Couples Dress The Same For A Week • Saf & Freddie

– Look at this hat on my head. – Look at this hat on my head. (electro swing music) – Matchy-Matchy couples’ outfits. – It’s all the rage in Korea. – But will the people of LA
find it adorable or deplorable? – It’s lady-like and we’re wearing the same exact shit as
our boyfriends for a week. – Because dating us isn’t torture enough. (record needle skips) – Having Saf choose for me? It’s actually like I’ve
got my week planned. – Whoa, whoa who says I’m choosing. You’re misinterpreting this. – [Paul] In Korea, when
couples dress the same, it’s pretty much like
marking your territory. I don’t have a problem with
that. I’m very territorial. – I’ll wear black, even
though it’s the summer, and it is bright. – We have to try, Tyler. – I’m going to make you wear skinny jeans. – Whoa, make? – What? Am I missing something? (laughs) – We are gonna go shopping together. – Yeah. – And buy matching stuff.
I’m not dressing you. – Wait, we already did that. (magical noise) – Will we also be wearing looser jeans? Because I’ll make you wear those if we’re just making
each other wear things. – No. – I just don’t want to look like siblings. – I don’t think we have a
siblings are dating problem. – I’m just saying like if
we’re wearing the same outfit. I don’t want people to be like… what the fuck? Oh, well. – Let’s go shopping. Don’t make me mad. – Okay. – [Paul] He’s already being difficult. – I didn’t say anything. – He’s already being difficult. – I didn’t say anything.
It’s a nice shirt. – We have a very similar style, but our tastes in colors
is very different. – [Paul] I like neutrals and blacks. – [Freddie] I like pinks and brights. – [Safiya] I like this idea, but then, the pocket was navy blue,
and I’m open to whites and neutrals, but you
guys know that I can’t wear navy blue. – I’m pretty okay with navy blue. Like it actually might be
one of my favorite colors. Reaction? – When we walked in
Paul said, “Ah, color.” Dammit. – I’m like Toucan Sam. – You can wear it. I just
don’t want to wear it. – [Safiya] We’re only getting boys’ stuff, and I’m just wearing boys’ stuff already. – We’re expecting everyone
to think it’s weird, but people might really think it’s cute. – Mhmm. – They might also think it’s weird. – [Tyler] Do we have to
get matching boxers, too? – [Safiya] No. I’ll take
some though. For sleeping. Okay. So it’s Day 1. It’s our
first day out on the town. – Paul is about to come meet me, and we’re going to to to lunch. – We’re hanging out in a college-y area. Lots of college-aged kids
looking at us kind of funny. – I’m not super worried.
We’ll see how I feel once we get out into the elements. – I think it’s cute. – I keep waiting for
people to walk by and start laughing at us. – That’s already happened. – That happened? – Yeah. – [Paul] We’re back at it again. In our striped numbers this
time. I like this shirt. – They’re okay. The
sleeves are interesting. – He hates the sleeves. – Here let’s make it longer. – Yeah. – We’re standing around
in his and hers outfits with a selfie stick. So. – Where’s Crusty. We’re looking Crusty. – Our friends’ apartment building had like this grand opening. – So cute. So adorable. You
even have the same drinks, too. (laughter) – [Paul] They had puppies up for adoption. Just us, holding the puppies as a unit, dressed the same, I want to say just like two or three strangers
took pictures of us. – I accidentally just ended up matching with a different boy at work. An IT guy was actually
wearing the same shirt. – [Tyler] Oh, really? – It’s an H&M guys shirt. – It’s a popular shirt. – We’re currently at Boardner’s right now, wearing matching Hawaiian shirts. Get it. Hey, hey. – You know like literally no one has said anything about our matching shirts. – Give it a minute. – You know first I was like that’s stupid. But then I was just like
alright, that’s kind of cute. I want to do that with somebody. And then I was like, oh I ain’t
got nobody to do that with. – Saturday nobody even
noticed that we were matching because we just had plan black tanks on. Which was definitely our weakest day, but Sunday was mall day. – [Safiya] Alright, I think
that we are doing the most. The hats are the most. – We just got our first oh my gosh. That was our most brutal
experience. Definitely. – Yeah, that was fun. – Our shirts have Marvin Gaye on them. – I feel like Marvin is kind
of judging us a little bit. – Yeah, look at his face. – So Tyler is protesting
and he’s decided to put his hat on backwards. Damn it all to Hell. – The matching hats,
really for some reason. – Well, they were like lame hats. – I liked the hats. – If you’re wearing like a Yankees hat then okay, they like the
Yankees or whatever, ya know? – I thought the hats were cute. – We chose a restaurant
that’s on Hollywood Blvd. We get inside the restaurant,
and we start to order, and they’re like where are you guys from? He’s from here. – I’m from here. Got mistaken for tourists
a lot. That was weird. – Mhmm. These were the electric
blue shirts that you chose because you wanted to throw some color into the mix and look where it got us. – For our last day, we’ve
decided to do it big. We’re both wearing matching
Venice, California jerseys. Now neither of us are from Venice. – We don’t really go there
either. Muscle Beach. – Muscle Beach is in Santa Monica. – No, it’s in Venice. – Really? – Yeah. See, there you go. – We actually got a lot of reactions for the his and hers situation. – Someone just asked me if
we got these made custom. – Imagine if we had done that? – My last name’s Venice. (laughter) [Freddie] It’s coming to an end. – Back to individuality, which is why we fell in love in the first place. (laughter) – I’ll kind of miss it a little bit. – I’m gonna miss it, too, so. – It was definitely a
long, extended inside joke. I understand that some
people use it to tell other people that they are dating,
but I know we’re dating, and I don’t need the
extra recognition of that. – There was less PDA this
week because dressing the same was all of the PDA that we needed. – All the PDA. – [Paul] They were like, oh,
they’re a couple and then adding the identical clothing was like, oh, let’s not talk to them because they are deeply in love. – They are really a couple. – Weirdly, I think that this
is a thing that people do in America but just for families. As we were wearing our
striped shirts and our hats, I was like we just look
like a mom and dad. – [Tyler] So we thought
long and hard about getting our little feral cat into an outfit, but he scratches like a mother effer. – Yeah, you really have to
do some cost-benefit analysis with that. Like the cost will be your arm. – I definitely think that
this week affected our relationship in a positive
way. It was a cool bonding opportunity because
we sort of had to navigate other people’s responses together. – The inspiration we had
to get Crusty into a shirt will be that much greater
when we have a little gub gub kid that we want
to put into a shirt. – Maybe we’ll try matching Pj’s. – Yo, okay. Would totally do matching
Pj’s, matching onesies with or without bunny feet.


  1. At first I was like that's stupid
    But then I was like that's kind of cute
    So I was like I wanna do this with somebody
    But then I realised I ain't got nobody


  2. This is a one of 100 reasons why I want to live in Korea 🖤🖤🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  3. 1:33 Paul: I like neutrals and blacks (is wearing a bright pink shirt)
    Freddie: I like pink and bright colours (is wearing a black and white striped tank)

  4. My ex and I did that, it was unintentional… We have a similar button down flannel shirt and he didn't know what I was wearing underneath my jacket. Nor did I know what he was wearing because he wore his jacket when he picked me up. When we arrived at his aunt's house we both took our jackets off and both shocked that we both "matched" his relatives asked if we did it on purpose. I said no never discussed it. We both wore jeans (it was cold in winter in PA) and Converses too. Different color converses but those were the same. It was interesting how we matched without thinking about it.

  5. Love sofias shirt ravenclaw quidditch any ravenclaws im here like if you are a ravenclaw and love harry harry potter 🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔵⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚪🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴🔵

  6. Two years later Fred and Paul aren't together, saf and fred are not friends but hey Saf and Tyler are engaged 🥰

  7. OMG I just realized that Freddie's and Paul's ship names are Fraul…AND Peddie

    I'm NOT calling you petty but that's ur ship name and I'm laughing uncontrollably

  8. I always know when there are tourists when I see them. I'm from New Braunfels, Texas where Naegelin's bakery is (the oldest bakery in Texas). I was with my family driving by the bakery when I saw a woman taking a picture of the "oldest bakery in Texas" sign and I was like ah, tourist.

  9. Sometimes my mom buys me and my sister the same clothing and they always say awwww 🥰 and they are the cutest😐😐🧐🧐👌👌👌👌🙂🙂🙂

  10. In Korea, its normal for couples to Dre’s the same or match and that’s why so many kpop stars are speculated as dating when they have similar outfits when they just have similar styles! 😂🤣

  11. First I was like "That looks stupid"
    Then I was like "Aight that's kinda cute."
    Then I just like "I want to do that with ya know somebody"
    And then I was just like "Oh. I ain't got no body."

    This is literally my life story in one paragraph.

  12. This kids at my school did this, to the point it was creepy. They matched everything done to the socks it was scary.

  13. My husband and i match frequently and we didn't know it was weird oops. It's just fun if we already have the same t-shirt to wear it together sometimes. Like a shirt that's from an event or something.

  14. My partner and I have some of the same shirts (we have a bunch of the same Batman shirts) and we ended up wearing matching ones on our anniversary (painting pottery and then dinner). I wonder if people thought we were siblings or bffs lol

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