon he gets a bit more time to work on his Gynt day ramen but he has to present the new ramen bowl to the owner at 5:00 so I hope he has enough time so we ordered three different sample noodles for the new ramen you’ll need to test each one out with the soup to find that perfect balance one thing about being in the kitchen is it gets so his actually 38 degrees in there right now oh and that’s the owner so even more than the ramen shop the central kitchen appears to move at a quiet precision there’s not a lot of verbal communication but everyone just knows what to do and where to be at each moment this is one of the keys Teti I mentioned for a successful ramen shop and now back to the daily routine Betsy has to really trust you from the large cooking pots to the marinade [Music] Wow he looks like he still has more than a hundred chassis to go so let’s go check on the ramen shop let’s ask a customer what he thinks incredible it’s our favorite did you get the hi spicy I got the hi yeah I think it’s I think it’s good it’s actually taste for sure what’s nice is that the customer can customize the level of spiciness and numbness but be careful that Pony level ended me so heam up at our game Thanos who prevails have a thingy amia pony pigma the Hinkel medicine I got even I’m a yoga Joe is one of the largest and historic food markets in Tokyo it’s known as a popular street food spot but there’s actually a huge ethnic food market in the basement floor oh it seems like he’s a regular here now he has to pick up some dry squid on the Main Street finally back to the shop it’s just after 3:15 so he needs to get cracking in order to prepare the ramen on time what I got him again tada me video cam you means a combination of various Japanese herbs and spices such as ginger green onion wasabi and yoga sometimes you see popping to bring out the flavor of a dish so creating new ramen is actually Tet CEA’s passion he feels lucky to find a shop that allows him the freedom to create he also says that he especially enjoys that making people happy by eating is robbing no he’s completed the first sample ball for ecology myostatin women he must Africa Makita they don’t move to model by suitable apparently what may pass that other shops won’t pass with the owner [Music] just on time now the moment of truth good job I wonder at CS feeling right now let’s listen in you tell me that’s a good start well I want meat I don’t know put them up or push in there okay oh whoa although the ramen didn’t make the cut I thought the owner was gonna be a lot more harsh but he was quite constructive oh yeah yeah the light so he thought like myself well I don’t could you think that what I’m thinking is let’s take over so after that intense showdown what are you doing now if you mean them she’s going in order to track staff work hours the shop uses time cards it’s pretty common in Japan especially in the food industry [Music] finally the broth is in its final stages you can see them separating the froth and the bones the think the process started from 9:00 a.m. this morning and it’s still not complete as there’s also an overnight process before it’s served tomorrow petia says that there’s quite a bit of bone marrow remaining so it would be a way it’s not used again tomorrow as it’s the seeds of umami [Music] so it’s 7:30 right now and it’s still a busy there’s people waiting in line on the morning ship is gone and if you’re having new people here so part of opening the new Hong Kong shop is sourcing the ingredients they need to see if they can source local chilli slices and replicate the Japanese flavors but in order to do this they’re gonna need a taste and rate all of the chilli on the table I believe they’re also looking to open shops in Australia and the US good luck with that tat SIA where did you go it’s about 9:15 right now and ramen shop it closes at 9:30 you can see behind me intensity I was just doing some office work checking people’s schedules and then we’ll probably have to clean up after this the fabric sign pizza is taking down now is called not in it’s commonly used in restaurants of Japan to indicate when a shop is open for business taking it down means that shop is now closed it’s about 10 o’clock right now the last customer has and everyone is just kind of like finishing up they told me it’s gonna take about another hour and a half for them to clean up this whole entire place just on his day doesn’t end until 11:30 11:45 in every land but basically that is a day in the life at a Japanese ramen shop if you guys like he’s stayin alive series I’m coming out with so many more videos so definitely hit the deaf travelin and velbon so you guys don’t miss the next videos if you want to help support the channel then check out my Tokyo merch and that I’ll say I’ll catch you guys in the next one


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  3. I gotta question how did you exactly get to Japan and living there and working there and get permanent residency?

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  5. I don't know how he does it. Then there are us working in an office and if we do anything like 10 hours a day on the occasion people are like man you work so hard and do too much.

    The thing is I don't understand how he can seem so awake. It's exhausting and with so little sleep you be yawning all the time lol. The owner just employed an extremely good worker here. I'm interested to know what his position is in the business (head chef or something).

    The amount of work this guy does is crazy!

  6. I could watch this all day.. 30 minutes would still be too short tbh.. Do more vids on Japanese people who are deeply passionate about their craft/trade/art.. The high level of refinement of this man’s ramen “art” is more than impressive.. Thanks Paolo..

  7. Paolo how do you consistently make interesting videos. I never ever was once interested in ramen restaurants but now I'm looking up ones and information about them lol fantastic videos as always! And it's been a year since I subscribed hope to see more videos!!

  8. I think food-youtuber Mark Wiens has a video from this exact shop, with him eating a bowl of their hottest ramen!

  9. So let's see gets up at 6:30. Doesn't get off work until at least 11:30 PM. Still had to go home. Doesn't get to sleep more than 5 hours. A daily routine like that can seriously have a negative effect on someone's well being physically and mentally. I sure hope he gets some good days off.

  10. From 8am to midnight, wow.. I really really hope Tetsuya is getting paid well for this or at least a partner in the business.

  11. Incredible. The pride he takes in his work just shines through. Wish I could have half his work ethic! Bravo!

  12. Man ive never been that passionate about anything.

    It just reminds me of working in a bed factory for 10+ hours only to take the train and come back at 6am.

    I may not have had that schedule all the time but i didnt have ramen there either.

    You do get used to it. I can honestly say humans should work like this atleast for half a year to appreciate the new better jobs they get. But it's still very sad to consider that I've seen people work at these factories for 20+ years and they love it and would rather a steady paycheck beating themselves to death than go look for something better than i did.

    I quickly found a job doing security gettting payed 40% more with 0% of the physical labor involved. While they're still there. It's really something to appreciate my new oppotunities about.

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  16. I really enjoy your video’s! Watching your channel from the Netherlands. Me and my girlfriend are surprised to see people sharing their bath water and people sleeping with no bed sheets, which freaks us out. Can you please make a video on Japanese hygiene habits, let us know more! Thanks. Ghalle.

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