Crochet Now – Look inside issue 30!

hi I'm Jenny editor of crochet now magazine and I'm here today to talk to you about our brand new issue which is on sale now issue 30 here it is this is our California Dreaming inspired issue so just in time for the lovely hot weather we've been having you can see on the cover here we've got lots of sun shining bright makes inspired by the Pacific Coast summer just anything you can find in the Sun and but don't worry it's never too hot to crochet I've got plenty of projects in here for you using cutting light yarns anything you can take to the beach there should be plenty for you to do in here this month and plenty for you to take and crochet on the beach if that's what you'd like to do I'm just going to go through the magazine now and show you some of my favorite bits and this month my editorial assistant Liam has picked up some top pins enamel pins for you to wear just to show off how much you love yarn and crochet and I actually have one on today this is from wild hunt design which I just absolutely adore it combines two of my favorite things crochet and Pokemon I don't know if that's everyone else's favorite thing but it's definitely mine you can see behind me on show I have this issue's cover star which is a gorgeous summer box jumper designed by Ruby of Frank and olive so she's designed this for us using Rico creative cotton Aran which allows I said before is a lovely light cotton with just enough drape so it hangs beautifully on the body but it's not too hot to wear in the summer and more importantly it's not too hot to crochet with in the summer it's 100% cotton lovely and smooth to use I think you're really if you're making it I'm definitely gonna make one we also have this beautiful sunshiny blanket designed by lasagne who does gorgeous blankets for me in the magazine she's designed this using shape use soft fun which is a lovely soft cotton and acrylic blend just just those colors look just like California to me Pink's blues yellows lovely and sunshiny and that's just a corner to corner blanket so great for beginners and I mean any intermediate crochet as we're looking just something to do while they're sat outside sunning themselves I also have here this cool cactus specs holder designed by Zuri she's made this using king called big value chunky yarn he works up so quickly and he looks really cool in the magazine wearing a pair of sunglasses I have put my glasses on him from time to time but I need them to see so I'm not going to do that for you today but you do make him using mock what's really important the gift with the magazine this issue so this time this month you receive with your magazine three chunky glittery hooks in sizes 10 12 and 15 millimeter so these are great for quick makes that work up in no time ideal for home for for gifts for people's because you can make something in those little as an evening and to inspire you this month if you turn to the center of your magazine you'll see we have this great cut out and keep section that includes a bundle of patterns for you to work from including a cushion this sunshiney wall hanging here and also some hacks on how to make your very own chunky arm so if you want to bust your stash you can look in the magazine and find out ways to make your very own chunky yarn from bits just lying around at home and if you keep an eye on our blog I'm going to be sharing more on that with you soon and so those designs are in Waukesha hay field and Peyton's yarns some of what some of my favorite yarns to work with again we have acrylics we have cotton some lovely and light easy to work with and finally if you haven't already subscribed to the magazine make sure you do we've got a great deal on at the moment you can save up to 41 percent which is a really great saving and if you want to subscribe just head to

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  1. Love your crochet vid. Maybe you like our yarn heaven vids 2.
    Hope you keep posting crochet vids

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