Cutting Fabric Applique With The ScanNCut & Binding Your Mugrugs With The Backing Fabric


  1. I love your videos! This brother scan and cut was my first cutting machine… I've added on with others and it hasn't gotten to use that it should lately but I'll have to crack it out to do this project. I also just started with my Bernina 700 and I am loving it so far! Just one quick question… I have that extreme glue that I've used for other projects but does it really hold without any stitching? And it's machine washable? Or do we really need to top Stitch through it? Glad I found you I've learned so very much!

  2. My hubby just gave me a Scan N Cut DX 225 for Mother's Day! Wasn't that so sweet! Lisa – my question to you – the dealer told me I have to get a fabric mat to cut fabrics. Is that really true? It looks like you are using the mat that comes with the machine to cut fabric. Do you have to have a special blade? I'm intending on using the machine for applique only…….. Thanks so much for this video! All your videos are so helpful!

  3. I bought this machine recently so Step 1 down. Now I just need to take it out of the box and learn how to use it! Tsunami Rose on YT has a great video on how she cleans her mat and uses glue to make it sticky again. I think she's done it numerous times on a mat before she throws it out.

  4. Do you use the regular cutting mat for fabric? Enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. I have had a ScanNCut for almost 3 years, and I still haven't used it for anything yet. 😊

  5. Does the heat and bond lite make a quilt square too heavy or not pliable?I want to use mine for quilt squares but don't want them to be stiff. Thanks for the tutorial! I learned a lot!

  6. I Love these! I haven't used my Scanncut for fabric yet but I'm about to make an applique wolf quilt and I was trying to find good techniques for cutting. I have a huge roll of stick &fuse applique paper. Will that work? Any tips on using it? Thanks again for a great tutorial!

  7. Thank you for an excellent video and I enjoyed learning a new way to bind mug rugs. I use Elmer's glue sticks all the time.

  8. I just found your channel.  I am seriously thinking about purchasing the Brother ScanNCut 2.  I have no experience with these types of fabric cutters so it was a very informative video for me. Thanks so much.

  9. Do you have the scanning mat? I have been shopping for one. All kinds of prices. But all the Brother are at least $20. I purchased all your bird mug rugs and several others. Since there is no svg file for them, I was thinking about scanning the patterns to Canvas to convert them or do you have a better idea? Maybe. ..

  10. Thank you for the excellent video. Is that a special fabric blade? I just bought this machine and my blade does not look like yours.

  11. Lisa, I have an appliqué pattern with hundreds of pieces and 47 fabrics. I have written permission from the designer to scan and digitize the pieces. I’m just not sure how. I’m avidly watching videos and haven’t found anything that clearly addresses this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Lisa I love your videos and your teaching is so wonderful like you are for sharing with us. Thank you .

  13. I love your video! It's EXCELLENT! Is the stitching on this stocking design appliqued ? or hand stitched around them? Also, did you make your press mat? THank you so much ♥ PS your etsy link is invalid. Can you provide a current link please? 🙂

  14. I enjoyed the video. I don’t have this scan and cut system but it looks great. I was interested in the backing being used for binding. Great job. I watched that part twice but didn’t hear how much backing to leave around the appears two inch folded first then over onto the quilt. Do you always use the same amount of fabric for the binding..the two inches on each side? Thanks.

  15. I loved your video thanks for sharing with us When you have time can you show us how you did the anchors Using Embrilliance to make them into applique

  16. Love love love the easy way to bind! I’m headed out for Elmer’s Extreme! Thank you for sharing!

  17. How did you embroider the names on? I have a bernina 780 with embroidery module. Trying to think how I would hoop or float for names. Absolutely love your tutorials. Asking for amazon gift cards for Christmas so I can get the scan and cut

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