Come Thrift Shopping With Me + Clothing Haul

hey guys it’s Bethany. so today is Sunday
June 2nd and I really wanted to go thrift shopping before I visited my
cousins, but I have finals this week so today is the only day that I can go
shopping so that is what I’m doing and I am going to do a vlog kind of style
maybe thrift haul. we’ll see what happens but I wanted to take you guys along with
me so let’s go. all right I also forgot to mention that I am going to show you
the items that I tried on but didn’t get and then when I do the clothing haul I
will show you the items that I did get alright so I accidentally deleted a
footage of me telling you guys where I stopped first
so pretty much I stopped that Goodwill first and then I went to DD’s
discounts. now this red shirt had some issues the main one being incredibly
see-through. you can see my bra real easily and it was also super short as to
where if I lifted up my arms my stomach would be exposed I liked this red and blue shirt. it fit
me really well and I like the sleeves and how they kind of just hold on to my
arms however the v-neck was not doing
anything for me at all. all right so I finished shopping at Goodwill and I
ended up getting two items and I’m really excited about it now I am going
to head over to DD’s discounts and see if I can find anything there. I really like this shirt when I saw it on the rack but the fabric was too thin and
so it was very see-through. I actually really like this shirt and I regret not
getting it, however where I live it gets really windy so the shirt would just end
up blowing up and showing more than I want to be shown I tried these on because I really wanted
some leggings for working out, however, it just did not fit right in the areas
where I needed it to fit so I decided not to get them I had high hopes for these yoga pants I
really really wanted to get them however the waistband, the elasticity was not as
strong I guess so it was super super loose around my waist and I was just
really sad because I really wanted to get these because I was starting to get
into yoga. but fate would not have it all right so I just finished shopping at
DD’s discounts and they got one shirt which you will see. now I’m on my
way to Target which I know is not a thrift store, however I do need some
shorts so I’m going to look there and also there’s a Ross right next to it so
I will look there as well. with these shorts, the waist was just too loose so I
ended up not getting them. I am so sad that I didn’t get these pants. they were
so amazing and loose at the bottom just how I like them but they were just not
in my budget. just like the black leggings, these shorts did not fit right
in the areas where they needed to fit well. they’re super cute and I wish that
I could have gotten them. these shorts while cute also did not fit right so I
had to put them back on the rack this shirt I absolutely loved and I really
really wanted to get it but just like the red white and blue tank top this was
just way too loose as to where if I walked out in the wind it would blow up
and everything would be exposed so I could not get it. my plan if I got this
shirt was to crop it however this was in a medium and obviously even if I did
crop it, it would be way too big but I also mainly tried it on because I
watched Rugrats growing up and I knew that my mom would love it but in the end
I did not get it all right so I just left target and Ross
and now I’m going to go back home and show you guys what I got. hey guys I am
back from buying all the clothes and so I’m just going to show you what I got.
so the first place that I went was goodwill. I absolutely love goodwill and
their clothes are all cheap and so I’m really happy that I was able to find
something so let me show you what I got so the first thing that I got are these
shorts. I think that they are super cute and they’re so comfy. I plan on wearing
these when I go to the lake or to the beach at first I was a little worried that
they wouldn’t fit but they’re nice and they fit perfectly around my waist and
I’m just super happy with the purchase all right to the next item that I got
from Goodwill is this shirt. when I saw it I immediately knew that I had to try
it on and get it. it fits so well and even though it’s a little bit heavy it’s
actually a soft and good material and it will hold up in the heat and I’m not
going to feel overheated. I love how it looks and yeah. alright so next up is the
item that I bought from DDs discounts. so what I got from DD’s is this
see-through coca-cola shirt. if you can’t tell even from my last video I do love
shirts that say coca-cola on them but I thought that this would be great to wear
to the beach or the lake. like I said it is see-through so it’ll just be nice to
have a bathing suit under and then that way I will be at least less burnt then
if I didn’t have a shirt to go over my bathing suit. so the next place that I
went was little trusty Target. so I went to Target because I needed to get some
shorts for my trip to go see my cousins and that is exactly what I did. the first
pair of shorts that I got are these light blue denim mimic they are super loose
I love how the elastic fits around my waist perfectly they don’t show my butt
thank goodness and during hotter weather my legs aren’t going to be sticky and
gross. all in all, it is a total win and I never thought that I would be wearing
light blue shorts but here I am. the next pair of shorts that I got are these
olive green mid rise shorts I am a huge fan of high rise so I didn’t think that
I would actually love these but I do. I love the color. they are different from
the black and gray combo that I go with pretty much everything. they are super
cute and comfy they also don’t show my butt which is a nice plus and they stay
at a modest length. the last place that I went to is Ross. I got one thing there
because they’re a little bit more expensive than DD’s and goodwill so
I did not want to spend the rest of my money there. so I got this shirt which I
absolutely love the design. kind of reminds me of candy corn. I’m not sure
why but I do love the color. I’ve been trying to venture out of my dark black
grey style into a little bit more brighter colors so having this yellow
especially for this summer is super nice. my one problem with it is that it is a
heavier texture so during warmer days it might not be super comfortable but it’s
definitely definitely cute and I just have to get it. alright guys that is it for
the video I want to thank you so much for watching. please like and subscribe
if you like this video and you want to see more of me. comment down below what
you would like to see next and I will see you guys next week with a video of
me visiting my cousins bye

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