Crochet Quilt Tutorial – Part 4 (Joining Squares)

this is part four of the high tea crochet cult tutorial and as part of the tutorial I'll go over finishing the squares blocking them and sewing them together the last step in finishing the squares before we block them and join them together is to weave in all of the ends so I'm going to show you how I accomplish that quickly and easily I take my needle the same needle that I used for that back the blanket stitch and I have threaded my end into the needle and what I'm going to do here is kind of hide this will thread in all of these crochet stitches up here I'm going to pull it up so it's parallel there with that stitch and then just kind of weave it in and out of these stitches here one direction and then another the longer you leave the ends the better because if they do work them their way out after you've used the blanket you can easily tie the back in if they're long when you've got a short little end it's going to stick out and there's no way to hide it so I'm really that's pretty long and I go in and out back and forth through there's no perfect way to do this it's not like knitting where you want to match up the stitches nicely crochet I just get it done there we go I didn't take my scissors and trim it no more loose ends to block the squares will need a piece of cardboard or foam board a spray bottle with water pins and your finished square I'm drawn a square on this piece of foam board that's six and a half inches and I'm going to spray just the crochet part of the square with the water so that it's nice and damp go all the way around the edges here hack and along the back to make sure that it's wet all the way around now I'm going to pin it to my piece of film board if you're worried about your board getting wet you could cover this with wax paper or even plastic wrap so here I'm going to pin starting in the corners and mash up the crochet with each corner and then as needed I'm going to go and pin along beach side a couple more in the corners here I'm going to let this dry overnight and when it's dry it should lay pretty flat the corners might not be perfectly square because without any tension on it it wants to form back into a loop or a curve once we sell all the squares together they will have a nice clear corner to join the squares you need your needle and a piece of yarn this piece is about an arm and a half in length before I start just to sew these together I want to show you the difference here between the front and the back of the crochet there is what's called a right and wrong side and sewing now notice on the front here the loops of the stitches especially this top stitches here are clearly visible it looks like a chain and you can see this outline of the shell very clearly but on the back side it looks a lot bumpier and there's no well-defined line there for the shell so as I sewed these all together I want to make sure that I get all of the Front's facing the same direction I'm going to take my needle and I'm going to start over here on the right side in the corner I'm going to count from the edge here this last stitch I'm going to count 1 2 3 n retrain stitches in there to this 6 chain space and then I'm going to take this piece and from the backside I'm going to do the same thing an account from this single crochet go 1 2 3 and go into that stitch and now I'm going to tie just a regular knot here making sure to leave a decently long and that I can weave in after I'm done I sew these stitches from right to left because as you'll see it's pretty easy to keep them lined up with your left hand as you sit with your right so I'm just going to go into the front and out the back front in one piece and out the back of you the other and I'll keep doing that front to back I took that little tail inside so I stopped catching it line them up and then stitch for stitch just keep looping around and around when I get to the place where these four squares meet I'm going to do a couple extra stitches just to make sure I get a nice neat corner what I'm going to do here is I've come back from this time from the back to the front on the right side of the same and then back over here from front to back again and then I'll keep going with regular whipstitch what that does this makes it so you have a nice tight corner here without a little without any hole and I'll keep going with this web stitch up until the end one to three stitches in tie knot and then right away I can weave in this end it's back and forth through the crochet can see how the yarn really wants to knot up which is why it's always better to show to so short scenes and to try and manage a big long piece yarn all right I just need to go back and weave in this end and this group of four squares will be complete


  1. Really beautiful work good tutorial well explained. I might of missed something though and that is what size are your squares when you cut them out. Thanks 🙂

  2. just curious…instead of putting water on the crochet part, can you just iron them flat, or will that ruin it? I am clearly not an expert but I just wanted to know your thoughts on that. Thanks for your tutorial. Your High tea Crochet Quilt is really pretty.

  3. Hi Tiffany, love this idea.. good tutorials. . let your needle dangle so the wool will untwist so to speak.. Louisa.

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