Daughters Try On Their Mother’s Wedding Dress

– I’m excited to try on her dress. I never really thought
that I would ever wear it. – You know what, I really
don’t know what to expect. – I’m probably not going to get emotional. Sorry about that! – No, it’s okay! – I might cry. But I might not. – Oh God! – I’m definitely gonna cry. – It was a nice dress for $25. – It’d be like a $40 dress today, right? – My mother in law wore it in 1952, and then I wore it in 1987. And so, this’ll be the third time it’s been put on by
somebody in our family. – This dress was meant to be a symbol of dreams and hopes and
what I wanted for my life. – [Blonde Girl] So Mother, turn around. – Okay, you can turn around now. – Turn around Mama. – (gasps) Oh my God! – [Daughter] (laughs) Mama… I look like you. – (laughs) The sleeves! – Your arms are longer than mine. – Well, I think you look great. – I feel like Keira Knightley. In a good way! There is nothing bad, ever, about feeling like Keira Knightley. I just feel like this
looks like the nightgown of a queen in the 1700’s. – Obviously, it doesn’t fit so I couldn’t wear it. I could just go like this right now and just bust the whole thing open. I do think it’s really pretty. – Oh, Mom. I used to idolize my mom when I was a kid and I just remember
her looking so gorgeous like a Barbie, so it’s really
interesting to be in this. I never thought that I’d wear it. – I think it’s a really nice dress. – It is a really nice dress. – There wasn’t a Lifetime
movie moment here, no one cried. – No, no one cried. – So when are you gonna get married? – (laughs) Nice try, Mom. (laughs) – It was very emotional for me just to think that she
might try on my dress and it was just nerve-wracking to think of this step in her life. – Oh, Oh my God! – Mom! – If it would have fit me perfectly I think it might have been
a different experience, like, “Oh, I could see myself
walking down the aisle!” But this is more like I’m playing dress up when I’m ten years old, or something. – I expect to see you in a dress like this maybe when I’m in a nursing home. – That’s upsetting. – I don’t think that’s a question! (laughs) – I think that you wear it best. – Yeah? – You do, yeah. – I actually think you did, ’cause I think that the hat makes it. – Oh, my mom totally wore it better. My mom, for sure. – No… – She is so gorgeous. – She totally wore it. – No, I think she did. – [Mom] When I saw you with the veil on, it was actually kind of funny! (laughs) – [Daughter] Oh yeah, the
veil made me look like the – [Both] Bride of Frankenstein! – That’s what I thought
when I first saw you but I didn’t want to say that because I didn’t want to offend you, but yeah.


  1. someone asks me to try on my mum's wedding dress
    bursts out laughing
    pauses Wait, you were serious?

    (So just imagine this, my mum is 5'4 and was very petite when she got married, in between 00 an 2. I am 5'7 have a size 20 chest, 22 hips, and a 16 waist. It will not fit in the slightest no matter how I try)

  2. My mum had to sell her dress because the needed the money. She told me a year later she walked past the shop they had sold it to and she saw someone trying it on and she cried…

  3. This is sooo cute! But I feel like our parents fashion doesn’t translate to our times very well…although older than our parents then maybe it could be edited to fit our times better. Like maybe their grandmothers or great grandmothers dresses with some editing and updating would look better

  4. My mother never had a wedding dress. She got married in a blouse and a skirt on the beach. I think she have those clothes at the attic somehere.

  5. The Latino girl was looking beautiful and her mom's reactions was beautiful the others were like insulting their moms dresses and kinda were ruining it.

  6. My mom I think looked so gorgeous in her wedding dress. It was really really small because she weighed under 100 lbs at that time and I still wish she kept it but…her and my dad have always had so many problems in their marriage and she ended up burning it one day. Well, at least she kept the pictures.

  7. I wore my mom's wedding dress for Halloween once xD
    It has a huge stain on it so it fit in the zombie theme. And my parents are divorced, so…

  8. I will never wear a wedding dress from my mom she got married when she was in the Army so she wore jeans and and t shirt

  9. Than in the real wedding the groom says she looks beautiful to the mom and saids "ya, I saw it 2 years ago her wearing it"😀😂😂

  10. I won’t ever be able to fit into my mom’s wedding dress. Unfortunately when you adopt a child you can’t transfer your genes to them. I have almost a foot over her and not even close to her wedding dress size. Or her current size. Lol

  11. when i tried on my mom wedding dress the only thing she said to me was “hahahah fatass this dress is too small on you but fit me 20 years ago”

  12. What's it like to have heirlooms like this? 🙁 I would have loved something like this. My mom married like twice after she divorced my dad so she never kept the dresses

  13. Is the veil from the Latina mum a helmet? It looks like there are straps underneath it. All the dresses are really unique and fitting of each mother's personality.

  14. My mom had on a mint green dress for her court wedding back in 2001 and she had a mermaid dress for her church wedding in 2017, so does that mean I get two dresses? Lol, one for the church and one for the reception.😂😂

  15. My mum cut her wedding dress and dyed her shoes and dress blue so she could actually wear them again. She does have her great grandmas dress and it’s too small for me. I’m twelve😂

  16. When I got married, I couldn't fit in my mom's weddign gown, which it was actually my grandmother's, but my grandma is so petit and her waist was SO small when she got married (58 cm!!). It was because I'm taller and my waist line can't reach the 60 cm even when I'm all skinny, that I couldn't even try to do this. Luckly, my sister, in spite that she is as tall as me, has this tiny waist so the dress just had to be fitted a little for her and she looked gorgeous! Girls, you are so lucky you could do this. I just hope that if I ever have a daughter, that she can one day fit in my wedding dress and use it the day she gets to marry the right person.

  17. The blonde(I know her but forgot her name) girl's dress is something I'd wear. I like it. I might not want to get married in it but I would totally wear it.

  18. Yoooo the gold and white corset dress with the roses looks amazinggggg! Mama knows how to pick her dresses ❤️😍❤️😍 her daughter looked amazing in her dress. I can’t wait till my daughter tries on my wedding dress she’ll look so beautiful! Obviously girl get a different dress for ur wedding but just to see her INIT wow wow wow every mother that loves her baby would be in tears seeing her wearing what she wore on one of her special days ❤️

  19. I am really sad because when I was baptized my MomMom cut up my moms wedding dress to make my baptism dress I think there is little bits of it ps it was pretty and I wanted to try it on when I was older 😕

  20. In 0:49, her mom’s reaction was very priceless after seeing her daughter wearing her wedding dress. It was a perfect fit to her size. She looks beautiful on that wedding dress.

  21. My father burned my mother's beautiful Wedding dress when they got divorced over 10 years ago. He died a few years ago thank goodness. I really would've loved to have tried it on 😓😭🤧

  22. I hate when mothers want their daughter's to wear their dresses. They have their own taste. They have their own idea of the perfect dress.

  23. I love all of the moms and daughters, but Becky and her mom have special places in my heart.
    BM: "I expect to see you in a dress like this maybe when I'm in my nursing home"
    B: "That's upsetting"

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