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hey guys welcome my name's Mike that's when I show you my inspirational garage gym CrossFit box where ever you want to call it lot of YouTube videos have inspired me to make my own equipment so I thought I'd take you along and show you my box first time on YouTube so go easy on the comments come on down yeah this is it this is a this is where we've been working out most of the time we the girlfriend and the cameraman Glyn and as you can see it's a hell of a busy garage there's quite a few people I live in the house so we've got a comma date for everyone and yeah this is this is what we've got a lot of the equipment is made and got a lot of money to join a CrossFit gym or a box so decided to make our own stuff for now give you a walkthrough topper over what we've been making so one of the few things that the first things that we made you to say was the the med balls and we got these for six pounds sterling UK two basketballs we cut a hole in them fill them ass and tape them up and yeah you know we got we've got wall balls mud balls as amazing things you can do with them I don't know how heavy they are because we haven't weighed them but we just thought let's get some decent weight in them we got two of them as you can see quite heavy this one isn't tape we just used a puncher repair kit but you know as you'll see wall balls slum balls you name it and so yeah one of the other things that we we got made of my father worked on a lathe and he turns various different things so we made this wobble board for us we've got a piece of wood that goes in there so you can roll it various different things and you know nice and cheap I don't even know how much these would cost but I know you can get them on auction sites famous auction sites as everyone knows we picked up some cheap dumbbells hex bells hex numbers whatever you want to call them the only 9 kilograms but mazing bits of equipment handstands you do all sorts on them you know curls one-arm snatches everyone knows the routines nice of chief think pay like 20 pounds for them to send sterling what sells a little baby kettlebell nice warm up 120 pounds I mean 9 kilograms book it's a nice little one for the ladies and we got the big one yet they'd like 15 pounds for this 20 kilogram done but an kettlebell absolutely outrageous bit of equipment amazing and then we went into Bulgarian garyun sandbags this is an unbelievable piece of equipment it's a car in a – but I've got free from a garage and we went down the beach we filled it with sand with cable tied the ends and you know there's many links and many different things on youtubes for Bulgarian sandbags but you know same again the amount of things that you can do with these things is just unbelievable and that cost me nothing you know it's just no piece of equipment that just awesome to have you know got some collars and which will go onto in a little bit and a box little lunch box with some climbing chalk in it everyone that wants to get serious with CrossFit knows that they got our chalk on the hands nice and cheap parallettes absolutely phenomenal if anyone wants to get into gym gymnastics or anything like that just absolutely amazing made these myself mega cheap think awesome like 10 pounds again a PVC piping and a little bit of a pipe glue so simple the best thing I like about these is that can easily be stored more to the point if you're going away for the weekend or you you want to go away training or you want to put them in your bag they completely strip down so you can stick them in the car or anything like that and we're in a couple of seconds we've got parallettes amazingly light and it's amazingly sturdy and other things that you can do on these they're just phenomenal just another amazing piece of equipment nice and cheap there you go there's a power that even there for now you know quick video yeah we've got this box here and decent pair of gloves sticky tacky gloves just for you know the hands on the he borrow chop bar what we've got in here is a various box of of free weights we got these little tiny things from a car boot sale like 50 P and AB wheel think I paid like two pounds for that from a car boot sale from dumbbells and then most of the weights that are in here a free people throwing them out you get like pre-loved websites and and all this kind of stuff so just started collecting weight and there's there's so many things that people are throwing out all that it's unbelievable this is another little piece of it amazing a broom handle with some string and you know you just wind it down put whatever weight you want on there wind it up you know it's amazing for grip and forearm work it's just another little simple piece of equipment another setback to the to the world of not having a lot of money and making these things yourself Jim rings you know Olympic rings lashing down straps a carabiner some PVC piping in various different village there videos on YouTube tied a few knots in a few places and we've now got Olympic rings not the best piece of equipment out there I've made anyway you know this you can get them for like fifteen sixteen pounds but these are nice and cheap I think I paid like five quid for the whole lot so there you go hey myself antenna it's not much but savings or savings and then we go into the main event really the only piece of equipment but I needed and I thought was a must for a CrossFit gym was that was the bar everyone has to have an Olympic bar roller bar whatever you want to call it bumper plates how to get the bumper plates in the Jordan and I paid like 200 pounds a couple year ago for that and as I said it's an amazing piece of equipment I think every successful or every essential Jim needs one but we'll get into that in a second and a couple of Matt's just nice and cheap just you know the interlock with each other nice for the floor oh yeah so good mentioned by oh I forgot about that the floor and it's free that we basically found this in a skip someone was throwing it out from a kitchen renovation the line oh so we picked it up we cleaned it laid it down and it says no it's good for mopping it's good for sweeping and it's just a little bit nice and on my hands and your toes of the garage equipment you know it's quite a quite a little feature I like it free again then we went into this this was a guy on YouTube 70 eighteen ninety pounds depending on if in climb decline this is a fixed bench and woods free got the screws from nice and cheap and then got some foam for the padded seat and you know made a bench same again the the things that you can do on this is unbelievable bench press you can do what's you know squats its endless in it you know everyone knows what our bench is but yeah that was nice and free nice and cheap nice and free to the so you know and then yeah so we've got a cut the ropes and skipping ropes no speed ropes still working into that and a couple of bits of bungee and various different things for warm-ups and all the good stuff just behind you here is them with some PVC pipe to warm it up I've got that free from a plumb Center out back in the skips they were throwing it all the way so it's going to picked up a few pieces of free piping you know for want got the bar here pay like two three pound for a few years ago it's just a simple white board and held into the wall and it's got some some timings on there and various different things I'm new to this so I can't even complete Fran yet at the correct way but I'm getting there you know it's good stuff I'd say quite as well knows our hard CrossFitters so yeah this is a main event its allotted to show you guys is how the video started off was creating the ultimate power rock squat rack whatever you want to call it oh yeah before we get there training wheels 50 60 pound I think I've seen them on on the websites people selling them that's just a simple bit of plywood copied the same height as a the same dimensions as a bumper plate it's just ideal for warm-ups and getting the right height for the Olympic Olympic height and all that lot so yeah this is it this cost me literally five pound on page five pound for some hinges and that's all that's all I spent the rest of the wood was free the the top rails of this from a beds that somebody was throwing out a set of bunk beds this wood here I got out of a skipper it was a rowing machine and literally we anchored it to the wall and we open it up like this I just have to pull that down just so we can it's not always ideal working in a garage gym but is the best we can do this literally folds out and be in there not that you know extremely tall vertically challenged this is what I got free as well as I mentioned before about having the free weights you know people throwing things out there on this out as well so what we've decided to do is make a power rack and we use this as the chin-up bar and then what we did is we incorporated it by literally just slotting it in at the top here easier said number tighten that up mega simple I mean this takes like literally seconds once that's tightened up use these blocks quick shot of the bother of a cheap bar that was a 10-pound bar it's 15 kilograms for the ladies I got that off a well-known auction site as well just cheap stuff not really the best bar but it works you know but I got some blocks here we just screwed them together literally slide them underneath both ends voila we have a power rack I mean it's amazingly sturdy it folds away on the wall you know if you see how much I must wobble you've got it because there's nothing in there whatsoever and then you can have you have your heat the chin-ups or whatever you want to do have the bar going in I've now got a squat rack mega make it simple you know it's it doesn't right it rocks a little bit what it's it's cheap and easy you know it does what it does and then the homemade bench slide in you know drop it down a level now I've got bench press or for five pounds you know one weekends work and we've got a fully functional fully collapsible squat rack as I said at the beginning this is a multiple use Gary too many people use the garage you know with the motorbikes coming in here and various different things kick that out undo these just knock it out you know it's all robust bits of equipment women are long this is taken Mountain marrow seconds really and there you go Jim's back to normal the racks folded away and there yeah so we've got bench press with our squat rack and we got a he bar all-in-one for the sake of five five quid so there we go a little bit of a mess now but take seconds to follow the ways we've just seen and haven't got a lot of money I've got a lot of spaces you know is what we use and how we get around it just like to say last thing before we go I pick this up on a well-known auction site just behind there just a handle in here and I don't know what it's called well it's absolutely phenomenal like a Dino bike maybe or you know whatever you want to call it well that it out there we go so like the Dino by car I don't know whatever you want to call it cross bike who knows but these are like hundreds of pounds I know that I've been on eBay or many sites they look at things and I found this for 15 pounds it's an old one it's called V fit anyone knows if anyone spent a length of time on here five to ten minutes and you know you do a circuit on it one minute on 30 seconds off off thirty seconds on one minute off or whatever the variations are you spend an amount of time on this you know it's going to hurt the cardio or the cardiovascular you know whatever happens do when you on this it's just amazing it's an absolute phenomenal bit of kit 15 pounds set of pain six seven eight hundred so there we go if I've missed anything out you know it's just it's just one of those things and many things to talk about and but just wanted to give you guys an idea of what we've made how it can be made and not saying there's anything wrong with a box if I had the money I'd be I'd be signing up straight away I'd love to attend the box but I ain't got the time and ain't got the money so thanks a lot go easy on the comments and take it easy guys keep getting fit and enjoy yourselves see you around


  1. This is the kind of person that people make fun of when they're young and dumb but when this guy retires with both a healthy body, healthy self esteem not controlled by brands and boosted by his own ingenuity, and then on top of it most likely saves a lot of his money… they'll be in debt up to their eyeballs and this guy will be in the best shape of his like with 1 mil in the bank… Keep up the good work bro, inspiring!

  2. Congratulations, great job u have done. Where there is a will there is a way. Love your cost effective idea.

  3. Your squat stands are going to split and the bar is going to fall. Beef that part up and you're good to go. Props.

  4. 😍 Brilliant. This is exactly what I was looking for. I want to make a small compact gym in my bedroom. One that won't be to intrusive and your rack is just so clever and much much light than what I was imagining. Bravo! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Refreshing to see someone use a garage for a garage and then try to fit a little bit of exercise equipment in

    Because I have always think for use in garage where you putting the rest of the stuff

    Awesome that you've managed to make most of the stuff yourself and get for free compared to others who just spend unrealistic money

  6. Awesome dude. If you set aside CrossFit all you really need is 4 kettlebells of increasing weight up to what you can deadlift, a chin up bar, a bike, sledge hammer, an open area for body weight work, a tire and a skipping rope. Love the sandbag inner tube. I’ll be making one this weekend. Cheers from Australia

  7. I realize I am commenting on a 3 year old video, but I love this on so many levels! Fully functioning home gym for super cheap! Creative and so great that you were able to repurpose so many items and give them new life. Now there is less garbage in our landfills thanks to you! I am truly inspired. Well done my friend.

  8. Who the hell are these 70 spoiled brats giving this video a "thumb down"? Amazing display of smarts and passion. Here you go πŸ‘πŸ½ … add another one to your well-earned 2K.

  9. Nice bro keep on going. Because being trained is important aswell as keep money in our pockets πŸ™‚

  10. Nice gym. I like the fact that you know you dont need high dollar equipment to get a good workout in. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  11. How long are the screws bolted in the wall for the rack? I used a similar idea for my pull up/dip/squat station πŸ™‚ made for completely free. I used old rusty scaffolding station I had and made a wooden base for it to shift into a dip station

  12. Down to earth, proud, and humble…nice video. I don't know where you are from, but with your attitude a work ethics you would make a lot of money in America.

  13. Dude that home gym is hard core! The rack is easily the most inspiring piece of equipment in the video. Even buying the wood and supplies needed is still way more economical and customizable than purchasing a power rack or even some squat stands! $avings!

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