College in Cali – Clothes Haul

hey guys welcome back to plato’s calls
it style blog my name is Kobe and if you keep up with my videos on this channel
you will notice that I am indeed in a different location I have moved into
college so I am a full time college student now but I want to give you guys
this amazing haul from things I found that Plato’s Closet Plato’s Closet is
the perfect store for back-to-school shopping for college students since they
have really trendy pieces with really really affordable prices since I’ve been
at school I learned that I really like comfort and that is key for sitting in
long classes and just doing homework all day
staying in the library till 1:00 a.m. so I did find some really cute things that
will still make me look cute while I study my brains off the first I’m gonna
start off with this kind of a big loud piece but it’s a pair of denim shorts
now these are perfect for where I am going to school since it’s very hot here
and it will be hot throughout the whole year so denim shorts are key these are
super cute what a cute wash but on the back is what
I love as fiery flame pockets now I think these are really good for comfort
because they’re more on the loose side then I got a t-shirt it’s a longer crop
top if that makes sense with a deeper V so it gives that really cute but
effortless vibe and I really like this color especially for the incoming fall
season this with jeans and a belt would look super cute this next piece is kind
of wrinkled since I don’t have an iron here but I did got this a white brandy
melville tank top which is adorable this will go perfect with bra lights which I
will show you later this white tank top which is really cute
cos has lace trimming which gives it that really girly feminine vibe again
this boyfriend jeans is really cute because you are comfortable when you’re
sitting down in those lecture halls and the last things I got were bra labs and
I think violets under those two tank tops would be really cute and they are
much more comfortable so why not pick up a few I got this black velvet one I
never seen anything like this before so I think this would be really cute
out from a white tank and lastly I got this one which is my favorite because
this pink bra let with a lace detail and this would look super cute again with a
white tank top or anything top of that matter hope you guys enjoyed this video
look forward to more College Plato’s Closet content because Plato’s Closet
has got my back and I will always know that so definitely check out your local
one so thank you so much for watching if you guys want more videos from the style
blog from me and other beautiful girls out here don’t forget to subscribe and I
will see you guys in my next video

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