Crochet & Chat #12

hey guys I'm not sure the camera is but I always have to look cuz this bike I'm just sitting here working on a mmm race background for Christmas wreath for our county fair and I thought I would feel more like a crochet in chat I haven't done one for ever my glasses are super Clary and I don't need them right now so I don't need to wear but yeah so right now I'm just making the background you know the part that goes around the forum for my Christmas one and I'm not using a pattern for this one I'm just kind of doing my own thing I'm gonna make the whole background of the wreath these these three colors it's um red heart something some green and hot red I think for the background and then I'm gonna crochet a little Santa Claus amigurumi maybe maybe a little Santa maybe a reindeer some sort of Christmas character I'm gonna put on there and then I'm gonna make like a little strand of Christmas lights to like loop over the top and just you know some random Christmas stuff I looked for a pattern so I can't really find one that I wanted to make and let's say last year I made this snowman one and the year before that I did The Grinch one and add the Grinch one one first place that you're in last year I think my snowman got second place I can't really remember I think it was second place though so I'm working on that I got my patriotic wreath done and I will be showing that in my next no KJ name episode which I'm gonna try to film tomorrow Saturday uh not to thank you this I think they say don't say so much so Saturday they yeah thank you oh you know Jesse's napping right now so I thought I'd just pop on her thumb and chat a little bit so this weekend what are we gonna get into um Devin may have to work tomorrow he doesn't know yet for sure he will know later to not tomorrow's also Pokemon community day if anyone plays a Pokemon go I will try to remember to put my friendship code in the description box so that if you do play it add me as a friend I do try to play daily and I always try to send people get us but I do have a lot of friends now so I think there's a limit about 20 gifts you can send a day so sometimes I don't get to everybody every single day giving them yes but I do try to send gifts and I can and I always try to get the friendship levels to go up so that I can get a lot of experience points now all that fun stuff but I do pipe okay my god like all the time usually on and off throughout the day I will load it up on my phone and play it and any time we go anywhere in the car I'm playing it like if we're out at restaurants and or shopping or something I'll have my phone with it up so I could get kilometers and hatch eggs and catch pokemon and all that guys but anyway it's that community days tomorrow we always go to the county next to us to a park there they got a big really nice park there and walk around it and he has a ton of pokey stops and gyms at it so we can do everything there so it's supposed to rain so I don't know I'll be doing that tomorrow if Devon works I will probably keep the car and me and Jesse we'll go Pokemon I'll take his wagon and put him around if it's not raining if it's raining I may see if my mom or my sister somebody will watch Jesse so I can go do that real fast we want enough to get some shinies on my account and debit account and then go back and get Jesse and hang out until time to get Devon if Devon doesn't have to work there's no time what we'll get into this weekend we always get into sinead shenanigans and it's starting to get warm again well it's already Warren's been pretty hot actually so that's usually one we get we do all of our random running around trips and stuff yeah I don't know what we're gonna do Devon's dad's band is supposed to have a concert tomorrow not but it's an outdoor event that they're going to it's like a fast or whatever it's got a bunch of different bands on it so it may get cancelled I thought about when I was doing this I thought about doing spiked stitches in the red but I thought it looked weird and then when you know cuz it would be this way on the wreath and it would go around do you know in a circle I thought it would kind of look weird so I went ahead and just like no just stick with regular stripes and then we can add decorations by adding appliques so actually after I started making it with the red I thought about not doing this right at all just doing like a solid green but I already started with the red so I'm just gonna continue but I am I'm using pool noodles to make my forms I've seen somewhere that other people were using pool noodles to make wreaths forms where the Cinnabon wave forms because I are Walmart a wreath form a twelve inch wreath form is like I think it's 597 or something like that or piece of foam and whereas pool noodles are 97 cents or 94 cents noodle and you can get one form out of a noodle I can't cut it exactly to be the right size as a 12-inch one because that's just too much I don't want to like trying to get perfect so what I did with my other one that you'll see in the know catch name episode is I just cut it and like made it a circle and taped it shut it and it's working fine so far I think this next one I'll put more tape on to make sure it's a lot stronger hopefully that one does it come in done but if it does a lot all I gotta do sticks it which is fine but I like that idea so far so good so I did buy for more pool noodles because our Fair has five categories for reefs and that's Christmas Thanksgiving patriotic Halloween and then another is like a right you know other wreath category so I got my patriotic one done I've already got the pattern picked out for the Halloween one and Thanksgiving one and then I'm working on the Christmas one so then that just leaves me with the last one to do and I think I'm gonna make a st. Patrick's Day one because I want one for my house and I can turn into the bear also so that's cool the last the three years I've been entering into the fair I've been the only person entering crocheted briefs into the fair one two three four five six seconds so and I've won a lot and I think that that's why is because there crochet so they're different and they seem like a lot of times been spent on almost um some of them are kind of difficult but a lot of them you know they're just easy there's just people who don't crochet you would think that it's more work than it actually is but people who do crochet knows that it's just basically you know you make it the form which is basically a scarf and then just decorate it so but most of the reefs in the fair are what is that stuff called that messy totally mesh stuff that's called that people make reefs out of last year there were some other cool ones in there that was really cool like skeleton Halloween one with the headlights on it I think it won first place and Mars homing rates at one second or vice-versa I can't remember found one first it's been a while yeah I was gonna make a Santa but because all this red I think I will make a rudolph or something isn't it'll be brown and I could put you know you have big red nose and can maybe put like a little sweater on him or something pressure a little sweater that would be cute no no I'm just get the base done and then go from there what we're saying with the wreath is I can actually make it you know cuz pull noodles I don't know how long they're like puffy on me you could make them pretty much any size you wanted you can make them smaller or larger the one that I made for the patriotic one it is about the size of a 12-inch one because I followed the pattern for that one and the only thing I had to do is make it wider because it was a little bit thinner and it wouldn't go around the pool table so I did have to add some and I'll show that in the new kitchen a mop some so this one when I started it I made it wider and than I normally do and then I took the pole noodle and I tried it on it actually have a little piece of one it's down the corner to make sure that it would wrap around and be a little bit gap so I could sew it shut and then it would be tight on the panel so I measured it before I started so make sure i wouldnt have to go back and add stitches and hopefully i measured it right there so i'm just sitting here doing that today it's rainy grouse stay here today it was a nice rainy day earlier like I mean cat was even commenting on it when we were driving earlier I was driving I was like man it feels good today we had the windows down it wasn't like it was like 70 degrees it was a drizzly and then when we went shopping and came back on the way back home it just started downpouring like art it seems like kid barely seen front of the car crazy and then it's been kind of doing that on and off but right now it's brightening up a little bit I don't know what time it is it's like 5:30 I think in the afternoon so um the sun's trying to poke out but my plants got good and watered naturally there's been a ton of birds out on my bird feeder and to refill it this morning they ain't ever been a bit I've been seeing Cardinals out there male and female I've seen a blue jay a big giant blue jay a few times this morning I seen him we've had finches like crazy out there every now and then a random black bird will make its way over there but I don't think they like seeds I think they eat worms more because they always just leave and go back up to the the grass were there picking worms up there were some crows out there which is really cool because when I hear birds they weren't at my feeder but they were up on the light PO and they work on it was really cool just two of them and I've seen some songbirds Bart sparrows I'm slowly learning our birds but every morning and evening I see a male and female Cardinal out there and a mil Cardinal is kind of butt head he runs all the other birds off but whatever there's been a lot of finches out there today I like having them up there because in my mind it helps one thing it's entertaining I like watching them and – I feel like it's gonna help with the bugs in my mind it's gonna happen – votes we haven't had any issue with wasps birds out there trying to build nest early spring it did but I was before I put the birdhouse out there I mean I got browse bird feeder and I knocked down their nest you know I'm squished I got rid of them and but since we got the bird figure out there I haven't seen any trying to come back we did have a carpenter be out there drilling a little hole but even he's loves I think the birds made me rhenium off and then yesterday there were some squirrels out there trying to figure out how to get to my bird figure but where it's hanging they can't get to it they're coming up the post deport you know because we're in an apartment built and such people above us and they have like a porch over our porch so their portraits floor is kind of like our porches ceiling and they were climbing up there trying to get to the bird feeder but they couldn't make it one of them even got on our door and was trying to climb and it was sounded really weird me count myself like what the heck is that before we looked at the window saw it was a squirrel but um they were eating stuff that the birds were knocking out of the bird feeder and then they just went on their merry way went back to wherever it was cute but yeah I can't wait there pressure-washing the building right now they're cleaning all the outside of the building the windows and the all the concrete so the patios and sidewalks and all that so we had to move all of our outdoor stuff in that we could like my big planter and Jesse's sandbox is still out there but everything else we had to bring in so I'll be glad when they get done with all that and we can put our porch back together because I had to bring Jesse's baby getting everything in and I brought the strawberry plants and I just set them back outside today because they're in containers I can carry easily but there's a whole pile of stuff in my craft area that is the porch stuff and I'll be glad to put it all back outside okay yeah all right I'm getting some work done I've done like nine rows almost ten miles since honking it's just single crochet back and forth and I'm doing six rows of each color just so that my side I always end on one side so I can just carry my yarn because that'll be hidden when I go to sew it and if it does poke a little bit that'll be the back of the wreath it's not won't even matter easy peasy lemon squeezy but yeah why not starting out to talk to you about oh I didn't go back to Hobby Lobby today I wanted to go back to see if they had any more of the I think it's line no yarn be cloud9 or something like that it's kind of like a faux fur yarn but it's not it's different I'll show it in the new kitchen episode if you don't know what it is I got a bunch of white the other day and then today I went back and I got some more white and I got black because I wanted to make furry a Megumi cats for my craft fair that's gonna be an October I'm gonna make some like Halloween ish cats to to try to sell cuz it'll be the craft fair is on the 12th of October so it should be a couple weeks before Halloween so I thought little black cats maybe would like witch hats or something would be cute and I wanted to make them furry so my idea is I want to try making an immigrant pattern with black yarn and then holding that also so that it's um furry kinda like you do with faux fur yarn but it's not actually faux fur it's different but it's really nice I like it it's really soft I got a bunch of white because I'm planning on making like sheep Emma grew me and then the brown I thought would be cute for bears teddy bears or cats or dogs or whatever I don't know that's just my theory I haven't actually tried it yet I don't know how good it's gonna work but I will sure when I try it so you guys can see and if it's a good idea you can take it run with it I don't care man and also with the wreath forms the poloidal reforms I might um when I make the next one I might try to film me making it just so if any of you guys are interested in that you can watch how I'm do it or you can just look it up in YouTube that's how I figured it out is are you taping Google which I'm super excited about because wreath forms are super expensive and it's nice to find a way to cut the cost there I don't think I would make one for other people unless I was super confident in my taping abilities of closing it to make sure it was super strong closer but as just being home or like my family members I would totally gift I'm not and I guess if you're worried about it coming apart you could even put a spine in it in the wreath as pulling angles are hollow in the middle so you could put like um a wire hanger or something or just some wire through the noodle to help make the whole or you know them form and then tape it really good I just use packaging tape because that's what I had but I imagine you could use like electrical tape or duct tape to be super duper dirtier oh yeah it's working good so far has it popped open yet so maybe it won't but um it's like this one up here then I made for the further last year I'm gonna be without dropping you that wreath that's someone else why are reforms because at the time I needed a wreath form and I couldn't find any fun ones at my Walmart I didn't have the time to go to a craft store uh so I just got one of the wire ones and wrapped that around there so it's kind of odd shaped because you know those are like their circle and they're kind of bent backwards and another circle it's not round it's just like a disc shape almost but I think with that topper wreath that it is the way it's done yeah it looks fun yeah so I'm blabbing it's been 116 minutes of me sitting here buddy that's a lot of time just sitting here crochet gotten that far yeah trans it's long done like a 13 year old since talking um yeah I'll probably go ahead and let you guys go because I've got to wait for Jesse to wake up help me wake up any minute now he's been asleep for an hour over an hour I'm gonna sit here and work on this until he wakes up and probably watch some podcasts and try to get caught up a little bit unsupervised I'm always behind on podcast that's okay I'm working on it and also know if your podcaster I do watch every video I just don't only get the comment I try to comment but a lot of times I'm watching you know my laptop or on the TV while I'm doing other things so you know it's I closer to the next video before aking stop what I'm doing in comment but I do try to sit down and comment and so much as I can and sometimes I even write comments down my phone around even on the notepad like when I'm sewing and watching videos I will write it down on the notepad and then I'll go back and type it in to the video later so if you ever get any weird type owed ones it's probably that so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and hop off here it's a fun hanging out chatting for a few minutes I like doing crochet chance sometimes this one was random and didn't I really have a point just a time filler and me wanting to talk to somebody but um so I'm gonna try and do some more of these and I will be filming um I didn't know catchy name episode tomorrow and getting it out hopefully no promises it may not be until tomorrow night but hopefully it'll be there and a big bird just went there but yeah also added it on the end there are some bags in my Etsy shop I put some new ones in there there's some a Pecha print some a sheep print some pandas what else some little cute pineapples on the beach and ones that live on Turtles the sea turtles one I love the sea turtles one I may actually take one set off and just keep it for myself because it's different years I haven't met him on yet yeah they're on there that'll be links below to you and yeah so I guess I will see you guys in the next video bye guys


  1. Yay! I clicked super fast when this popped in my YT feed!!!
    Can’t wait to see your finished wreath!❤️🎄
    Have fun playing Pokémon Go, and I can’t wait to see your next podcast!!
    (Hugs)~ Nichole

  2. I might try to make a crochet wreath.. Would be much cheaper than buying one! Certain birds eat bugs so the birds probably are keeping the bugs away…

  3. Hi. I needed my mojo going. I have so many new patterns I want to do and seeing you crochet got me going.
    Thanks! 🐝🐝🐝🌻🌻🌻

  4. I love birds. All we have are sparrows mostly. We have one cardinal and one blue Jay. They came last year and I saw them twice this year already. Finches would be fun to watch. Humming birds would be awesome. Did I say I love birds, lol. I plan on making a Christmas wreath the pool noodles sound like a great idea. Glad you tried them

  5. Enjoyed your crochet and chat video! Love the noodle idea for making wreaths. I would love for you to do a tutorial on how you make your wreaths. I think it would be helpful. I can’t wait to see the Christmas wreath when it’s finished.

  6. If you have a dollar tree hear you, you might check and see if they have any wreaths. Here in Eugene, Oregon we have the foam and the wire wreaths

  7. Have a blessed day.God bless you and your family today and always.God bless you.Have a blessed church service Sunday.God bless you.🧶🧶👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi! I'm subscribed to you, but for some reason, I haven't watched many of your videos. Time to change that! I'm going to binge watch them right now. By the way, now I want to make wreaths! I have so many projects on the go, but now I'm looking at wreath patterns in Ravelry. They sound like so much fun!

  9. Hi Ella, Just a thought on the pool noodle joining, how about some wire through both ends and twist it 2 or 3 times to hold together . Have a good day.

  10. Have a great weekend Ella, lovely crochet & chatting with you. I'm working on a baby hat. Just something to make on a Saturday afternoon. xxJane

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