CWC vs PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life NINJA BATTLE ROYALE & Chase Searching for Abandoned Riddles

what is up ninjas! the hackers are chasing the guys back
there all right let’s split up me Daniel come this way let’s go
Daniel we need to we need to find a place to hide yeah but there’s a box
over there okay let’s go let’s weave in in between these bushes here and try to
lose them okay yes see if we can find him soon Oh
get hello don’t let me see yes okay guys we got this liquid from Joseph Banks’
laboratory project Zorgo was trying to get this liquid I think they’re doing
something to do with DNA or something with cloning I’m not sure but we can’t
let them get this they’re trying to frame either me or Vy for crimes that we
did not commit guys if you didn’t see the last video I took the real one Vy has
a fake one so the hacker that’s chasing Vy thinks she probably has a real one but
even if they get a hold of hers doesn’t matter it’s just water I think you guys
we had to take this from the laboratory before project Zorgo took it Oh
all right did you see it’s going here oh yeah that jumped across okay he doesn’t
know we’re down here peak up there oh he’s right there in this I got an idea
Daniel See this tunnel, let’s go all the way through this tunnel I don’t know what’s
down there but and that might be our escape route okay yeah okay we can’t let
him get his hands on this cuz this is the real version right here what were
they using that chemical to do I think they were trying to like call my eyes oh
yeah yeah and I know a lot of you ninjas noticed that one of the hackers actually
looked like he had my same eyes so they might be trying to make a copy of these
eyes now in order to impersonate us we can’t let him to get his hands on this
is real important okay let’s go let’s go to move quietly so he doesn’t hear us
going through this it’s a really small tunnel yeah say yeah hopefully the water
comes rushing through here Hey! That green slime… is mine! He’s right behind us. He’s coming. Daniel, come on! Ok, I’m gonna go up here. That glass is property of project zorgo! He kicked the camera! He broke it but there is still some in here. Just take the liquid and go Daniel. Don’t let him get it! Chad, go get Vy! She needs your help. I’ll be OK. OK guys, Daniel’s a really fast runner
I know he can get away from the hacker V I don’t know how fast that hacker can
run so I’m gonna try to go help her right now let’s go do these tunnels here who’s that hello hello Daniel is that
you who’s that well while this is crazy this this is a real Daniel to meet you
guys yeah this is crazy weird how did you get way over there I was following this trail and it kinda wrapped around I just fell through this hole tunnel thing huh I’m back on this side now. Good news is the hacker didn’t follow me down here. this is a really long tunnel guys it’s
made out of cement so the sound just bounces all the way down the tunnel it’s
wow I can hear you it’s like you’re one foot away this is crazy
I’m gonna come towards you let me know if you see the hacker behind me okay all
right I’m here I come how’s it looking Daniel I don’t see any
more okay cool you make all right yeah he could be anywhere just fees over
there okay just maybe go that way see if we can get Vy. Look what the hacker did man. When he kicked this it broke look at that the clasp is broken
I’m glad you did spill it all over yeah good hand I spill a little bit don’t
touch that though it’s really sharp you could cut your fingers if you don’t
wanna do that be very careful when I’m running around
with this where’s the hacker at you seen them
yeah I don’t see the hacker I know if he Vy should be that way that we can
meet up with her okay cool let’s go let’s go guys if you see the hacker
leave a comment down below we need your help you guys often see things that we
don’t see so keep your eyes peeled whoa well yeah okay here can I make a
run up there think that’ll be the best way to get this wish deep all right
ready three two one alright alright alright I don’t see the
hacker anywhere. See if we can find Vy. Should be around this is like so silent
out here there’s nobody out here I don’t think that’s a good thing
plus you definitely went this way we saw her run this way yeah okay yeah we gotta
find Vy it’s really important Vy, Vy, Vy shouldn’t yell you’re right the hacker
might hear us the hacker hears this he’ll know where we are we don’t want
that to happen if you guys spot Vy let me know in the comments down below although
I’m pretty sure if you guys spot her we would spot her too doesn’t feel right
kinda scaring me that we can’t find her anywhere and we can’t find the hacker
either I mean you think we’d be able to see her just so desert us here you know
I don’t see anything though very strange guys do see anything on that sign maybe
there’s something oh sorry check it out yeah if you’re
really great if Vy left a note on this sign up here oh there’s a map maybe she
made a mark on the map yeah you are here okay
it’s not really much of a help of a map no but maybe Vy went on to this blue
trail okay let’s walk over there is it blue in real life I don’t know you guys
see a blue trail anywhere mmm I don’t see anything blue at all I just see like
green and yeah well here wait here’s some sort of trail right here yeah let’s
go down this trail yeah this is such a strange area guys all these rocks are
like red out here they just like scorpions around here
snakes gosh I hope now watch out for a lot of things yeah I could snakes
scorpions do you think Vy would climbed up those rocks up there you might need
to get her climbing gear on guys although we don’t have any climbing gear
with us we have to do some rock climbing with just our hands and our feet what
Oh shoot, be sure no wait no he was wearing a white shirt
I think right problem wasn’t she I don’t think she even has a gray shirt yeah
she’s right like a jacket maybe this is the hacker shirt oh maybe she got into a
dusty battle with a hacker and the hacker lost their shirt do they wear it
shirts that aren’t black now let’s choose it usually the red black hoodies
so it’s not the hacker some of the commenters are saying that they saw
something they saw hacker where I told him to keep an out in the background and
they said they saw hacker I think you guys are just seeing things
to be honest I see bushes and stuff okay that’s good though you guys keep keep
keep an eye on eventually yeah it’s good up there keeping an eye out though it’s
better to be safe than sorry yeah sure thanks guys but where is be man I don’t
know I’m exhausted I don’t know how you keep going on it’s so tiring out here
something to drink yeah behind you Daniel here you take the camera okay
I’ll take this look good all right let’s get going okay I’m alright I think I
hurt your leg yeah oh gosh he’s coming over here okay
just protect the liquid all right all right I got no matter what happens to
protect that liquid just just get this on camera
You better give me back that liquid! Why should I? We have Vy! oh shoot no Chad he’s lying can tell by
the tone of his voice he’s lying to you No, no we have Vy! Daniel are you sure you sure yeah
remember I’m a lie detector guy. I can tell people are lying that’s right
you do have that skill okay you’re definitely lying yeah I don’t believe
you man if you want this blast you’re gonna have to take it out of my cold
hands That’s what I’m about to do! You missed! Haha! You’ll pay for that! Pay? You accept credit card? Ah oh it burns! Oh my gosh it burns. OK I’m gonna put this down Daniel. okay okay you’re gonna be the one who
pays for that! right in my right eye guys
yeah all right I’m have to finish this fight with just my left eye They don’t call me Liu Kang for nothing? I hope project zorgo has workmans comp! Daniel let’s go! Is he invincible or what? We’re trapped! It’s a dead end. Stop right there! You are not going to get this! I know exactly what you’re gonna do with this you wanted to
steal this and frame me for stealing it which is why I took it before you could
take it do you realize what you’re saying you were gonna steal this liquid
and then you were gonna pretend that I stole it you’re gonna frame me for
stealing it and now I stopped you from doing that by taking it myself
nice yeah Do you realize what you’ve done! I stopped you by stealing it first
wait a second shoot now I took it you’ve You fell right into our trap. that’s exactly
what we wanted we have security footage of you going into the lab and stealing
it no you totally tricked me Chad geez now we can take that footage and call
the police as you know you are wanted by the FBI so
we can send this footage to them and have you gone forever oh don’t call the
FBI I know you guys set me up really good here just whatever you need man I
mean I’ve already poured it out so it’s not gonna be much good what else do you
want I’ll tell you what Chad Wild Clay We you don’t call the FBI if you tell
us where the safehouse is that’s your safe house Daniel I mean it’s the only
place where they don’t know where we live No
last nowhere else to go the last place they found out where we lived you know
what happened to that guys. Ninjas what should I do
leave a comment down below I don’t know if I should tell them but I don’t want
to get framed any further I don’t want me to call the FBI guys I know okay
shout out to all your notification ninjas we gotta figure out what to do
here leave a comment down below thanks for getting here during the first 60
minutes go check out my Vy for me guys I don’t know where she’s I don’t know if
she’s okay she’s getting chased by another hacker we got to figure out if
we should tell about the safe house what do we do what do we do oh my gosh make
your decision


  1. What is up Ninjas! Should I tell the Project Zorgo hacker where the safe house is in order to rescue Vy? What should I do?

  2. Project zoago very fast as possible and vy myname is shika at least one of the most popular the boss of the project zoago

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