Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer


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  2. 2:23 "first thing in the morning he check his mail"… haa, he was watching facebook and quickly change the screen ja

  3. Bruuhh dont want to ofend but whenever i see your face and the way u talk makes me want to go and jump of the highest buildnig

  4. wow waking up at 8:20 , i want taht job lol, and the guy is like "i worked 30 minute im tired so im gonna sleep"..holy shiit..i want taht lol

  5. Thanks for this vid. I always wanted to know what Japanese game studios are like since I want to get into game design tools. It’s a nice taste of reality to me.

  6. I like how the consoles in the library are not secured. I can imagine having this show in America or Europe and those things wouldn't be allowed to touch and it's only allowed for the tour guide who also wears gloves.

  7. I'm honestly more impressed with how simply structured and simultaneously functional his lifestyle is than with the fact that his job has to do with video games. All he does is get up, immediately go to work, do some work-related tasks that are easy or at least manageable for him, get off work to meet with friends, build Gundam figures and then go to bed – and he's completely happy with that.

  8. "well, I'm the director of Code Vein, you know. Just a simple lil game we put up like a month ago, lol"
    I wanna be as cool as that guy

  9. Not impressed with the game developer salaryman- I am impressed with the Salary man riding the bike rider with an umbrella in 1:07 that's what you call commitment. I wouldn't be surprised if the rider could text at the same time.

  10. Very interesting video! What I like is these sleep areas where you can take a quick nap. It seems pretty normal there to take a nap during the day. Pretty sure they are doing poly phasic sleep. Which means you can sleep way less than average (2.5 hours of sleep on a daily basis) as long if you spread out your sleep during the day. It makes your life more time efficient. Not sure what is does to your mental health on a longer basis.

  11. Like if you graduated with an IT or Computer Science degree but you can't code and you're working in a different field and you wonder how did you graduate

  12. as a student of programmer, i can tell why they need such relaxing places like this… being a programmer really put you into pressure but it depends on you actually… it could be fun it could be stressful.. its not like they put those gaming facilities just so you can play video games but its to make sure that you can handle and balancing yourself from being such pressure situation… ive been interned in IT company which they provide support to any networking service and website development, its so much pressure since im not used to it…

  13. Code Vein has become a bit of a sleeper hit this year, so it was great seeing the interview. Awesome to see these offices as this is a pretty amazing studio with such a rich history.

  14. >alienwares are powerful machines

    Ehehehehehehehehehe. Sorry. I couldn't help buy laugh. They're definitely expensive paperweights. They'd be better off just building a custom rig

  15. Wow. This is amazing. As a programmer myself, I'm actually pretty impressed by his work environment. All day coding with a single standup meeting in the middle of the day. Access to a quiet area. Fair amount of space between desks (although the desks are a bit small). Regular work hours. Hmmm… I wonder if they would hire an old fart like me 🙂 I'd have to move to Tokyo, though. I'm also pretty impressed that you could get this footage. How do you usually set these things up? Do you cold call the companies, or do you have contacts that you use to set it up?

  16. The office looks great, but there's something i hate with whitr fluorescent lights… makes me feel sick and stressed 😷

  17. I think this is less of a day in the life of a Japanese programmer, and more of what it's like to work as a programmer of BANDAI NAMCO.
    Oh, and here's an obligatory office tour while we're at it. It's honestly interesting to see what Japanese programmers do, and I love it!
    I liked the Code Vein part cause I'm in the middle of playing that game. It's a hard, but fun experience.

  18. Man, I swear your skills in video production are on point. I love your channel so much! Can't wait for the next one :). Coming to Japan in May as well!!

  19. Im working also as a game developer at a studio and mine isnt even that big but our food, snacks, fitness and other things are free. Why they have to pay for this things?

  20. There are two day in the life jobs I would like to see:
    Freelance Photographer and or writer
    Motorcycle Courier-Delivery person.
    I do both of these jobs, I would to see how my Japanese counter parts go about their day.
    I know Japan has a community work -team system, it would be interesting to see how it is for independent types.

    I hav been enjoying your day in the life videos, its interesting to see how most like their jobs at least in front of the camera, I know the Japanese act professional at work, but I have seen them cut loose at the clubs at night😁 I was told one does not just quit a job and walk out, there seem to be a peer pressure and team loyalty thing unlike where I live in the USA where people walk out or just don't show up.

  21. These videos would be better if you never showed your ugly face on it bro…and if you sounded more like the man God made you to be.

  22. Hi, i want to be a game developer in the future, im a senior in school but im totally new to this, so im kinda lost and i dont know where to start。

  23. I low key hoped this guy worked with Yoko Taro, wearing a

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