CUTE YESSTYLE OUTFITS // try-on haul, kinda

The first outfit is a light and summery
simple look that’s great for every day I got this cream blouse that has lace
trimming along the side which adds a feminine feel to it
and I really love that detail this style of top goes well dressed down with jeans or shorts but at the same time can be worn as an elegant top with some dress pants or skirt in this case, I kept it casual and wore it with high-waisted light wash denim
shorts that have fraying at the hem I’ve been looking to get a good regular pair
of super light wash shorts so I was happy that I found these
although, they’re a bit on the loose side but with a belt it’s not noticeable so I put a brown one on and I also really like that these shorts come up high so they’re perfect to wear with crop tops they aren’t too short either and I really
appreciate that because I don’t like when I wear shorts and then I sit down
and I’m like where did they go because I feel like I’m wearing underwear let me know if you also experience that but I just put on my pair of white Converses with it! Next my second look features this oversized blazer which I have to
say is a little thin for my liking but it was cheap for a blazer so I can
understand I think with a lot of items you have to be ready to accept the fact that they may not feel the best or be the highest quality and the pictures more than likely will make it look better than in real life but besides that the fit of it is good and even though it’s oversized the sleeves aren’t
too long which is what I struggle a lot with when buying larger sizes of
clothing so I like how it looks on I paired it with this yellow t-shirt that
has Luna from Sailor Moon embroidered on it which I thought was cute and adds
a nice little detail and I wore the same light wash denim shorts with it to tie this look together I put on black slingback pumps and I’ve never bought
any shoes from Yesstyle before but I’m glad I got these the quality is actually
good and adds just the right amount of height so I know I’ll get a lot of wear
out of them Outfit 3 is my transition look as you’ll see my first and last
outfit are quite different in styles this one is really basic and can fit
with a lot of people’s styles I wore a white and black turtleneck which
I love so much it’s good quality and the material is in between
a t-shirt and a thin sweater it’s not too tight or loose so I think it’s a perfect fit I wore cropped dress pants with it which the material turned out to be too thin for
what I wanted it feels like pants you would wear for
summer because of how light and airy it is but since there’s not much going on
for this look I decided to add this huge safety pin which is this not the most
cutest thing? it’s actually really high quality and I was skeptical at first because I didn’t see any reviews for it but it turned out to be one of my
favorite items I got I wish they made one in gold because I don’t wear silver
too often but regardless, I love this accessory and it adds an extra
little simple characteristic to your overall look the fourth outfit is a super comfortable, lounge around kind of look and I wore
this oversized t-shirt that says ‘thank you’ on it the quality is really good and
made of thick material so this is one of the better purchases I’ve made on Yesstyle I like that this t-shirt is black with red writing compared to the typical white and red I just thought this looked more unique and it’s actually not too oversized so you can still tuck it into your pants or skirt because a lot of the
times I find with oversized clothing, it’s hard to tuck into my bottoms
without it bunching up I also got this chest bag which I thought
looked really cool but the straps are cheaply made so I’m not sure how well this will hold up but it has two compartments and they’re a good size so you can keep all your
necessities in there and I wore black wide-leg pants with it they’re really
comfortable but still dressy for my shoes, I wore checkerboards slip-on vans which helps add some pattern to this look for the last outfit I went for a
bit of a street wear look and wore an oversized t-shirt with biker shorts
underneath I love this shirt because it’s light and soft and I’m really into
tie-dye pattern right now so I knew I had to get it especially
because it’s in black and not like the super colorful tie-dye shirts you would typically expect the writing on this tee says: “the sun watches what I do, but the moon
knows all my secrets” which I thought was such a tumblr quote but relatable and yes, there are grammatical errors but it’s ok I paired it with this
crossbody waist bag which has a lot of small pockets and comes with accessories
separated so, you can pin and clip it any way you want you can’t really fit much
in it but I use it more for the style and not practicality and neon is quite prevalent in streetwear at the moment so, I added neon green socks for some color since the overall look is pretty dark and monochromatic thanks for watching~~


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  2. I love your style so much! I’ve always wanted to dress like this but have insecurities. You rock anything!💗

  3. thank you for this video!! i rlly like yesstyle, and i love all the outfits you chose your style is just so good

  4. Отношение 😍 Чёрт, выглядит супер классно) Jennifer 🔝🖤

  5. FINALLY!My long waited video is over!haha btw I love this one haha and thank you 제니펠 언니 for liking my comments can you please do a casual outfits haha because again I don't have to wear an outfit always SAME and even though I have ALOT of clothes I don't know what will I wear but thank you for posting haha because I will have an idea again what I am going to wear tomorrow and btw I am a Filipino but half korean hehe I know that other koreans are pretty genius when it comes to fashion but me…nah I'm just gonna throw my shirt in the laundry haha thank you Unnie hehe I love you my co-ARMY😙😙😙😘

  6. I love that last look with the bike shorts and tie dye shirt, so sick!!

    I just posted an outfit video on my channel if anyone wants to check it out!

  7. the fact that those turtle neck sleeves are oversized on you and for me they’re coming mid under arm woah

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  9. My Favorite outfit is n3 maybe it’s because it’s the way I dress ☺️ your video is so useful and it’s true with Yesstyle we never know what to expect regarding quality; it’s international delivery but delivery delay can be so long ! Sometimes it can take almost 2 months….

  10. I really like all your purchase and you love so pretty!!

    PS. If anyone is ordering from YesStyle, please use ✨C8CW4R✨ I would really appreciate it. Thank You 🙏

  11. How long did it take to arrive

    Plz respond I wanna buy something from there but I'm not sure how long its gonna take to arrive

  12. 3:53 I love that shirt…. I donno if you realize, but it's a word in Russian, the Cyrillic alphabet,, Отношение [otnoshenie] means relationship. you're lucky it says a nice / neutral word cuz these days I see people wearing shirts with Russian certain words on them that make me cringe )))
    but then, to each their own, ain't judging ^^

  13. Tips to be attractive ( according to the world )!

    Step 1 : Must have a rocking body!

    Step 2 : Must be super pretty!

    Step 3 : Must be rich!

    I hope I helped with facing the sad reality of the world. 🌎

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  15. I love the first and last outfits and ya, it’s annoying when shorts disappear when you sit down XD

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