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A Chicago police officer is being investigated after video showed him ignoring a woman’s pleas for help while a man berated her for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt Mia Irizarry posted a Facebook Live video as the man, who was drunk, repeatedly came up to her and yelled ‘Why is she wearing that s**t?’ The Cook County Forest Preserve officer can be seen in the video standing in the background, not moving closer as the man continued to come up to Irizzary Irizzary had paid for a permit to hold a birthday party at Caldwell Woods when the man – who has been identified as Timothy Trybus – first approached her    ‘Are you educated?’ Trybus asks her in the clip. ‘Why are you wearing that?”Officer, I’m renting this area and he’s harassing me about the shirt I’m wearing,’ Irizzary then tells the cop, who had already been called to the scene to investigate Trybus’ intoxicated behavior  Irizzary was wearing a shirt made to look like the Puerto Rico flag, with the words ‘Puerto Rico’ written on the top  ‘You’re not going to change us, you know that,’ Trybus tells her in the clip. ‘The world is not going to change the United States of America Are you a citizen?’  ‘I’m an American citizen.I’m not trying to change anyone, I just came here for a birthday party,’ Irizzary tells him as he gets in her face  ‘Officer, I feel highly uncomfortable, can you please grab him, please?’ she asks the cop again  ‘If she’s an American citizen, why is she wearing that s**t?’ Trybus shouts. Irizzary then begins to talk to her Facebook Live viewers, saying: ‘As you can see the police are not even, he’s not even grabbing him ‘ ‘This guy is just walking up to me, he basically got in my face.’ Irizzary then tries to plead with policeman again, saying: ‘Officer, I paid for a permit for this area, I do not feel comfortable here, is there anything you can do?’  But the officer continues to do nothing or even move closer to Irizzary as the man continues to approach her  ‘That officer did absolutely nothing he did absolutely zero,’ she says in the clip ‘I told him I felt uncomfortable multiple times and he did not do anything.’  At one point Irizzary’s brother returns from grabbing food for the party and tries to get Trybus to leave her alone  That’s when the officer finally speaks up, telling the brother to ‘relax’.More officers then arrive at the scene and a female cop sits Trybus down and threatens to charge him  ‘People have just as much right to be here as you do,’ she can be heard telling him in the clip  The female officer then interviews Irizzary, who tells her that the first officer on the scene stood ‘watching the whole thing happen’ Trybus was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct, according to the Forest Preserves  The officer in the video, whose name has not been released, has been assigned to desk duty pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation  Irizarry filmed the video about a month ago, but it has gained recent traction and since been watched more than a million times  The video even got the attention of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosello, who said he was ‘appalled, shocked, and disturbed by the officer’s behavior’   ‘We will be looking into this incident as our offices in DC are in contact with local and state authorities, demanding that this officer be expelled from the police force,’ Rosello tweeted on Tuesday   ‘He failed to deescalate the situation and therefore did not ensure a citizen’s safety ‘Rosello also called on Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to take the matter ‘into her hands’   ‘The United States of America is a nation that was built and thrives on diversity,’ Rosello continued in a separate tweet    Share this article Share ‘We cannot allow those who do not understand America’s greatness to terrorize people because of their background This is not the America we all believe in.’ Preckwinkle called the video ‘completely unacceptable’ and said she was ‘troubled’ by the officer’s response to the ‘terrible’ incident  She plans to interview all officers at the scene as well as Irizarry and said the video will be used in future training exercises by the Forest Preserves  


  1. Umm, isn't it wise to have a concealed weapons permit for when an ignorant idiot like takes it a step further…

  2. A drunk, ignorant, hateful, old, piece of shit, white man and a fat lazy racist white cop…
    TYPICAL trumpCUNTS!!!!!

  3. These kind of nativist assholes can be found in any country. Very unfortunate. I’ve seen people like that even in Canada threatening people who speak French in some of the English areas.

  4. To all the Puerto Rican people who talk down to Mexicans and take sides with the white folks. This is what they think about you. SMH

  5. I would have give him a good 5 and knock him right out. Stupid people like that need to stay home and hide from civilization.

  6. Dude stuck in the rabbit hole of hate. Cop that ignored the incident should be fired with record of event on file. The citizen should be fined for endangering ~ minimum 1 year probation & 500 dollar fine.

  7. America needs to hang the cop and hang the old piece of shit. What happened to public lynchings?! We NEED those again.

  8. Trybus asks "are you educated?" For his purposes that meens gradgeeated 6th grade. As I write this, I wear a France jersey in support of their world cup bid. BFD.

  9. What this guy did was uncalled for and is embarrassing to watch. Puerto Rico is basically a US state anyways, so this guy is a complete ignoramus. Honestly, the assault charge is not going to stick. It's just there to save face for the precinct.

    Part of a LEO's job is to "promote community." Ignoring an event so blatantly riddled with hate and vitriol is unbecoming of an officer. What if the altercation turned violent? The officer would be in an even worse position for taking no action to de-escalate the situation. Probably didn't want to do the paperwork. Lazy bastard

  10. He isn't a Chicago police Officer..They are Cook county forest preserve police. This went on for 37 minutes.

  11. I'm Puerto Rican, I got lots of white friends, this is one old alcoholic man, this man doesn't represent the whites

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