Cutting My Own Hair and Bangs with Fabric Scissors

are you even allowed to be a teenaged to young adult girl on YouTube if you haven't cut your hair on film at least once I don't think so so really what I'm doing here is just earning my right of passage into the YouTube community I've had this same basic haircut for the last like three years now and I can't frickin take it anymore I need a change I need a fresh face I need something new to look at so that brings us here I'm gonna cut all my hair off now I've watched a lot of videos of girls doing this to themselves and I don't think it's turned out well in any of them but here's the thing I really want this to look good I don't think it's gonna it would be really cool if it did so I wouldn't found the tutorial for how to cut your own hair from an actual lady who cuts hair for a living and the first thing she said was don't freakin do this I just quoted what's alive I'm not gonna listen to that part but I am gonna listen to the next part where she says if you insist on being an idiot at least do it this way so here's the plan of attack the way she cut her hair was the way you get it done in a salon she just took a piece and leveled her fingers out and snips away but when she in it she was only giving herself a trim and I want to cut some legs off you know so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stick my hair into the ponytails I'm gonna cut off the initial length that way and then I'm gonna go in and trim up the edges and try to get everything even that's the plan of attack now let's get into it I'm not anticipating this to go well despite all of my high hopes I suspect that this whole adventure is gonna end with me taking a trip to the salon so I'm gonna leave plenty of room to fix things up in the event that I fail don't think that's supposed to look like that this is like step one and I'm already struggling this is kind of a look though am i right okay so next up is to start cutting these are my brand new set of fabric scissors I haven't even used them before so they're very sharp they're also huge and I'm making a mistake I mean obviously I'm certain to get the jitters come on dude all right we can do this oh my gosh okay okay okay we can do this come on I'm wearing this Naruto shirt because I need all the moral support I can get Kashi's then say give me strength suck it up I can't go back now we're stuck in this okay doesn't even look that bad though yeah that's because you haven't seen the back yet stupid see my UI already look better this is how I'm meant to exist this is how I'm supposed to be this wasn't a bad choice okay now we gotta do the other one okay so here's the really fun part is gonna be trying to get these two sides even I came from the inside last time so I do it from the inside again no no oh that's so uneven oh oh that's so bad how did that even happen how did we get here I'm already finding pieces I missed love that I was looking for a mirror and I felt them back in my hair and I felt that it was really choppy and I had to take a snack break to regroup so let's take a look at this thing shall we oh I'm scared I'm scared dude oh okay this is fixable we can take care of this this is fine this is fine we're gonna move on to the next step we're gonna take care of this so since this side of my hair turned out shorter than this side I'm just gonna take this piece of hair as my face length and I'm gonna try to trim everything else to be the same as it and since my hair is really thick I'm gonna divvy it up into two different sections that's kind of cute and then I proceeded to not even do what I just said I was gonna do and started hacking at my hair like it had spit in my morning oatmeal okay so reasons why this wasn't just the worst idea I always think I want to grow my hair out and then I do and it doesn't even look good because I'm like oh well I can cut it into cute styles and I can do ponytails and braids and whatever but I suck at those things and I hate doing them so it's really freaking hot outside and thick long hair is not exactly conducive to staying cool unless I want to put my hair up but I kind of get headaches if I put my ear up for too long okay that is a slight improvement a hunk kind of sweating this is a godless video ok I think I'm done evening out this first section and it's not they making my bad right but now we gotta let this half down and try to do this oh my gosh and trying to do the same thing with it this half should be a little easier I think because now I have this under layer as a kind of a guide so I've been trimming everything up for like an hour now and I think it's not that bad right I mean it's not perfect and I feel too close you can still see like a little spots where it doesn't quite match up and if I try to straighten it it'll probably look like trash but it's okay it's just like this which is my hair just kind of wavy I think it looks fine even though this is all done I don't think this is where I want to stop yet if I was a little bit smarter I would probably just stop here while I'm ahead but that ain't the case so I think what I want to do now is I want to give myself like some long bangs but my hand is like numb from cutting scissors for an hour and I need to fix that so I'll return shortly so it's been about three days since I was last in here and my hand is still numb just a little bit that's concerning but I'm back and I'm ready to rumble so let's just hop on into this what I really don't want to do here is give myself the straight across like blocky bangs not that there's anything wrong with that I think it can look really good on some people I just don't want that for myself at this moment it's been a very long time since I've had bangs probably for pretty good reason Fenrir shut up this is temporary I swear you're gonna get the rest of this out of the way real quick so same as last time I'm just gonna put this into a ponytail chop that off and then do the finer details um Fenrir don't come in mommy's making bad choices so I'm gonna take this middle piece and this is gonna be my shortest piece here in the middle and I'm gonna try to taper the rest so they get just a little bit longer over here let's just put down the rest in the hair and see how it all looks when it's all together I mean I don't hate it it's not quite what I was going for but it's not quite terrible either I could look a lot worse right it's kind of growing on me the longer I stare at it I did what I set out to do I got a new style I got a fresh look and it's not so bad that I can't ignore its flaws so thanks for watching I hope you have a great day and I will see you next time bye


  1. i want brand mondo to watch this video



  3. Who else saw in there recommended "God sent me a sign" or something like that from 3 year ago…yah know that black girl.

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