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hi everybody it's crystal so it's time for to announce the winner of day five of my seven days of flash giveaways and it's time to show in sign up for day six so it's coming to an end it's coming to an end after this I might not do quite so many giveaways this month it's kind of chippings getting to me so might not be quite as many but I'll have autumn or next month for sure so I don't really know what's gonna happen but we'll see anyways bad days Christmas in July is coming to end here in a day or two so what did we have like I can't remember 8600 comments maybe I don't know I could look somewhere runner it's usually about the same and I did pick a winner for Fox 5 Fox one two three and four gone all out the door everybody claim them five all ready to go for the winner now remember all I ask the winner if you do have facebook if you could post a picture picture of your winnings or a little video if you wanted to you don't necessarily have to but you can on my baguette a crochet a facebook fanpage so everybody can see and so I can't see – I always enjoy the videos that if you have people opening it up it makes me smile so link to that is below in the description box also so if you're not a member that and you want to join up so and I I think that's yeah I guess I can just go ahead and announce the winner real quick ant I could stall no really I got no time I stolen I got to do some stuff so um I got a mortar shame to do so all right no more stalling this video so the winner of box number five but my seven days of flash giveaways is congratulations Kendra you won box five so you know what I need from you is your you need to email me a bag o day crochet at and send me your mailing address and then you need to let me know whether or not you want all them written patterns remember it does not hurt my feelings if you don't but if you do they're yours just let me know and I will email them all to you okay so now we're on to day six right before I show you day six so remember I had something special planned for the end of day seven I can't keep the prizes or secrets I'm gonna show you part of it at day seven this is full of not just home iam yarn Oh kinds of yarn all brands all flavors all different colors all varieties of yarn I'm not going to tell you exactly but I will say it's more than 75 but under the under 100 so this is going to be the big grand finale of my Christmas in July one winner we're gonna bring this home savvy so yeah I can't wait to show you guys that on day seven how exciting is that gonna be huh that's tomorrow ain't it is that tomorrow we'll see I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it on day seven or if I'm gonna have an extra day eight I probably might just do it tomorrow on day seven we'll see we'll see but anyways someone's taking that home sometime not today I have the box for today today is box number six right there okay you want to see what you in for box six I'm so excited for this one I'm so excited for that big one oh it's so much fun I know some people don't like my giveaways or well I like doing them so I keep doing them whatever I still put everything in the same thing or on that I always do so anyways we'll start off with I got four balls of the Lamia XL from opium it's their 100% mercerized cotton very very nice yarn it's in a very antique color cream very pretty I think there's a little over 100 yards in each one of these very nice baby dress very pretty little treat for a baby dress and then I have some Oh Lion Brand hometown USA its wolfy six I have a scarf made out of this exact color on my channel if you want to check it out um it's 100% acrylic I think yeah 100 percent acrylic so I got one I think it's pretty – three wore those and then I got some Hobby Lobby here this is their Hobby Lobby yarn be fair I'll I think it's a super pretty color it's a lightweight 3 in its of acrylic I'll pack a blend 262 yards that is pretty I think so it's like a kind of a light coral color grays and creams so I got four of those so that should be plenty to make you something nice with 262 yards in each one definitely be enough to make a shawl for those as you can see you can see the alpaca in it it has hairs hanging off of it that's just how alpaca is fuzzy and hairy but it's not itchy this is super squishy soft okay and then I have a see I have some of this Burnett a homemaker decor from your inspirations it's great for outdoor projects but it works well for indoor projects – it's a cotton nylon blend so I have one and this pinkish color and then I have one also in a really pretty robin's egg blue so two of those 317 yards in each I have some I have some of their I love this yarn neons I got two of the pink and two of the green super bright is some bright stuff that's brighter than me that was a dumb joke I'm sorry okay and then I have some I love this yarn supersoft sport wait three of these it is really soft the color is quarrel it's a 100% acrylic I've never used this but there's 230 yards that I have two three of each so 230 yards in each and then I have two Skeens Caron simply soft and they call our bone and then I have two skins of red heart Super Saver in the color purple tones so that's it and all my patterns if you want 25 screens again and yeah 25 screens again you know my patterns remember if you don't want them that's fine you can just take your box of yarn or we can have it all so that's what your win this time that stuff is pretty what if I have more that I like that okay so that's what's a winner you'll get now for day six okay I hope that are you guys like it and I send them through the email okay so what do you got to do to enter I'm sorry I gotta go the rules you know I have to I'll put a link below to the official rules so you can go over them if you want you but it's open worldwide anybody can participate as long as you're able to receive the stuff into your country but it is void where prohibited it starts at 6:30 July 9 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time July 19th ends 6:30 p.m. July 20th and then on some time on July 20th shortly after it's over I pick a winner using the via random youtube comment picker one winner first name that pops up wins and then I upload a video of the winner 24 hours from now and that's that's how it's done so why you have to do to enter as you know you have to subscribe to my channel remember I can always check so make sure you're subscribed give this video a like turn them notifications on so you don't miss any of my videos and as always I like to tell everybody that YouTube is not being very cool with their notifications right now I don't even hardly get any from any and the channels that I'm subscribed to but yeah so make sure you check my channel every day because it's very rare for me not to put on one or two videos a day at least so check it at the end of the day to see maybe if you just didn't get notified of some of my videos and then then you got an answer question so the question that I want to ask you is about this giveaway okay I'm gonna read the comments do you want tomorrow is the last day of the giveaway it's the seventh day do you want me to do one more box with 25 schemes like we've been doing and then have an eighth day of that huge box of yarn where you want tomorrow the seventh day to just be the last that big huge box that's why I want to know that's the question I just kinda came up with in the beginning because I was thinking about that I'm like well it is just seven days so do you want tomorrow the seventh day the ending to be this big huge box well you want me to have another the seventh day to have another 25 ski-doo yard and then have another 8th day of the big box it's up to you guys you guys decide I'll read the comments majority rules that's what it'll be so that's the question I want you to adds just a question for me so I can decide how I'm gonna end this in my Christmas in July giveaway and don't forget to check out put a shawl on if you guys are interested in that if you guys didn't get notified it's on now but that's it that's all that's all you have to do thanks everybody for watching sorry this one wasn't too interesting I got some stuff to do so I gotta get off here but hey I'll see you guys on 24 hours all right as always I always appreciate you guys support my channel and remember to always if you didn't watch this video all the way through maybe you could go back and watch all the way through just I help to my big time so thanks everybody see you in 24 hours all right good luck bye bye


  1. I think 7 is fine, but alot of people want another day. So another day it is. Thank you for your giveaways. Love these yarns. Lately sun yellow & sunflower yellow have been my favorite. 😄😄. Love you!! 💖💖

  2. Congrats Kendra!! i think it's really up to you Crystal… if u wanna stop at 7 or do 1 more…ur so generous!! good luck everyone and don't forget to smile to someone today!!

  3. As always you rock Crystal!! Thank you and good luck to everyone. Am 8th day sounds fine to me. Love giveaways

  4. I don't really have a favorite other than crochet…bag o day, fiber spider and crochet crowd. Otherwise, if I need to know something, I'll do a search on that subject.

  5. Hello their another great giveaway from you , and a big Wow for the last one, gotta do something to up my luck lol Thank you so much you make me feel like I am no alone, if I was close would love to crochet with you.

  6. Congratulations to the 6th day winner! I would love for you to have an 8th day. Not only will we get to see the yarn but it will give another day to have a winner. Thanks for all that you do to include your contests and your videos. I like all your patterns and going on the video trips to buy the yarn. Congrats to all of the winners!!!

  7. I just saw this on FB and am so excited to find this site. I crochet all the time for others. Christmas is always a very busy time for me. I crochet for homeless, cancer clients, churches, nursing homes, Elem schools, etc. I am disabled so it gives me something to do and give to others in need. I pray others also crochet for those in need. Love this site and will be back daily to see what is going on. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for your generosity,I joined, I watch your videos & tutorials,I’m Canadian, this is a big box it will cost a fortune to mail.i like to work with sayelle, morino, fav colors, light mauves, beiges, corals, I began a granny square blanket ,I’m 77 …..blessings to you & family

  9. I missed this giveaway, darn but congrats to the winner. Seven days is awesome but eight would be awesome too as you have so many people that love you Crystal and that would love to win so much yarn to do all your awesome projects. 😄💚

  10. Hi crystal first of all I'd like to thank you for being such a nice and generous person with these yarn giveaways ✨ I think you should keep it to 7 days as that was the original plan✨

  11. I think you should do as you please my friend. I always say god gave you your day make it how you want it not ho otbers make it for you. Thanks again for this awesome giveaway Crystal. Cheers Crochet with love creations….

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