Crochet Star Applique

Crochet Star Applique

welcome back to be hooked crochet calm I'm your host Britney in this video I'm going to demonstrate how to crochet a star applique you can get this free pattern at Buell crochet calm and you can find the link to that pattern in the description below for this tutorial you're going to need any worsted or medium weight yarn a size 5 millimeter hook to begin our star appliques we just need to create a slip knot and now we want to chain 4 and we're going to be working in rounds for this project and so at this point we need to join with the first chain in order to create a ring okay and once you have that ring you might just go ahead and open it up so that you can see the center of it so you know where to work your stitches to continue with round one we just want to start by chaining three and we're also going to make two more double crochets into the center of this ring and now we want to chain to so what we're doing for round one is we're creating five groups of three double crochets and so this chaining of three is going to count as a double crochet for this pattern and in between each of those groups we're going to make two chains those chains are going to create points and so we're essentially going to have a pentagon shape we're just going to act as the foundation for our stars so now that we've got our first group of three double crochet we've made our two chains once you go ahead and repeat that four more times okay so once you have five groups of three double crochets and you've got your two chains in between each group we need to continue that pattern so we need to make two more chains at the very end before we join with a slip stitch to the third chain so this is the third chain from our chain three at the very beginning we'll just join with a slip stitch and that's going to finish off round one so you can see here how we've got our foundation for our star and so round two is going to be the final round and we're going to create all five of the points to our star so there's actually a couple different ways that you can create points to a star but for this pattern we're going to get a little creative and we're going to do something that you might not actually be familiar with what we want to do is wear a hook star so this is where we had our slip stitch to finish off round one I'm just going to jump right into creating six chains okay and so what we're going to do is we're going to work back down this chain and we're going to do so in a gradual way so we're going to start with the smaller stitches and gradually change to the taller stitches and that's going to fill in this empty space right here so you want to skip the first chain that's right there next to the hook and make a single crochet into the second chain from the hook okay and now make a half double crochet into the next chain and a double crochet into the next chain and a triple crochet into the next so remember we need to wrap two times to make a treble crochet and we're going to make another treble crochet into the last chain okay so you can see we've got the shape that we want now we just need to attach it and so we've got this chain two gap space that's the perfect foundation for us to join so we just want to insert our hook into that gap space and make a slip stitch okay and it's really as simple as that we're going to repeat that for each of the remaining sides of the star and so again we just want to chain six okay now single crochet to the second chain from the hook half double crochet double crochet treble crochet in treble crochet again now slip stitch again into that next chain to gap space and repeat okay and once you have made the last point to your star then we'll just go ahead and slip stitch into that chain to gap space to finish it off and we can go ahead and bind off and I just like to pull that tail through the loop that was on my hook in order to bind off and now that all that's left to do is to weave in our ends and as you can see your points are going to try to curl up on you and that's completely normal that's just the nature of the stitches and the tension that we've got here and so you can actually finger block most of that out but I would also recommend wet blocking and that's just simply where you would pin it down to I use athletic flooring tiles and then you just saturate it with some room-temperature water and let it dry overnight and that will completely flatten it out so let me go ahead and demonstrate how to weave in these tails so when I work my first round I actually work my stitches over the tail so if you do that then you're safe to go ahead and trim that off if not I would recommend that you weave it in underneath these first stitches and then that just leaves us with the one tail from the end and what I like to do is you can see there's a tiny bit of a gap because where we started the the very first point we weren't really in that gap space like we were with all the other two and so this one kind of has a tendency to be a little bit more crooked and so what I like to do to fix that is just take my darning needle and insert it just right into this is actually the third chain from the the chain 3 at the beginning of the round 1 so just put my darning needle directly into that stitch and then just kind of pull that tight and when you do that it'll kind of bring things together it will make it a little bit more uniform and so from here I also like to work this tail underneath these stitches here because it's nice and dense and they we don't have to worry about the yarn working itself back out and it's definitely not visible underneath this thick circle of stitches here so just work that under for you know about a time or two around depend on how long your tail is and that is all there is to it this concludes our tutorial today on the crocheted star applique please stay tuned for more free patterns and video tutorials epi hook crochet calm you

24 thoughts on “Crochet Star Applique

  1. Hi, I have seen a few of these stars crochet into a hexagon or into squares to be used for blankets and really want to see them made into blankets. I want to make mine into a round one. I have found the odd one or 3 but most of the time they either don't have words or the pattern or don't make sense and that is why I'm bringing my problem to you as I know you could work it out if you didn't already know. So a little help would be terrific please and a video even better. Thanks for all that you show us

  2. Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial. I'm in the UK but I learn to crochet using US terminology. I make baby sets and your stars are the perfect addition to the hats. I just use DK or light Worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook size. I also make big star blankets to go with the set so the little star on the Hat matches perfectly, thank you so much xxx

  3. Thank you! So easy to follow. My points are coming out a bit wonky… The right edge (chain stitch) is always a bit shorter than the left and I've tried so many times but I still can't get it perfect. Any tips?

  4. Have you tried doing this with a magic circle instead of chaining 4? I tried it and it works wonders. there isn't a gap in the center of the star. All you would have to do is pull the center string tight to close that gap. ^^ Just a helpful tip.

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial. I used it to make a star out of rainbow loom bands. The star I made is white with an orange slip stitch border and I put the letter H in the center in dark blue for the Houston Astro's logo. I've been looking for a pattern for the bands to do this with and was getting pretty discouraged until I found this tutorial and translated it into a band pattern! I think it came out great. Thanks again!

  6. I am a complete crochet novice i really like this pattern but just on question i don't seem to be able to get the straight edges, mine is coming out round any suggestion to what i am doing wrong ? xx

  7. I am making these for my Christmas Tree; leave enough of a beginning 'tail' as well as enough of a 'binding off tail'; when you are done the star, weave the beginning 'tail' towards the end binding off 'tail…tie them both together at the top, and now you can hang the star on the tree.

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