Crochet a cute dishcloth!! Quick & Easy Tutorial!!

this is Tasha the crafty let me show you how to make a quick crocheted dishcloth what you're going to do is you're going to get your hook I'm using a 5 millimeter hook and you're going to get a hundred percent cotton yarn I got this yarn I think I got this from Hobby Lobby but I'm not sure I also got one from Walmart but this is 100% cotton and it is good for that dishcloths so what you're gonna do is you're going to change 23 chains first you're gonna do a slip knot and a really easy way to do a slip knot and then zoom in a little bit more so you can see okay so you're going to take your end of your yarn here and you're just going to loop it over like so so you're gonna have like a little loop here and then you're going to take the short end and you're gonna put it through the little loop and then just pull and that's how you do something very simple and very easy so we're going to do is you're going to chain 23 mm-hmm so let's do that okay so you have 23 and then what you're going to do is you're going to double crochet across it for the first time you're going to skip to the third chain so you can count 1 here 2 3 you need to do a double crochet so you're going you're going to grab your yarn you're going to yarn over you're gonna go into the third hook and then you're gonna go through the first two you have two left and you can go through those two and you're gonna do this all the way across and then you're going to chain three and turn so we're gonna do this go across and when you go to the second well when we go to the second row we're going to work just in the back in the back loops which is going to give it a nice little pattern so blind I can't see which one I just okay so just do this all the way across Shane over go through pull yarn through the first two and then you're gonna have two left and that's a double crochet a very simple pattern to do what I'll do is do this row real quick and then I'll show you how to get started on the second row and then you're just going to work that to get the desired size that you want it's really no right or wrong way size lies a little trick that I do for my yarn so my yarn doesn't go rolling everywhere is that I keep it in a bag and then it just kind of rolls and gives me that amount of yarn that I need without it lying off my table so this is a pretty easy pattern these dish towels are I guess a really good thing with a lot of people like these my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are both like oh my god can you make me these so for the holidays that is what they're getting this year so again just going to do this all the way to the end I don't like it a little tighter on the bottom but I think it'll be okay good thing about the double crochet is it's pretty big so it makes your your work pretty fast so okay so here we are so we're at the end and I'm going to chain three one two three and I'm gonna turn now from now on you're gonna work in the back loops so usually you go through like the front loops but you're only gonna use the back loop so I'm going to chain over and I'm going to go into my first stitch right here I'm just going to work the back and I'm gonna do a double crochet all the way across and now we're going to continue to do this until we have about eight rows mm-hmm if you again if you want it bigger you can you know continue to go to keep going but let's see how this turns out with eight rows and see if it's big enough so again you're just going to go into the back loop and you're gonna double crochet all the way down okay so now once you finish the amount of rows that you want I did about ten I am just going to do a single crochet around the entire thing so I'm going to chain one at the end and then I'm just going to do a single crochet around the entire problem so you're just doing double crochets okay so I'm going to do a single crochet single crochet so just very loose crochet so it's a little difficult to see where you're throwing it up but so you're just going to go around the entire project with a Sato crochet and then you tie off and then sew in your ends so it'll look good with the finishing single crochet around so I'll come around and show you what it looks like finished okay so here is the finished little Wow turned out cute so we're going to do is I'm going to cut the end I just did a slip knot a slip stitch at the end I'm gonna get your little needle and you wanna sew in your ends on the beginning I went ahead and sowed in my ends as I did the single stitch single crochet around so that bottom hans already done so now I just have to do my end stitch my little crochet needle is probably a little too big for this but it work so I'm just going to go through here there's no really correct way of doing this I just kind of go through a bunch of them the more you go through the less likely it will fray so go through one more time and then I'm going to loop it around one time under the same little stitch yeah and then I'm just gonna do a few more try to find for you other ones again there's no rhyme or reason just whatever you see an opening to go through and then here is your little dish town so I did one two three four seven eight nine ten hello I did 11 rows and then I did I went around the edge of it so that one turned out cute and then I will do another video and show you how I did this little bubble one which is a little smaller than this one but also cute so this one was actually really really easy to do this one is very easy but it's a little more time-consuming but it's quite thick where this one's very loose which will probably dry a lot quicker so I guess it just depends on what you want or the person you're making it for at once thank you for watching and I will put in the description the written directions the pattern and then if you would please subscribe and share my videos thanks

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