Creative DIY Way To Upcycle Jeans into a Skirt πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazil Inspired πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Culture Couture

hi loves The inspiration for this week’s tutorial is from a Brazilian novela I love called Totalmente Demais. I’ve seen so many looks I want to DIY so you’ll be seeing more of this! Today’s tutorial is inspired by the character Lu who wore this cute overall jeans skirt. Although she is crying in this shot, she absolutely looks faboo! For this tutorial you’ll need 1 pair of old jeans and a seam ripper I got my jeans from C&A 3 years ago Place a pencil skirt on top and cut the legs Then use a seam ripper to open it up I pulled the fabric open on the sides so the thread shows, then I place the seam ripper under it to rip it open Now you can rip this part open Flip it to the back and then place the two ends together and cut it so the line it forms is straight, otherwise it will create bumps Hem both sides first before you sew it together Then pin the front sides. I only did the top part which created a nice asymmetrical skirt look Sew the front, back and hem the bottom Put your skirt on and measure the distance to create the straps. Cut yours slightly shorter than this otherwise your straps will fall off each time you sit. Mine happen to be 3 times the remaining parts of the legs so I cut this three times The right side of the pieces face each other when I pin the top
Make sure the right side of the third and second piece face each other when you pin this one too Sew it and hem it on both sides the right sides of the straps face the right side of the skirts when I pin this both on the front and back Sew this last bit and you’re done! Make sure you use the right needle for jeans fabric as it’s thicker than other materials and double check if you can sew jeans on your machine If you enjoyed this tutorial click like and subscribe for more videos And I would be very grateful if you share this video with your friends Thanks for watching Click here to buy the tutorial for this sexy black dress and start sewing today


  1. yay!! now I don't have to throw my favorite pair of jeans away after I blew the seam due to my thighs getting larger. thanks!

  2. This is a cute skirt and I'm sure it would look cute on kids too 😁 I'm excited about that dress coming up too 😁😁😁 lol πŸ’œxx

  3. Yay, I have actually found a jeans to skirt tutorial that I like. I like the way you made it a little asymmetrical with a split. Very cute. Thanks for all of your videos, they have helped me a lot. Actually thanks to you, today I'm wearing a maxi dress that I made after watching one of your tutorials 😎.

  4. you're so sweet and i like your ideas. thnx

  5. Vous Γͺtes tellement douΓ©e j'espΓ¨re qu'un je le serais autan πŸ˜‰ bonne continuation c'est plaisir de regarder vo vidΓ©o

  6. I love this! if you don't have a seam ripper what can you use? also, how can I make it high waisted?

  7. Hoi,zou je misschien een keer kunnen laten zien hoe je die armbanden/ringen maak.Ik vind je sieraden altijd zo apart.Alvast bedankt. Groetjes.

  8. I made the skirt yesterday and it turned out great. I'm excited to wear it tomorrow. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial

  9. how do you get the fabric. to just glide. right thru the machine. the way you do…. That's a problem in having with sewing for the first time

  10. u r super u r showing slowly and clearly we understanding perfectly thank u because of u we r making new fashionable dress I luv itt plz next time show us kurta type in new fashion plz we luv u

  11. One of the best sewing tutorial channels I've seen. Simple, quick, and seemingly easy for self taught beginners. Videos go straight the point not too much measuring for the impatient sewer lol.. Your videos motivate and re-inspire my eclectic soul. Thank you for deciding to share your gift with us!!! We appreciate you. Blessings

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