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Daddy, this is 2017! Daddy, you’re supposed to get things I would like! [Laughing] I’m so sorry! Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! That’s adorable! [Laughing] Hey guys! I’m Veronica! I’m Vanessa! And today we are doing the Dad Buys Daughters Outfits Challenge! Our Dad went out and bought us some outfits. I know there’s this trend going around where you have your boyfriend, your dad, or whoever, someone buys an outfit for you. Um, so that’s what we did. But before we bring in our dad, make sure to subscribe to our channel. If you are new, Click the bell button to get notified when we post a video we post videos every Tuesday. So this is our dad Paul. How’s it going? So, we sent him to… 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. And he went shopping there. And he went into a bunch of stores and bought us… How many outfits? Two outfits each. I bought you two outfits each He had no help. He was by himself. It took him three hours. I’m going to do the, um, H&M one first. OK! And that’s where I bought the, um, The outfits where you could go to a party and you can hang out with your friends… And you would look like super cool! Did you actually try or did you take it as a joke? No, no, I hardcore tried. I seriously tried. And you know our sizes? I… No, I don’t necessarily know your sizes. You don’t know our sizes? Well… I’m going to start with… the belts, because they’re right here. You bought belts? I bought belts. We don’t wear belts! This… you do now! This belt is for Vanessa. Ooh! It’s got stars on it, see? [Giggles] And this belt right here… it’s like from the 80s and stuff. It’s really cool. This is for Veronica. Daddy, this is 2017! I know but, if it’s 2017 it shouldn’t be for sale… If it’s out of style, right? There you go. This is for Vanessa. [Laughs] I think it might it, might be a little too low cut! [Laughs] I don’t know! You bought me this look? I didn’t mean to? He said think party! Wow! I wouldn’t even wear this to a party! Okay, so… so for Veronica… her shirt, I bought you this. See? It’s black. What am I, going to party or church? Your not going to church! That isn’t a church shirt! These are pants for Vanessa. Daddy, you were supposed to get things I would like! You’re going to like this outfit! You’re going to love it! Okay, so I know you like pink. It’s size 6. Daddy! Cuz listen, I knew your shoe size was 6. So, I figured your pant size would be too, right? That’s why I got the belts! [Laughs] That’s why I got the belts. Just in case they were too big. [Laughs] Daddy, we wear 2s! Oh! [Laughs] So for Veronica, I got these amazing pants. I think, I think this outfit is going to look really cool. Look at that. Oh no! Look, those are great! Oh my gosh! Those are huge! They’re not huge! Those will totally fit you. Look at that! Completely fit you. Maybe not! [Laughs] All right! These are 8s! Because Veronica’s was showing the shoulder, I thought I would get her a… A white shirt to go over it. Just to leave un, un, you know, not tucked in. Just open. You know that whole like… Swaggy stylish look. OK? So there’s that. OK, and it goes, look, all that matches. There’s no… color… Yep! Mis-coordination, black, white, silver. That works! Vanessa, but listen, Vanessa likes pink, so I bought pink. A pop of color! Just a little pop of color. Just a little! [Laughs] Just a little! Just a little! Just got pants! I didn’t just grab pants! I was in this store for 45 minutes! I couldn’t find like any shoes that I really liked that were stylish. And I could only find one one set… That was size six, but I think they’ll match both of you guys’ outfits. And they’re flats. So, there’s those shoes. See? Look how great those are! [Giggles] Okay, so then for your accessories, like your purse and girls’ stuff… I got you the silver bag! Look how cute that is! Look, it’ll totally go! And then, this is for Vanessa. A nice little black bag. Ooh! I like that, Daddy! Yes! OK, I did good! Ok, so now… There’s more! There’s more. Okay, so for… More? For Veronica, I got her this little necklace. It has a little treble clef on it. A treble clef. Oh nice! Thank you. Oh, that’s cute! I actually do like that! Good job, Daddy! And then, I got Vanessa this choker, cuz I know you like chokers. And I think it goes… It’s got a little hint of pink, it reflects whatever is there. I think it goes. Daddy, this is not a party outfit! It is a party outfit! We’ll see how it looks. Wait till you see it on! I’m telling you… It’s going to be awesome! Mine is going to be a party outfit that, like, I would have worn in Middle School. Me too! No, it’s gonna be… You’re making us look like we’re like 12 again! Look you guys, look! Vanessa, have seat! Look at that belt! It just pops! It’s amazing! Nessa, you look great! Look, and show ’em your shoes. Look at that! Unbelievable! You look pretty! Look! Pretty awesome! The pants are a little big, but it’s fine. The belt is big too. [Laughing] It’s big! Its ginormous! It doesn’t even… [More laughs] Oh no! [Laughing] Look, it just doesn’t even fit me. [Laughs] Well, okay, but, the look though, it’s not that bad. It’s not that horrible! Alright, so Nessa, there’s Nessa. Now let’s see, Veronica. Wow! [Laughs] You look like… [Laughs] I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I thought for sure, it would look a lot better than that! [Laughs] You look, you look like a fish! A black and white fish! Stand back up. Stand back up! Oh, no! Oh, what… Hang on! No, you messed it all up. If you roll the sleeves up, it will help. [Laughs] Roll the sleeves up! There! Much better! I feel like I’m going to meeting! [Laughs] I like your shirt. Not gonna lie, I like the shirt! I kind of like the shirt. I like the shirt, and I like the choker, but not with the shirt. Well, why is it tucked in? Why is the shirt tucked in? Is that the style? Oh! Well, that’s not the look I was going for. See, you messed the whole outfit! OK, well what do you want me to do? Untuck it! Yeah, let’s see what that looks like. Oh, much better. Oh, no, it’s terrible! Never mind! Give me a score. How did I do? Why do you keep laughing? I honestly, honestly Veronica, I thought these would look way better on you. [Laughs] I look like I’m about to go in a business meeting! Well… Okay, so I counted up your percentage. OK. How well you did. How well did I do? This is really bad. 2 out of 6. But you said percentage! So it’s 33%. 33.3% I’ll take that! That’s pretty good! I like the bag… Got a 37% from me. 3 out of 8. Do you like the purse? No! Oh, darn it? I, what do you guys think? Did I do… How did I do? Whose outfit did I do better? OK! OK, so, at least I liked three things, the necklace, the shirt, and this purse. And what did you like? The shirt, the necklace, and the earrings. The belt, the belt is not too bad! It just doesn’t fit. OK, next outfit. This one. I went to your favorite store! Forever 21. I was in there a lot, lot longer. OK, so, Veronica’s I started with the hat. Based everything off of a hat. Oh, a hat? Yeah! And here it is, here’s your hat. It’s got a little bunny on it! Oh my! That’s so cute! That’s adorable! See? I like that! I did really good! That’s good! Look, look, oh sorry! It has a little… It has a little puffball! That’s so cute! Did you get me a hat? I like that! That’s, that’s a good purchase. Good job! So, then I got Vanessa, uh, something for her hair. I got you this. A little bow. That’s cute! Thank you! See? I think that’s kinda cute! I actually enjoy this. Um, I think you’re doing a lot better this roud. OK, so then I got you this! America! It’s got a guitar on it. Look at that! Ronnie, look at that! And it’s purple. And it’s got like, it’s like a long dress. Oh, I kinda kind it. I kinda like that too. See? What does that say? Veronica plays guitar. She likes guitar. I thought this could be something Veronica would wear! OK, so Vanessa! I went a little bit more like… something off the shoulder. Oh! You know, with a little more, um, summery time. I got you this. Oh! Don’t you have the exact same shirt? I do! [Laughs] Seriously, you have the same thing? For real! It’s like, the same thing. Come here buddy! Hi Tiger! Oh my! Oh! He loves your outfits! Look, Tiger liked the outfits! Technically, after I found the hat, I found you some socks. OK… So, these are your socks. Ah, bunny socks! Probably have those. I do not have these socks. And for… Nessa… Where’s my socks for Nessa?? For Nessa, I got a skirt. It’s more of a skort. Oh! OK, it’s good! So I got you this really cute… Look! See, it’s good. It goes with your blue… OK, OK! See? I, I, I I dig this. I actually do. See, not bad. Okay so then, hopefully these fit you. I got you the same size. But, I got you some really cool shorts. Okay, those are cool! Those are cool! See? And they match your little… things. And they go along with the gray socks and the, and the shirt! All right! OK, its okay. Okay, we’re going to do some accessories now. So, um, this is for Veronica. Oooh! It’s purple. I like that! I think that’s pretty good. I like that! So far I am like scoring. OK, so for Nessa, I went a little… had to add a little pizazz to yours, OK. Oh, no! So I got you a bag. It’s a kitty eating ice cream! [Laughs] You like kitties, Nessa! Its kitties eating ice cream, “duh, duh, duh, duh, duh!” It’s actually cute. It’s cute. So then for Vanessa. I decided she needed a necklace that was like… Fun and cool and kind of matched with their little thing. And you like, you like pink so I got you these pink hearts. Oh, those cute! Oh, that’s cute! I actually think, yeah those are cute! Oh, that’s adorable! Aw, good job Daddy! I am making up for the bad party ones. And then, Veronica… Oh, no! I got you. I got you these earrings. I actually like those! You got those for me? Yeah, I got those for you. They’re fruit earring! I like them! I like that! And Vanessa, I got you some socks. OK. I found them. They’re little llamas! See, they’re good. And then I figured… I couldn’t find shoes there since they were… Why are you…? Okay, so last but not least… I know I just rocked it with this. I got you guys sunglasses. So, these aren’t the sunglasses. These are just glasses to go with your… to go with your outfit Roni. I know you like glasses. They’re not like prescription or anything, but… We’ll see how those look. They’re for fashion. They’re for fashion! And then I got Nessa some sunglasses that are… And with that, you guys can go try on your outfits now! Alright! Come on in here! You look cute though! I did good! You did! You look like a rocker! I look like… Someone from Wane’s World! [Laughs] You don’t look that bad! They don’t look that bad! Move them down a little bit. There! I can’t breath! Oh, sorry! But no, you can just clip them right here. Put them right here. And then people are like, “Oh, she has glasses on. She must be smart!” I think this is way better is another outfit! Would you wear this to a party? Maybe the shirt. OK. Cool! I’d definitely wear the hat. It’s not too bad. The hat is cute! The hat made it! The hat makes the outfit! I’m happy! I did amazing! Come in here! You look like you’re ready for the beach. Look! Alright, Nessa looks like… you made her look like… She’s like, uh, someone from Beverly, cliche Beverly Hills! This though, makes the outfit! it just makes it fun! I have something in here to show you. Uh, uh! It’s not the exact same! It’s not it’s not the exact same, but it’s very similar. It’s so similar! I like mine better. Not gonna lie. No, I did good. Let me see your earrings. Did you put your earrings on? Oh, you went for the watermelon! I went for the watermelon. Nice! Oh, socks, I gotta see the socks! Banm! Look at that! Um, I definitely, this outfit was a lot better than the other one. Yeah? For sure! I think I like everything you picked, but, not together. Yeah, I agree. The skirt, the skirt doesn’t… This skirt does go… OK, if you’re going to get a flowy shirt, you have to get like a strait skirt not a… a flowy skirt. Yeah, but I’m a trend setter. I don’t I don’t just go with everybody else. I’m like, this is Paul Merrell Design! Paul Merrell Fashion right there. I think you did good! These outfits are for sure way better! Yeah, I like these outfits a lot better than the other ones. So I say, I say 9 out of 9 for this one. 9 out of 9. 7 out of 7. 7 out of 7! Good job! Good job, Father! I did something right! You did! And I, I actually didn’t expect you to do that good on the second round. Me either. I lost hope the first round. Me too! I was like, oh my gosh! I think you did that on purpose I didn’t do it on purpose! No, seriously. I actually tried harder on the first round, than I did on this round. Let us know how you think our dad did. Tell us in the comments below which is your favorite product or thing that he bought. And if you would wear it too! Thanks for watching! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. Make sure to subscribe to your channel and our other channels as well. More Merrell and Merrell Twins live where we do broadcasts. Follow us in all of our social medias. All the links are in the description below! And… we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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